The father -in -law raped the daughter -in -law and had a child, but after being arrested, but quibbled: my son cannot give birth, I want to inherit the incense

In 2005, a father -in -law invaded his daughter -in -law in Yibin City, Sichuan Province, gave birth to a child, and quibbleed: My son cannot give birth, and I want to pass the incense.

The son was covered in the drum, holding the child to do parent -child identification.Should the child call his brother?Or dad?

However, such ridiculous things have aroused widespread society.

In 2005, Sun Hongmei and Wu Kaixuan of Yibin City, Sichuan Province began to fall in love under the introduction of acquaintances.Both of them have reached the age of marriage, especially Wu Kaixuan has been urged by his mother’s marriage to get a first two big ones.

Therefore, the two people have not been in love for a year. Under the strong "encouragement" of Wu Kaixuan’s mother, the two soon entered the palace of marriage.

After getting married, Sun Hongmei also went to work in the factory opened by Wu Kai’s house. The two went to work together to get off work together. I felt that life was so beautiful.

Half a year quickly passed, and the mother -in -law who was anxious to hug her grandson looked at Sun Hongmei’s belly and had no movement at all, and began to worry.

She first asked Sun Hongmei to ask if the two did not do anything about their husbands and wives. How long does it take to do it?Ask again if he took contraception measures?

After listening to Sun Hongmei’s answer, her mother -in -law began to mutter, "In principle, I will not be pregnant for so long."

She also thought that it would be Sun Hongmei who had been helping to help in the factory, so she was not pregnant.So she simply asked Sun Hongmei to not go to work in the future, and prepared for pregnancy at home.

After another three or four months, I saw that Sun Hongmei’s stomach still had no reaction at all. The mother -in -law was even more anxious. I simply let her son not go to work anymore.

At this moment, the little couple had nothing to do. She could only watch TV boring at home.My mother -in -law listened to others again that the two people were not suitable for conception every day, so they let the two people walk around at home.

Within a few days, Wu Kaixuan was corrupt about his mother’s set of rhetoric, and the mother quarreled every day.

There is no way, mother -in -law can only urge them to go to the hospital for examination.Because the daughter -in -law has not been pregnant, it makes her mother -in -law feel that she is very faceless in the village.

She thinks that her family is a face -oriented family in the local area.

Sun Hongmei and Wu Kaixuan finally left the house with excuses to go to the hospital for inspection. The two even discussed that they would work outside, and they would not go back for the time being, so as not to be born every day.

But Wu Kaixuan knew his mother. If the two did not go back, they might be able to meet his mother in any place.

Helpless, the two had to go to the hospital obediently to check.The results of the inspection surprised everyone from the Wu family. It turned out that Wu Caixuan got the "iconic vein song", and his own quality was very poor.The doctor said that it is difficult to conceive naturally like Wu Kaixuan.

Hearing such a result, Sun Hongmei’s mother -in -law insisted that as long as it can be cured, it doesn’t matter how much money is, you can treat the disease with peace of mind. You don’t need to manage it at home.

In this way, Sun Hongmei and Wu Caixuan insisted on treating the large hospital outside for some time.But after returning home, the Wu family who thought they could soon be pregnant soon was disappointed again, and more than half a year passed. Sun Hongmei’s belly was still in Pingtang, and there was no trace of bulging.

His daughter -in -law has been married to the door for two years, and has not hugged the grandson yet.

Some people say that because Wu Kaixuan had given other women before, so now he has no children. This is retribution.There are also my father -in -law, my mother -in -law, in any case, there are people who say.

Hearing such rumors, my mother -in -law was certainly mad.But the problem lies in her son. She has no way to have a way, and she can only eat Huang Lian dumb.If she is on the daughter -in -law, she can change it.

The mother -in -law’s open -minded mother -in -law suddenly thought of "borrowing children with the abdomen". She asked her relatives living in the city to help find a man.

Of course, Sun Hongmei couldn’t stand such humiliation, but her mother -in -law cried and tears begged Sun Hongmei, saying that their Wu family could not have no children, and she even kneeling for Sun Hongmei several times.

After more than half a year, there are still no children.Sun Hongmei really couldn’t stand her mother -in -law’s farce.She chose to quietly leave the Wu family and go to work outside.

Of course, this makes her mother -in -law very angry and helpless. Now everyone already knows that they have married their daughter -in -law but have no grandson.

Mother -in -law Wu Kaixuan went to the place where Sun Hongmei worked several times to find her and asked her to come back, but Sun Hongmei couldn’t say what her mother -in -law did to do. She was afraid that Wu Kaixuan could not stand it.So I made up some mother -in -law how to scold themselves, and mixed Wu Kaixuan.

Wu Kaixuan was very angry at first, saying that he was sorry for Sun Hongmei. This time, as long as Sun Hongmei goes back, she will definitely negotiate with her mother, and never let her do something to hurt Sun Hongmei.

In this way, Sun Hongmei returned to the Wu family with Wu Kaixuan.Sun Hongmei and Wu Kaixuan thought that since they cannot have children, then adopt a child.

But when they told the child’s idea to tell the mother -in -law, the mother -in -law was very angry and said that adopting the child will make the villagers look down on. After you see who is the family, after adopting the children, the villagers have not even looked at them.

