The epidemic strikes!How to deal with the new crown during pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation?

On the afternoon of the 12th, Beijing held a press conference on the epidemic prevention and control.Statistics show that on December 11th, there were 22,000 patients with popular kidney consultations, which were 16 times a week ago.On the 5-11, the number of hospitals in the city’s second-level or above monitored influenza samples was 19,000, an increase of 6.2 times from the previous week.

At present, it is not the peak of the new crown infection. Li Lanjuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the director of the National Key Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, said in an interview with Zhejiang Satellite TV on December 12 that from the popular data of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and JapanThe epidemic may reach its peak within more than a month.

Professor Zhang Wenhong pointed out that the peak of this epidemic may come within one month, and it may take 3 to 6 months to spend this epidemic as a whole.

Zhong Ming, director of the Institute of Severe Medicine, Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, predicts that the trend of the new crown epidemic will reach the peak of infection within one month.

Professor Yang Zifeng, a member of the team of Academician Zhong Nanshan and the deputy dean of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, said that according to the model calculation, the first wave of infection in Guangzhou is expected to come from mid -late January to mid -February next year.

Although the control has been released,

The impact of the epidemic on life is far from over.

In this environment,

How should pregnant women and pregnant women deal with new crowns?

How to guide the medication after pregnant women infected with new crowns?

How to choose the timing of the new crown pregnant woman to terminate pregnancy?

Will pregnant women infect the new crown, will it affect the fetus?

Infants, maternal mothers, and mothers of lactation as special groups,

What medication should be used?

How to use medication is safer?

Xiaobian compiled 28 questions,

At the same time, share with Professor Chen Dunjin, the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University,

The answer to the 20 new crown related questions,

And pregnant women and children released by the Guangdong Women and Child Platform

Copy the guidelines for the new crown safety medication.

Once talked about maternal, lactating mothers, infants, children, children

What are the things such as the safe and healthy protection of special groups!

– 1 –

At present, do you need to be suspended for pregnancy?

Not recommended.

After continuous mutation, Omikon has transformed from pneumonia to upper respiratory tract infections, and the pathogenicity is also weakening.Most infected people do not need to go to the hospital, and home treatment can be restored for 7 to 10 days.Omikon’s recent mortality rate has been reduced to about 0.1%, similar to flu.Prepare pregnancy should not be late, because the epidemic delays the progress of pregnancy.

– 2 –

What should I do if the pregnancy is "yang"?Can you take medicine?


At present, there are no special effects drugs that can be treated in the clinic. Most of the virus infections are used for symptomatic treatment, and the discomfort symptoms of discomfort appear through reasonable use of drugs to relieve and inhibit the occurrence of discomfort.If the cough is more serious, you can take compound licorice synthetic agents and other cough medicines; when fever, you can take antipyretic drugs such as acetylphenol tablets.


What should I do if I can’t even buy the flowers?

In fact, there are many replacement varieties.

From the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, even the flowers of the flowers are medicines for the treatment of wind and heat. That is to say, all Chinese medicines that indicate the effects of treating wind and heat, sparse wind, clearing heat, dampness, detoxifying, etc. in the manualCan alleviate physical discomfort caused by new coronal virus infection.

Many other proprietary Chinese medicines such as honeysuckle, golden flower clearing, Chaihu oral solution, clearing heat and detoxifying oral solution can also be selected. You can choose to choose a medicine for the pharmacist’s cold medicine counters or instead of the drug species.

Attached "Catalog of the New Correctional Infection (First Edition)"


Who can not take Banprofen with fever?

Commonly used antipyretics include aspirin, acetaminol, ibuprofen, amino -based, sodium diclphinate, etc.The most used is acetaminol (that is, heating and polygami), and most of the cold medicine contains this ingredient.

The following four types of people use ibuprofen cautiously: First, patients with severe history of coronary heart disease and heart failure; the other is patients with a history of patients with hemorrhagic hemorrhage; and third, due to chronic disease treatment, patients with anti -platelet drugs and anticoagulant drugs need to be used in combination with chronic disease treatment.Fourth, patients with severe renal dysfunction.


After the infection is once, will the infection be repeated?

Zhong Nanshan said that at present many data show that the proportion of infection within one year is very small.He said that after Omircong was infected, antibodies were produced in the body, which was equivalent to a vaccine.

