The diarrhea in the early pregnancy is very harmful, and the mothers should pay attention!

After entering December, the weather became colder.The weather changes brought a big enemy in the early pregnancy -diarrhea, commonly known as diarrhea.

Some doctors will tell the early pregnancy pregnant mothers that ordinary colds, fever, and stomach pain can bear it, but in one case, it cannot be tolerated, because it may cause abortion, this situation is diarrhea.

However, pregnant mothers do not need to "like thin ice". In fact, there are many reasons for diarrhea, such as irregular diet, cold belly, etc., but no matter what the reason, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital for examination in time to see if it is infected because of infection.If this is only the case, if this is the case, it only needs to be recovered through the diet conditioning for a period of time, but if the situation is serious, it will affect the baby’s growth or even the safety of life. This is because severe diarrhea will allow the pregnant motherDehydration, loss of nutrition, long -term diarrhea can affect the baby’s growth and even life.

First of all, frequent or severe diarrhea occur during pregnancy. Do not take medicine in time to stop it, which will affect the absorption of nutrients for pregnant mothers and affect the nutritional status of the fetus.Secondly, when diarrhea, women will secrete a natural chemical ingredient called prostaglandin, which will further stimulate the intestine and increase the symptoms of diarrhea. At the same time, this chemical component can also stimulate uterine contraction, which may cause abortion and premature birth.Finally, some diarrhea itself is a premature or aborted warning pregnant mothers must pay attention to.

Summary of diarrhea treatment of pregnant mothers:

Pay attention to mother and child safety

1. Give proper fluid according to the severity of diarrhea, and supplement the loss of water to prevent hydrolysis disorders.

2. Wearing warmth, wearing a belt can not only keep the uterus warm, but also protect the tire and support the abdomen.

3. We must closely observe the fetal condition and see if there is a sign of premature or miscarriage in order to take measures. If you are a pregnant mother who is about to produce diarrhea, you should be hospitalized early and is isolated by the bedside infectious diseases to ensure the safety of mother and child.

4. Eat some foods rich in vitamin C every day, such as fresh mushrooms, vegetable juice, tomato juice, and conditions that can be enhanced by vitamin C with conditions.

5. Do not use antidiarrheal drugs to avoid causing bacteria and toxins in the intestines to exacerbate the condition.

In the normal pregnancy process, you have a variety of natural resistance in your body to protect your baby. Even if you have severe diarrhea and vomiting symptoms during pregnancy, if it is only short for a short time, it will usually not cause harm to the fetus.Finally, diarrhea must be diagnosed at the hospital, and the doctor will prescribe the right medicine according to the specific situation.

How to regulate the diarrhea diet of pregnant mothers?

1. At the beginning of the onset, the diet is based on the principle of being able to support nutrition without aggravating the damage of the intestinal lesions. Generally, it is advisable to use light liquid foods, such as thick rice soup, fruity juice and noodles, soup, etc.At this time, it is necessary to temporarily fast, and those with too much dehydration also need infusion treatment.

2. After decreased defecation, you can eat liquid diet, milk, soy milk, egg flower soup, vegetable juice and other liquid diets.Noodles, etc.

3. When intestinal fermentation is too strong, you can eat foods containing protein and a small amount of fat, such as dairy, eggs, soy milk, tofu, etc., eat less dish, because sugar is easy to ferment and flatulence, intestinal fermentation effectsWhen it is very strong, you can eat starch foods such as potatoes, taro, rice, noodles, etc.

4. For diarrhea mothers, we must strengthen care, ensure rest, and give nutritional and easy -to -digest diets, and drink plenty of water.

[Reminder]: Don’t worry too much about diarrhea without serious problems. You can rest slowly when you rest, but the serious situation of diarrhea for a long time must be paid attention to.Doctors are treated under the guidance of medication.

I wish all pregnant mothers a good birth and happiness!

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