Anyway, it means that you don’t agree with everything.The three were unhappy.After a few days, her mother -in -law made an excuse to support Wu Kaixuan. Sun Hongmei thought that her mother -in -law would take herself to "go to the city."She had already thought about it, and this time, no matter what her mother -in -law said, she would never go to the city with her.

But not, and her mother -in -law did not show any strangeness, and she also made the dumplings that Sun Hongmei still ate it for her.

After eating the dumplings cooked by her mother -in -law, Sun Hongmei felt dizzy and wanted to sleep.She also joked that it was true that the rice cooker was false, so let’s go to sleep for a while.

After lying on the bed, I couldn’t sleep, my head was a little dizzy and weak.Just lay your eyes on the bed.

It didn’t take long for her father -in -law to enter her room.Sun Hongmei originally thought that the father -in -law was here to care about herself.Unexpectedly, the father -in -law pressed directly.

Sun Hongmei scolded his father -in -law loudly, what are you doing, you are Wu Kaixuan’s father, I am your daughter -in -law.The father -in -law said that since this is the case, why not find outsiders, the people who found are not their own "species", just come yourself!

Sun Hongmei felt extreme grievances. She threatened her father -in -law and said that you will go away, otherwise I will shout loudly.

The father -in -law did what he wanted to do, and he said without panic: "It’s okay. If someone knows it, I said it was me.of."

Sun Hongmei couldn’t believe her ears, but this was a person who called her father for a few years. How could she do such a thing?

When the father -in -law finished, he went out.At this time, her mother -in -law came in, and as soon as she came in, she fell directly to Sun Hongmei’s bed.

Still the same routine, my mother -in -law cried and said that her family could not have no children, and her son could not have no fertility or let the people in the village know.

The mother -in -law went on to say that if it was a father -in -law, it was a family. No one else would know. They knew that they were swearing to heaven in the world.

Sun Hongmei, who was soft -eared, compromised again.The mother -in -law is getting better and better to Sun Hongmei. Sometimes the good Sun Hongmei doubt whether she is too much, and she should cooperate with her mother -in -law to give the Wu family a son.

Later, the father -in -law had violated Sun Hongmei once, but this time did not cook her dumplings.

Two months later, Sun Hongmei began to have an early pregnancy response. Watching Sun Hongmei eat and vomit, her mother -in -law was busy taking care of Sun Hongmei and busy showing off her daughter -in -law’s pregnancy.

Of course, the happiest people in this incident are Wu Kaixuan and father -in -law.Wu Kaixuan thought that the traditional Chinese medicine he had been eating was effective, and he was like a child.

The father -in -law is happy, and he can finally hold his grandson, and he is really satisfied with himself.

A few months later, a big fat little son of the Wu family fell to the ground.The family looked at the children caught and grabbed, and they were even more happy.Only Sun Hongmei’s mood was extremely heavy.

After giving birth to a child, Sun Hongmei’s father -in -law always secretly went to find Sun Hongmei while his son was not around, as if he was lying in the hands of his father -in -law, and Sun Hongmei could only commit to his father -in -law.

Soon the child was one year old. One day Sun Hongmei said that she hadn’t returned to her mother’s house for a long time, and wanted to go back to see it.Wu Kaixuan went to the factory to help him go back to his mother’s house.

After three days, Wu Kaixuan thought of his son, and went to Sun Hongmei’s mother’s house, ready to pick up their mother and son home.But Sun Hongmei said she was unwilling to go back, and she would divorce Wu Kaixuan.

This made Wu Kaixuan misty, and it was fine three days ago. Why did you suddenly divorce?Sun Hongmei was irritated by Wu Kaixuan, and said, "This child is not yours, not your child, do you understand?"

Wu Kaixuan was even more stunned. Who would be his child?He asked who Sun Hongmei was the child of this, and Sun Hongmei insisted: "Don’t ask, know it is not good for you."

Wu Kaixuan still didn’t believe it. He took the child to identify himself.The father -in -law here was also in a hurry. At first they didn’t know how to explain the incident to their son, but later they thought about it and used the rhetoric of Sun Hongmei to deal with their son.

But parents have to face face, and see face more important than anything, but Wu Kaixuan doesn’t think so. He wants to know whether the child is his own.

The results of the identification came out. The child was not his, but had a blood relationship with him.There is no doubt now.

This is what his wife and his father did.Wu Kaixuan is going crazy. Is this child his son or brother?

He cried and ran to ask his father. The child was called "Dad or brother?" He was really about to collapse.

This time, Sun Hongmei proposed another divorce. Wu Kaixuan’s mother only asked for one to leave the child, and he could not tell others the origin of this child.

For a long time after the divorce, Sun Hongmei was out of depression. In order to have children, she was tossed by her ex -mother -in -law for too long.

In the end, Sun Hongmei’s brother couldn’t swallow it, so he took Sun Hongmei to the police station to report the case.

After being verified by the law enforcement department, Wu Kaixuan’s father was guilty of rape and was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison by the local middle court; Wu Kaixuan’s mother belonged to instigating others to rape and was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison.

Sometimes there is not a matter of human ability to have children, so all people can do is seek medical treatment as much as possible, rather than wanting some crooked doors.

Sun Hongmei’s mother -in -law’s decaying thoughts caused by her face harmed her a big family. In the end, she could only leave a regretful tears to end!

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