Li Lanjuan said that from the current research data, the probability of infection in the infection once in the infection once again is low, and the probability of infection is also related to the virus variation.big.Another evidence shows that even if the infection is infected again, the second infection will be shorter and the symptoms will be lighter.So you don’t need to panic.


How to protect in women’s life?

1. It is best to wear the N95 mask correctly when you go to the reproductive center; pay attention to hand hygiene, press the elevator to use toothpicks, or pads, etc. to avoid direct hand contact; try to keep the distance with others (more than one meter); after you go out to contact public itemsDisinfection of hand in time; if there are conditions, try not to take public transportation.

2. Starting from entering the IVF treatment cycle, it is best to arrange testing nucleic acid or antigen detection on a regular basis; pay attention to daily body temperature detection and respiratory symptoms. If infection, communicate with the doctor in time to stop the test tube treatment.

3. Pay attention to the regular work and rest, ensure adequate sleep and nutrition, and exercise in moderation.

After entering the treatment cycle, we should pay attention to protecting, including personal protection in family and work units.For example, gather less, keep warm and ventilate, pay attention to cleaning the screen of the mobile phone.

4. Inocular vaccination and strengthening needle in advance

Women’s vaccination during pregnancy can be prepared normally after the vaccine and strengthen the needle.If you do not know that you are pregnant, you have vaccinated the new crown vaccine. It is not recommended to choose to terminate pregnancy due to vaccination, and you can check and follow up during pregnancy.


Will pregnant maternals be more serious after infection?


Generally, the infection of the new crown has no impact on the health of pregnant women.It is very close to the type of infection rate, symptoms, and symptoms, and pregnant women themselves are not high -risk people.

Judging from the domestic situation and international reports summarized by the current domestic quality control expert group, after the maternal maternal infection with the new coronary virus, the general incidence, symptoms, and course of the disease are closer to the general population.Cough, sore throat, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, soreness, fever, very little severe, so everyone does not need to panic, the course of disease is basically 5-7 days.

– 8 –

Which pregnant women need to pay special attention after infection?

Pregnant women with hypertension and diabetes.If there is a fever symptom at the same time, it may aggravate the condition and need to strengthen protection.

– 9 –

Will pregnant maternal infection affect children?

Maternal maternals are infected with new crowns or have been infected with new crowns, and they generally do not be transmitted to the fetus through childbirth.However, if it is after delivery, it is still necessary to pay attention to isolation when mothers and babies are together. Bao Ma is best to have a certain isolation with newborns in space or wear N95 masks.


Do pregnant women infection need to take medicine?Which medicines can be used?

During pregnancy, lactation, and children’s medication, you can refer to the following forms for consultation.


After the new crown, can you continue to breastfeed?

So far, no COVID-19 live virus that has not been found can be spread through breast milk and breast milk.COVID-19 is still transmitted through droplets. Even if babies are infected, most of them are infected with viruses through close contact with their mother or other infected family members, not breast milk.This mother can rest assured.

After breastfeeding mothers infection, breastfeeding can be continued on the basis of doing a good job of personal protection.If you have symptoms such as fever, breastfeeding is recommended, you can add breast milk and feed it with a bottle.

Even when the mother is infected, breast milk is still the best source of nutrition for babies.In addition, because breast milk contains antibodies and other antibody factors, babies may consume antibodies and cause passive immunity to the virus.Therefore, there are only a few cases that are not recommended for breastfeeding or not recommended for breastfeeding.


Someone in the family is positive, how to prevent pregnant women from being infected?

Infected people should wear N95 masks in public areas when they enter the public areas.The infected person keeps the meal system with the same residents, and do not eat together.If you do not use the conditions of the bathroom alone, cleaning supplies such as towels, soaps should be used alone.You can prepare a dedicated cloth. After the infected person uses the toilet, wipe it with alcohol and ventilate the space.


There are several positives at home, will you repeat the infection with each other?

Positive patients generally do not be infected in the short term after the antigen turns to overcast.If the same residents turn yin and cure within 1 to 2 weeks, basically it will not cause cross -infection and repeated infection during the recovery period.However, if you encounter a high -risk infectious environment after 1 month, the chance of re -infection will increase.


Will pregnant women be more likely to be infected and more likely to be more severe?

Don’t worry too much.

From the current data, the infection rate, infection symptoms and severity of pregnant women are similar to that of ordinary people, and generally have no increase in health on health.

