The fetus is almost dead at 38 weeks, and the umbilical cord is not a trivial matter. Pay attention to these 4 matters during pregnancy.

It is said that pregnant people are a treasure, because she is no longer alone, and there is a life in her belly.But at the same time, pregnant people are very hard, and there are many things to pay attention to.Without paying attention, there may be serious consequences.There are a lot of painful experience, and the pregnant mother is too much to cause the fetus.If there is a miscarriage or a baby who is about to be born, he loses his life because of the umbilical cord around the neck.This is not only harmful to your body and soul, but also harm to this family.Once you are pregnant, you feel inexplicable at home and feel a joy, and have an extra expectation.

The fetus was almost dead at 38 weeks.

Xinxin, a pregnant mother in Guangdong, encountered her unexpected things when she had a birth checkup in 38 weeks.From the doctor’s panic eyes, she seemed to know the seriousness of the matter.The doctor told her: your child’s fetal movement is very unstable, and it should be a hypoxia.This situation not only made Xinxin very worried, but also made the doctor very nervous.The doctor now arranges Xinxin to be hospitalized tonight, and will have a cesarean section tomorrow.And informed that fortunately, the children may not be able to keep it later.

In fact, the pregnant mother Xinxin came to the birth check -up time, and did not feel that the body was abnormal. There was no stomach pain nor contraction.She had thought that the fetus had been around the neck for 3 weeks, and there was a hypoxia.What’s more, I will have a caesarean section tomorrow.

Fortunately, it was found that it was timely, and then the oxygen supply was immediately allowed to return to normal.Otherwise, I really dare not imagine what the end of the checkup would be.

In fact, it is not a sign of abnormality. Xinxin found that the fetal movement was less at 36 or 37 weeks, but she didn’t care too much because she heard that others said that the fetal movement of the late pregnancy would become less.So I didn’t count the fetal movement.In fact, you must pay attention at all times, and you need to count the fetal movement on time in the second trimester.

The pregnant mother Xinxin was lucky, and the operation was very smooth. She gave birth to a 6.7 catties baby.Seeing a healthy baby, she shed tears of excitement, which seemed to be worth it.

During pregnancy, there are things that need to be paid very much

1. Count the fetal movement on time

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal movement becomes more regular. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to counting fetal movements.

The pregnant mother needs to count the fetal movement on time after 28 weeks of pregnancy, because the fetal movement will become very regular afterwards.You can find a fixed time in the morning, middle and evening, and record an hour.Fetal movement means that the baby needs to have continuous movements in the stomach, instead of getting a bag, add the fetal movement in the morning, middle and evening, and multiply the fetal movement of these three hours.Essence

The fetal movement of the following situation is abnormal, you need to consult a doctor:

① In the morning and evening, the fetal movement is less than three times in each hour;

② less than 60 fetal movements a day;

③ The comparison of fetal movements today weakened by more than 30%yesterday.

However, there is also a relatively simple method, that is, carefully observing. Almost all fetal fetal movements will be regularly observed. When you find the time of the baby’s movement, you can feel the fetal movement every day.

2. The requirements for the inspection of the birth

The checkup can be found in time and the problem can be solved.Although the umbilical cord cannot be corrected around the neck, you can prepare for this to protect your children more securely. Don’t consider yourself health, or if you don’t get trouble, you still have to conduct a scientific inspection.

3. Do the correct rest posture

For pregnant women, if the fetus is found to have an umbilical cord around the neck after delivery, the method of reducing risk is to use the left side to sleep more, which is conducive to providing fetal oxygen and nutrients.

4. Regular work

Each of us must develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, which is conducive to physical health.Compared with pregnant women, it is particularly important. This is conducive to developing a good living environment for the fetus, regular and stable.You can usually take a walk after meals, do some simple and relaxed activities, do not exercise vigorously, try to live in a relatively quiet environment, otherwise it is likely that it is not conducive to fetal rest.At the same time, don’t touch your stomach often, so the fetus will think you are thinking of interacting with him, and he may be very powerful.

Once pregnancy is also very precious, and it is a very hard thing. Be careful when pregnant mothers are always careful during pregnancy.For those who cannot get pregnant, that may be happy! Then let pregnant mothers cherish this opportunity. In the current era, many people do not intend to have a second child, which will also be the only pregnancy in life.

I hope that every pregnant mother can give birth to a baby safely and healthy!

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