The efficacy and role of brown sugar ginger water: detoxification and warm palace

What are the effects and functions of brown sugar ginger water? It has the effects of turning stasis and cold, warming the stomach, spleen, and relieving pain, and is rich in minerals and trace elements necessary for the human body such as calcium and iron.Below PCLADY Health Editor will take everyone to understand.

1. The efficacy and role of brown sugar ginger water first push to detoxify and beauty

The key to solving the problem is to detoxify the cells. The special ingredients contained in brown sugar have a powerful "detoxification" effect.Prevent the production of melanin.

Brown sugar can detoxify and beauty all from its natural ingredients.Brown sugar, also known as red sugar, is a red crystal made of sugarcane stem juice.Studies have found that sugarcane, such perennial herbs, are all treasures inside and outside the body.

It contains a variety of essential amino acids, such as lysine, as well as yelic acid, citric acid, etc., which is one of the essential substances for synthetic human protein, supporting metabolism, and participating in human life activities. In additionThe cane stems are also rich in vitamin B1, B2, B6, and vitamin C. The "saltan" extracted from scientific researchers from the cane pulp belongs to a polysaccharide.Studies have shown that it has a inhibitory effect on animal tumors and has a powerful antioxidant function.The sugarcane pulp contains a variety of antioxidant natural substances. After verification of experts, these substances have a significant effect on anti -aging.It can quickly grow after detoxification of subcutaneous cells, avoid pigment rebound, and truly whitening starts from cells.

2. The efficacy and role of brown sugar ginger water: take more brown sugar efficacy

Now in Japan, not only older women like to take brown sugar, but even young women walking at the forefront of beauty have greatly respected brown sugar.Compared to expensive brand -name cosmetics, it is the first choice for natural whitening, and it is very convenient.In fact, in ancient my country, there was a saying that "women must not be sugar -free for a hundred days". The "Compendium of Materia Medica" records that brown sugar is warm, has the effects of turning stasis, dispeling cold and promoting blood circulation, warming the stomach and spleen, and relieving pain.The elderly in Okinawa Prefecture, a well -known Japanese -known Changshou Prefecture, have the habit of drinking a glass of brown sugar water every day to supplement the gradually reduced trace elements and vitamins to maintain normal metabolic function and delay aging.

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