Moreover, the respiratory system of pregnant women does not become fragile or physiological changes in the physiological change due to pregnancy, and there is no scientific basis for "the poor immunity after pregnancy".

However, if there is a maternal maternal in the basic disease/pregnancy complications, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., it may further aggravate the condition after infection, so pay special attention to protection.

This is the same whether this is pregnant or not.

Therefore, despite being old -fashioned, these three things must be done well-

✅ Play the vaccine;

病 Do a good job of prevention of basic diseases (control weight, sugar control, etc.);

✅ wear a mask.

-1 15-

Will pregnant women infect the new crown affect fetal health?

Judging from the existing large amounts of domestic and foreign data, the vertical spread of maternal fetuses is very low, and there are only case reports.

Taking Guangzhou as an example, several mothers infected with new crowns have given birth, and the virus does not have a special impact on the health of the mother and baby, and it will not cause abortion and teratogenic.

But there are 2 points to pay attention:

· If the mother is severe and critical (currently the popular Omikon caused a low rate of severity, and does not need to be too nervous), or the baby is a premature infant, newborn complications may occur, such as respiratory diseases.

· If it is a continuous high fever in the early pregnancy, the virus may be harmful to the embryo tissue in the early pregnancy and need to pay close attention.


Will the new coronal virus spread to the baby through milk?

No evidence.

There are two main ways to spread the new coronary virus:

The droplets produced when talking and coughing;

The virus is touched by hand through hand, and then spreads through the behavior of rubbing the eyes, pulling the nose, and touching the mouth.

So far, no COVID-19 live virus that has not been found can be spread through breast milk and breastfeeding, and there is no reason to avoid or stop breastfeeding.

In fact, most respiratory viruses do not spread through breast milk, such as influenza virus.

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Is it necessary to be weaned by worrying about the baby’s infection with the virus?

On the contrary, breastfeeding is encouraged during the epidemic, because it has many benefits for maternal and infants.

If the mother is infected with COVID-19 or vaccinated the new crown vaccine, the baby may consume antibodies and cause passive immune to the baby because breast milk contains the mother’s antibody and other antibody infection factors.

And under any circumstances, immunoglobulin, glycoprotein, fatty acids, and various immune cells and immune factors in breast milk have always existed, which is not comparable to formula milk.

Adhering to breastfeeding can provide children with strong immune protection, which is why the child is prone to illness after weaning.

Therefore, as long as the mother is healthy, there is no history of dense connection, and there is no doubt to confirm the diagnosis, the baby can be fed normally.


What should I do if my breastfeeding mother is infected or densely connected?

If the mother is a patient with a new coronary pneumonia or a suspected patient, and a close contact, you can continue to breastfeed baby on the basis of personal protection.

Those who have conditions can be isolated separately.Moms can choose to take care of the baby to health care, and only send the baby to the mother when they need to breastfeed.At this time, family and mothers should wear masks and clean hands.After the mother feeds the milk, the family will take the baby away.

Although breast milk does not necessarily spread the new coronal virus, in the contact process of breastfeeding, virus infection may be caused.Therefore, during the feeding period, you also need to pay attention to special protection:

1. Pay attention to 5 o’clock

· Washing hands -free handwashing hand with soap and water or alcoholic ingredients, especially before contacting the baby;

· When contacting babies, wearing a good medical surgical mask, N95 or KN95 / KF94 mask during breastfeeding;

· Use paper towels when sneezing or cough.Throw the paper towels immediately after use and wash your hands again;

· Regularly clean and disinfect the surface of the objects that the mother contacts;

· Once the medical mask becomes humid, it must be replaced and thrown away immediately.The mask must not be reused or touched the front of the mask.

2. Pay attention to milk bottle feeding 2 o’clock

· In the case of the separation of mothers and infants, before the mother’s recovery or proof that there was no infection, the mother was best squeezed out of milk during the isolation, and then the other health careers were given to the baby after personal protection;

· During the process of milk, mothers should also wear well -fitted masks (such as medical surgical masks, N95 or KN95 / KF94 masks), and use soap and water to clean their hands, clean the breast suction device parts, bottle and pacifiers.

If the mother and the baby are suspected or diagnosed as a new crown, there is no need to continue to take special preventive measures.

-9 –

Can you take medicine during pregnancy and lactation? Can you take medicine? What medicines can be taken?

