The elementary school student "Pregnancy" was on fire. The teacher commented and sighed after laughing.

Japanese writer Natsume Soseki said:

There is no gorgeous rhetoric, but it can also bring us different movements and shocks.

"When you are not creating inspiration, go to the child to chat."

The world of adults is busy every day, and there is no time to think about it.

But elementary school students are different. Their eyes turn around and turn around. Looking at this, looking at that, they can stimulate their infinite imagination and write a masterpiece of shock as heaven!

Today, let’s look at the eyes of everyone to see what extent primary school students are now against the sky.



Although naive, they should also like the valuable sense of responsibility for children!

In contrast, today’s adults:

Someone leaves his wife and abandon his son, and the family responsibility is ignored;

Someone is lazy at work, and the sense of career responsibility is gone;

Some people have cold eyes and have no sense of social responsibility.

After reading such a sentence: We did not choose to come to the world to live, but we have a responsibility to make a difference.

Being born as a person should be responsible for life, others, and yourself.


Divine couplet

When I was a student, I always felt that my homework was difficult and tired. When I grew up, I found that that was the happiest time in my life.

Because in the future, I will encounter something a hundred times more difficult than learning, but I can no longer hear the teacher’s reminder.

After all, you still need to finish the answer.



After reading this composition, everyone must be amused by what this elementary school student has done. Finding someone is pretending to be a parent’s father. This coincidence is also nothing.

If there is no faith, it will not stand.

Integrity is the best business card of a person. Whether it is to be a person or to do things, you must do things honestly and treat others with integrity. Otherwise, you will meet the same situation as this elementary school student, causing people to laugh.


What is "New Year"

The old saying is good: "There is no money, reunion for the New Year."

Although the New Year is tired, as the most important festival of the Chinese people, even if they are busy and hard, they are still very sweet.

The Spring Festival has ended. Let us clean up and greet learning work and life with a new attitude.


My ideal

The composition of this elementary school student was probably mad after reading the owner of the tofu shop, but it made people laugh and became a thoughtful.

Why do you have a passage of life?

There is no way to change others, but at least it can change ourselves.

From another perspective, changing the mentality, it was Liu Dianhua, and suddenly it was cheerful.


Summer is here

This little poem comes from the hands of a primary school student.

Although some people say that this is the "Spring" that imitates Xie Wushang, more people are moved by "the lotus does not know that it is summer".

There is no secular infection, and it is clean and touching to see everything.


I was a kid

When I was young, my grandparents were our auscultance. No matter what happened, they could always cover us from the wind and rain.

When we grew up, when we also wanted to be their reliance, they found that they had drifted away on the road where we loved us, and used the time to gather together.


Love and coquettish mother

Every little boy has a heroic dream.

While they are eager to protect the earth and save the world, they also shoulders the burden of protecting the favorite mother in their lives.

I have seen a pair of mothers and sons on the side of the road, and the boy has been immersed in the world of Ultraman toys.

It’s about to cross the road, my mother wants the boy to concentrate on watching the vehicle, so he sprinkled the boy:

"Baby, mother is afraid to cross the road alone! Do you want to pull your mother’s hand and take your mother to cross the road?"

As soon as the words fell, the boy stopped playing Ultraman, immediately held his mother’s hand and answered:

"Mom is not afraid, I hold you through the road!"

It turns out that the coquettishness of my mother is always a little man, the gentleness that cannot be resisting …

In fact, the way children express their emotions are very simple, that is, to write what you see, he thinks, and think.

But their trivial daily life can always bring us different movements and shocks.

Therefore, after the child finished his homework, take him more to see a different world.

Whether you go to the suburbs to appreciate the magic of nature; or go to the streets and taste life.

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