The elder Bao Ma accidentally got pregnant and got a new crowned.

At 23:50 on the evening of January 5th, the call bell in the Wuxi District of Xi’an People’s Hospital (Xi’an Fourth Hospital) was sounded, and the patient was diagnosed with Ms. Ren, with a large number of vaginal bleeding and accompanied by blood clots.

Director Liu Duoduo of the obstetrics and gynecology department immediately contacted Dr. Wu Liying at the night class, and the ultrasound beside the bed showed that early pregnancy in the palace, the gestational sac is located in the lower section of the uterine cavity, and the accumulation of blood in the uterine cavity, judging the signs of abortion.

Ask the medical history and found that Ms. Ren was an elderly first mother. She had a baby who gave birth to a baby in a cesarean section 4 months ago. This early pregnancy was an unexpected pregnancy.

At this time, the blood pressure was 84/45mmHg and the heart rate was 90 times/minute.Combined with a large amount of vaginal bleeding, consider incomplete abortion.Do not deal with timely shock performance and life -threatening.After emergency examination and blood transfusion, decided to surgery immediately!At the same time, Hu Sheng, director of the Department of Anesthesiology, and Feng Yuanyuan, the nurse of the operating room, quickly began to prepare.

I accidentally got pregnant in just 4 months after cesarean section

Ms. Ren, who is only 38 years old and only 4 months after giving birth, entered the ward on December 28, 2021. It was diagnosed with new type of new crown pneumonia. Postpartum anxiety and new crown pneumonia were added. Various negative emotions were superimposed together.Don’t eat.In recent days, she had a nausea and vomiting reaction. On January 4, the experience pregnancy test was determined to be pregnant.

Ms. Ren was born in a cesarean section. After the production, the doctor suggested that she take contraceptive measures, but she was careless.On the night of January 5th, Ms. Ren felt vaginal bleeding and called medical staff urgently.

Multi -discipline collaboration 3 minutes complete surgery

At 1:30 am on January 6, under the third -level protection, medical staff performed a clear palace surgery for Ms. Ren under ultrasound monitoring.

It was only 4 months after the cesarean section of Ren Caested. The healing time of the uterine incision was short, which easily caused uterine perforation. The surgery may be he bleed again, and the risk of surgery is high.To this end, the operating room is fully prepared to prevent accidents.With the close collaboration and cooperation of multidisciplinary, Ms. Ren’s operation was completed in 3 minutes.

After the operation, Liu Duoduo checked Ms. Ren’s condition. The postoperative recovery was better and the condition was stable.She ordered the medical staff to care about Ms. Ren and to perform psychological counseling and emotional relief of her.

In the epidemic, everyone will inevitably be emotional anxiety and anxiety.The doctor reminded that in a special period, more Baoma should also care and care for herself when taking care of the baby.

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