If the mother is diagnosed with a new crown, but does not show any symptoms, generally there is no need to treat or take medicine.Just be isolated and pay close attention to the development of the condition.

If you have a low temperature and cough, breathing smoothly, there is no unbearable pain, there is no unwell body, it is not recommended to take medicine blindly, you can recover at home.

However, if fever is accompanied by symptoms such as sore throat, headache, nasal congestion, painful pain like a pregnant woman above, you can take the appropriate amount of medicine to relieve symptoms.

Principles of medication: It is recommended to choose a single ingredient drug as much as possible to avoid composite agents.

The following list of pregnancy/lactation new crown takes, you can refer to:


Can I vaccinate the new crown vaccine during lactation? Can I continue to feed after vaccination?

Let’s talk about the answer first: Yes.

The "New Crown Vaccine Inoculation Technology Guide (first edition)" released by the National Health and Health Commission states that it can be used for new crown vaccines during lactation and can continue to breastfeed after vaccination.

Therefore, if you need it, you can vaccinate the new crown vaccine if you need it.

At present, the active vaccine that can be used in the Chinese market can be used during lactation, and there is no risk of spreading viruses to babies through breast milk.

Breastfeeding is not only the interaction of love, but also the source of immunity to build a child. Don’t be weaned blindly. Don’t let your baby lose the most natural care from the mother.

– twenty one –

How to breastfeed a positive mother?

Mom is diagnosed with infection, and should pay attention to these during breast milk:

Before you contact your baby, you must first use soap, water or alcohol -free hand washing solution to wash your hands.

When contacting the baby, wearing a mask strictly during breastfeeding.

Once you feel that the mask becomes wet, you must throw it away and replace it immediately.The mask cannot be reused, and do not touch the mouth

Use paper towels when sneezing or coughing, throw away paper towels and wash your hands again.

Clean and disinfect the surface of the objects that the mother has touched.

– twenty two –

If the medical masks are used up, can they still breast milk?

It is recommended that breast milk is still available.

Breastfeeding can reduce neonatal and infant mortality rates, and provide babies with many lifelong health and brain development advantages.

At present, non -medical masks (such as self -made masks or cloth masks) have not been evaluated.Therefore, it is impossible to make an opinion on whether to use a non -medical mask.

If the conditions are really limited, there are no medical masks, and you should continue to feed.In other respects, we must strictly abide by epidemic prevention measures, such as hand -washing, disinfection objects, sneezing or coughing with paper towels or elbow flexion to cover your mouth and nose.

– twenty three –

What should I do if my mother is infected and is unable to feed directly?

If you cannot breastfeed due to COVID-19 physical discomfort, you can use other alternative methods:

Use breast pumps to suck out breast milk

Use more donation breast milk

Consider using baby formula milk powder

It should be noted that when using breast pumps, we must also strictly wear masks and pay attention to hand hygiene to ensure that the milk is not polluted.

– twenty four –

After the infection, you can’t insist on breast milk. When can you start breastfeeding again?

As long as the mother feels good, she can start breastfeeding without fixed waiting time.There is no evidence that breastfeeding can change the clinical process of COVID-19 in the mother.At any time, we should support our mother to start breastfeeding again.


Are you afraid that if you are infected with infection, can the protection be replaced directly with formula milk?

Many benefits of breastfeeding greatly exceed the risks related to COVID-19 virus.

In any case, it is risky to the newborn and baby formula milk powder.Whenever family and community conditions are damaged, the risks related to providing baby formula milk powder will increase.

For example, at this time, if the baby is unwell, it may be difficult to obtain health care services during the peak of the epidemic, weighing the advantages and disadvantages, we still recommend continuing breastfeeding.


During the lactation, my mother took antipyretic medicine, can she give the baby for the baby?

Mother breastfeeding mothers can take acetaminol and ibuprofen

The peak value of the drug concentration in the milk in the milk after taking the acetaminophen appears about 1-4 hours after taking the medicine, with an average of about 2 hours.The amount of acetamine enters the milk is very small, the excretion is fast, and the safety is high. The American Pediatric Society lists it as a drug that can be used during breastfeeding [2].

Ibuprofen is also a degenerate medicine that mothers can take during lactating mothers.The half -life of ibuprofen is about 2 hours.The secretion of ibuprofen in milk is very small, about 0.0008%of the parent dose [3].American pediatric science also lists ibuprofen as a medicine for lactation [2].

