The fetal ‘‘deformity’’ high incidence period, 4 major problems should pay attention to let the fetus safely over the dangerous period

During the mother’s belly, the child was the most vulnerable time for the child.At this stage, the child must be mature and become a real "" person ". It is about ten months. During this period, a little carelessness will affect the child.

I believe that when many parents are pregnant, they give infinite expectations to their children. They may want their children to have a clever mind, beautiful eyes, and tall nose, but at the end, especially when they are producingIt is expected to have a healthy and complete body.

Any family who does not want to come forward is "" deform ".

Therefore, preparing for pregnancy and the prospective father and mother who just become pregnant should pay attention to when the fetus is prone to "deformed", and which reasons will cause the child to "" deform ".

When is the fetus easy to "" deform "" ""

Generally speaking, the stage of deformity of the fetus is the early stages of pregnancy (the first week to the 13th weeks), which is the stage of the preliminary growth of the fetus.

From the first three months of the fetal period, what the child "" lives "and" mother’s belly, many adults do not know.Therefore, there is no way to prevent this period. I can only hope that adults have better living habits themselves.But when you know that little life is coming, it is necessary to say that parents will pay great attention.Therefore, parents must understand which issues will cause children to "" deform ".

It is easy to cause the cause of "deformity" "" "" "?

The reasons why we know more about the fetal "deformity" "is that some smoking, drinking, inheritance, toxic gases after decoration are all realized by parents, but some are not aware of parents, or it is easy to ignore.of.What are these problems?

1. Severe viral cold

Colds are a relatively common disease, but during pregnancy, if pregnant women are infected with severe viral colds, they will cause fetal malformations.

Therefore, during the pregnancy period, Baoma should pay attention to their warmth, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. I think that I can not pay attention for a few months.Essence

2. Take medicine randomly

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is often sleepy and weak, and there will be a pregnancy reaction. At this time, some people often think that they are sick, so they will take some common medicines.

At this time, it is more dangerous. We all know that many pregnant women cannot eat. Some people who may be pregnant, when they are unwell, try to find a doctor, do not ponder the medicine by themselves.

3. Physical examination

In our conventional examinations, there will be some "" "" X "" line irradiation projects. At this time, if you don’t pay attention, it will easily lead to fetal malformations.

When I went to the physical examination last year, when I was doing my chest, I was asked if I had a pregnancy, and I reminded me to contraception within half a year and not to get pregnant.This makes me very good at this medical examination center, because I have not been reminded during the process of previous medical examinations.

Therefore, some people who prepare for this problem or may be pregnant should pay attention. Regardless of whether the doctor said or not, they must realize that they cannot do these medical examination items.

4. Environmental pollution

In the early stages of pregnancy, the environment is also very important, it is best to let yourself be in a better environment.

In the environment of our lives, industrial and agricultural pollution, heavy metal mercury, lead, and organic compounds, etc.; Living pollution electromagnetic, noise, pets, etc. can cause the fetus "deformity".

We may be consciously avoided in industrial pollution, but those life pollution, especially noise, mobile phone equipment, and pets may be aware, but they are unwilling to avoid it.

Because in our current life, computers, mobile phones are inseparable, and some treasures who like pets cannot abandon their "" little baby ".As for noise, it is often ignored by people, thinking that this is just a relatively big voice.

In fact, it is necessary to know that the impact of noise on the fetus is very large. Light, it will cause the fetal heart rate to accelerate, restlessness, and slow growth and development. The severe birth will lead to premature birth.

Therefore, the fact is not imagination, it is cruel, not afraid of 10,000, just in case.

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