The endometrium polyps often found by women’s physical examination will cause infertility?Come and understand

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When some female compatriots were accepted by uterine ultrasound, the test results showed that the echo of the endometrium was uneven, and a single or multiple high echo group was seen inside.

The small lesion is only 1-2mm, the volume is below 1cm, and the biggest is 5cm, which is full of the entire uterine cavity.

This situation is clinically called to suffer from endometrial polyps. Some female patients often doubt:

What is endometrial polyps?Does it need to be treated?

It is composed of the endometrium gland and the fibrodized endometrium in the endometrium containing thick wall blood vessels.

The polyps are soft, the surface is smooth, and it is pink;

Part of the ethics, the thickness and length of the ethics, the polyps can suddenly be in the cervix or the vagina when the pipe is long;

There can be bleeding or injury on the surface of the polyps, or infected;

There are part of the base, especially multiple polyps.

The incidence rate is about 25%.

It is currently believed that part of it is related to estrogen dependencies and ovarian dysfunction. It is common in patients with hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

At the same time, inflammation is also a risk factor that leads to endometrial polyps.

This disease can occur at any age after adolescence. It is common in women aged 35-50, and smaller polyps often have no clinical symptoms.

The common symptoms of larger or more people are:

① Menstruation changes, such as more menstruation, extension of menstruation, and endless menstruation.

② Irregular vaginal bleeding, such as non -menstrual bleeding or blood leucorrhea.

③ Vaginal bleeding after menopause.

④ When the polyps are in the cervix or vagina, necrosis, infection, etc. are prone to occur, causing irregular bleeding and purulent secretions.

Single uterine endometrium polyps only affect the local endometrial capacity and can be conceived, but some endometrium polyps, especially multiple polyps.

It not only affects endometrium tolerance, but is also related to ovarian dysfunction, which is one of the main causes of female infertility.

At the same time, it is also one of the common causes of endometrial bleeding.

Some endometrial polyps with a volume of less than 1cm can fall off with the exfoliation of the endometrium of the menstrual cycle. If the polyps are still existing repeatedly, the polyps with a volume greater than 1cm need to be treated.

Xu Xiaoju, chief physician of Xu Xiaolu, the second department of Waternitarian Hospital of Hunan, reminded:

After menopausal women, if they are diagnosed with endometrial polyps, they must be treated in time because they are easily confused with endometrial cancer with diseases that have abnormal vaginal bleeding after menopause.

Studies have shown that the rate of ultrasound and pathological diagnosis is 87%. At present, the treatment of endometrial polyps is mainly based on hysteroscopy.

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Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Hunan Wangwang Hospital Ultrasonic Second Ke Hulin

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