After taking the antipyretic medicine, if she is really anxious, she can breastfeed after taking the medicine for 2 hours.


Can you touch your baby in a good mental condition?

First of all, we emphasize that breastfeeding, skin contact and other behaviors can bring many benefits to mothers and babies, which greatly exceed the risk of opportunities related to the new crown.

Mom will definitely worry that she is Yang, and living with the baby’s room will increase the chance of baby infection.There is evidence that the possibility of a mother transmitted to the newborn after adopting infection prevention measures is relatively milder even if newborns infection is often mild.

A study in New York, USA, inspected and follow-up of 116 cases of 116 SARS-COV-2 test-positive mothers: Although most babies lived together with their mother and received breastfeeding after birth, they did not have breastfeeding, but noneA baby’s SARS-COV-2 test is positive.[4]

If the positive mother wants to live with her baby, she must do a good job of separation and protection, and completely disinfect the items used.However, if the child has congenital diseases or immune defects, for the health of the baby, it is recommended that the mother and baby are separated for a short separation. When the mother confirms the rehabilitation, I will contact the baby.


Under what circumstances, can you dispel the isolation with your baby?

The US CDC has released the standards of home relief. For symptomatic patients with normal immune function and symptomatic treatment at home treatment, the following standards can usually be dismissed:

For asymptomatic infections, after self -test is positive ≥ 5 days.

If a symptom is infected, the first symptoms are ≥ 5 and the normal body temperature has been returned to the first symptoms ≥ 24 hours (no antipyretic drugs are not used during the period). At the same time, other symptoms related to the new crown have been improved;

Since the previous epidemic prevention policy in my country is usually judged by nucleic acid standards, and now it has relaxed the conditions of home isolation. The mother who has been infected with only antigen detection may have worries, and whether they are really overcast.If you have such anxiety, it is recommended that breastfeeding mothers can continue to wear masks to the 10th day.According to US CDC data, in patients with symptoms that have subsided, infectious viruses are rarely separated after 10 days of onset [5].

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Further reading:

Professor Chen Dunjin, the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, answered 20 new crowns related questions

How to protect pregnant women well


Can I vaccinate the new crown vaccine during pregnancy?Can I inoculate a enhanced needle?


According to research data, the new crown vaccine can prevent multiple infections and reduce the probability of severe illness.It can be vaccinated and enhanced needle during pregnancy, but it is not recommended to take vaccination 3 months before pregnancy.


Will the vaccine have a bad impact on the fetus?


From the perspective of existing information, no vaccine during pregnancy will not have a recent impact on the fetus.


Can vaccines be vaccinated during lactation?


Vaccination can be vaccinated during lactation.


Neighbors or family infections, how should pregnant women do a good job of protection?


Pregnant women should not be in contact with positive patients. They need to have independent isolation conditions, such as independent bathrooms and eating alone.

New crown -positive harm to maternal women


What are the symptoms of pregnant women infected with new crowns?Will it be more likely to be severe?


Judging from the positive pregnant women who were treated in Guangzhou this time, the most common symptoms were cough and sore throat, fever accounted for only about 1%to 3%in the infection of pregnant women, and 90%of pregnant women had no symptoms.

From the perspective of existing data, the number of pregnant women is like normal people, and the number of severe illnesses is not large.


Does a pregnant woman infection with the new crown affect fetal health?Will it cause premature birth, abortion, congenital malformations?


From the perspective of domestic research data, it is not found that the pregnant woman will have an impact on the fetus after the new crown infection, and it does not lead to the increase in the probability of premature birth, abortion, and congenital malformations.

From the perspective of research data in underdeveloped areas, the number of pregnant women’s death will increase, which may have a certain relationship with the medical level of various countries.

New crown -positive medication during pregnancy


Can pregnant women infect the new crown, can I take medicine?What medicines to take?


Most of the newly -crown -positive pregnant women are not asymptomatic, so there is no need to take medicine.

For symptomatic pregnant women, theoretically, it can be treated according to the previous medication measures.For pregnant women with fever symptoms, most of them use physical measures. The symptoms of fever after 2 to 3 days will basically subscribe. One or two of the pregnant women collected in our hospital have diarrhea symptoms, but the situation is not serious.


Except for acetylphenol, can other antipitrim drugs, such as ibuprofen and lys. Can it be used?


