The fetal heartbeat accelerates the fetus in 8 months of pregnancy, which is related to the two major factors.

Seeing such a sad problem, "What happened to the fetus suddenly accelerated the fetus in the fetus for eight months of pregnancy?" Some pregnant mothers need to know during pregnancy, and they knew early to prevent it.It’s not easy to get pregnant. Who doesn’t want a perfect result?

The fetus suddenly accelerated the fetus in the 8 -month pregnancy. Although the current situation is about one -thousandth, there are indeed many cases circulating on the Internet.A colleague of my colleagues deliberately asked for a doctor for treatment because of toothache, and the tragedy in the abdomen of the fetus the next day.There are many reasons in the abdomen of the fetus, so be careful.

1. Fetal factors: The fetus suffers from congenital diseases (chromosomal abnormalities, congenital heart disease, congenital deformity), fetal umbilical cord problems (umbilical cords are too tight, umbilical cord prolapse, umbilical cord reversing, etc.).

2. Pregnant mothers:

Pregnant mothers suffer from pregnancy complications: pregnancy hypertension, gestational diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disorders, mental disorders, virus infections (giant cell virus, toxoplasma, etc.).Diseases that may cause hypoxia in the fetus in the disease.

Pregnant mother amniotic fluid problem: Too many amniotic fluid can lead to expected prolapse and too little amniotic fluid.

Pregnant mother placenta: Placenta low, premature placental peeling, placental aging, etc.

Pregnant mothers are stimulated by external forces: after the life of husband and wife, the stomach is impacted

1. Pay attention to fetal movement

By the third trimester, the fetus increases and the interior space is reduced. Pay attention to the problem of fetal movement.The fetus will have fetal movements every day, and the pregnant mother will really feel that they should have a fetal movement at each time in the morning, middle and evening periods.Three fetal movements are removed by 3, and the number of fetal movements can be obtained for 1 hour.The fetal movement is usually more than 3 times per hour.

The number of fetal movements of each fetus is not exactly the same. As long as there is a regular rhythm, there is no need to force the number of.If the number of fetal fetal movements suddenly decreases, it means that the fetus is asking for help and go to the hospital in time.

2. Pay attention to monitoring fetal heart rate

You can buy a fetal heart rate monitor yourself to monitor the fetal heart rate at home.The normal range of fetal heart rate is 120-160 times/min, which means that the fetus is dangerous than or higher than this range.

3. Inspection on time

The situation where internal distress occurred in the third trimester occurred, so it must be checked on time on time. The check-up every two weeks between 28-36 weeks and once a week after 36 weeks, pay close attention to the development of the fetus.

4. Time to treat the disease in time

If there is a pregnancy disease, it must be treated in a timely manner to avoid being controlled in the end.In some cases, the fetus needs to be born in advance, and the cesarean section is cesarean section in advance, and do not deliberately wait until the due date.

5. Pay attention to protect yourself

During the third trimester, the belly was large, the cushioning ability of amniotic fluid weakened, and the fetus was vulnerable to external forces.Be careful not to live a husband and wife, do not go to crowded public places, do not mention heavy things, and do not be too tired.Make all measures to protect the safety of the fetus.

In short, there are many reasons for the fetal jump of the fetus for eight months of pregnancy. You must pay attention to active prevention and let the fetus be born smoothly.The new second childboy mother, Career Hero, who used to be in the workplace, and the winner of Qingyun plan, won the original invitations of multiple platforms.Jia Youbao was sent to cultural exchanges in the United States.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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