When choosing an antipyretic medicine, you can guide the medication according to the principle of the mother’s fetal medication during early pregnancy.The probability of fetal malformations in the middle and late pregnancy is low, but 3 months before pregnancy, pay attention to medication.


Recently, a number of pharmacy, clinical, and traditional Chinese medicine experts combined with the climate characteristics of Beijing, referring to the actual reference of this round of epidemic treatment, released the "New Crown Virus Infertility Catalog (First Edition)". The following is a detailed content. You can refer to it.

View the slide down:

Prec notes for inspection


What should I do if pregnant women are infected with new crowns?


First, make an appointment for the birth inspection, second, do not miss the birth inspection, and third, do a good job of protecting and preventing gathering.The above three points have been advocated during the checkup.


Missed four outbound inspections

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New crown -positive pregnant women’s childbirth


Can the maternal new crown be positive, can it be given birth?What do medical staff pay attention to?


When choosing the method of childbirth, the new crown -positive maternal is processed in accordance with obstetric indicators, but during the delivery process, she needs to pay attention to the infection of newborns. After the newborn leaves the mother’s body, wipe it clean as soon as possible, and take protective measures.


Can the new -crown -positive pregnant women painless during childbirth?


OK.Although the severe incidence of New Crown is low, but it is highly contagious, during the process of childbirth, try to reduce the entry and exit of personnel.


How to grasp the timing of the new crown pregnant woman to terminate pregnancy?


Decide according to obstetric indicators.


What should I pay attention to when the doctor receives a positive pregnant woman?


Medical staff need to wear the N95 mask and take the surveillance while disinfection.According to the 10 optimization measures proposed by the State Council, there is no need to wear a quarantine service when receiving the consultation, and the specific circumstances can be implemented according to local policies.



Maternal new crown is positive, will the baby be positive?


From the perspective of existing data, the baby given to the new crown -positive maternal maternal is basically not positive. Even if the baby is positive, it may not be transmitted in the palace, and it may be the birth of the mother.


Does the newborn of the new -crown -positive maternal giving birth need the mother and baby separation?


Among the 10 optimization measures proposed by the State Council, the new crown -positive pregnancy does not need to be separated by the mother and baby. From the perspective of limited data results, there is no infection.

From the perspective of Western research data, about 1%to 3%newborns are new -crown -positive, but there are no symptoms and signs.


Can the new crown -positive mother breastfeed normally?


In foreign countries, the new crown -positive maternal is advocated to wear masks, wash hands, and take disinfection measures.In our hospital, it is generally recommended to squeeze out breast milk and give it to the baby to eat it.


Can the routine review of 42 days after delivery be postponed?


Can be delayed.Even if there is no new crown epidemic, the regular review of 42 days after delivery can be postponed.

Professor Chen emphasized that the diagnosis and treatment of newly -positive pregnant women must be subject to existing documents of the country.

Further reading:

Pregnant women, lactating mothers, infants, and children released by the Guangdong Women and Child Platform should deal with the new crowns safe medication guidelines


Note: Babies smaller than March should seek medical treatment in time and are not recommended to take medicine by themselves.It is not recommended to take acetaminol and ibuprofen at the same time.The antipyretic medicine cannot be taken excessively, and it cannot be taken over 4 times in a day.Use strictly in accordance with the instructions, and use cautious use of acetylophenol liver and kidney function; use it with caution of broad bean disease.During pregnancy and lactating women, it is best to consult a doctor before medication, and follow the doctor’s advice.


Note: It is not recommended to use cough and phlegm drugs by yourself. If you need to use it, please consult the physician and pharmacist first.


Note: The primary choice of saline or sea salt water washing the nose. It is not recommended to use other nasal congestion and runny nose drugs. If you need to use it, please consult the physician and pharmacist.Clotherazine is the second -generation antihistamine drug, and it is not recommended for normal colds without allergic symptoms.Such as the symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, allergies and other symptoms have not improved for 2 weeks. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.


Precautions: Diarrhea occurs, preferably oral salt salts to prevent dehydration.If a medium to severe dehydration, please seek medical treatment immediately.In order to avoid affecting the effects of other drugs, it is recommended to take Mongolian Stone Sanda for an hour apart from other drugs.

Faced with the aggressive epidemic, medical staff will always struggle at the forefront, keep walking, and fight against time!But we hope that while treating the patient, we must also protect ourselves!

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