The fiancee suddenly disappeared after pregnancy, but the rich husband said don’t find it.

"Parallel True Detective" is a column of the story opened by Jin Yu, which records his private detective experience of him and the elder brother.Private detectives were originally hidden and serious occupations, but when the two became monks and halfway, there would always be something wrong with laughter.

Hello everyone, I am Uncle Face.

The world of rich people is really interesting.Evaporated tens of millions of times, and the fortunes are licking blood, all like playing.

This time, Ms. Lan appeared again, and she couldn’t tell whether it was charm or magic. She asked Jin Yuming for two cases. There was already a fan group?But after reading the story written by Jin Yu, Uncle always felt a little cold.

Time: 2018

Location: Beijing

Characters: Jin Yu, Brother Ming, Ms. Lan, Mr. Yuan

The full text is 11235 words, it takes about 11 minutes to read

Last week, Brother Ming went to Miyun for a few days. The next day after returning, we suddenly received a call from Ms. Lan, saying that we would introduce us to a business.

Ms. Lan’s identity is mysterious. So far we have not met her.For us, Ms. Lan is a big rich man who has a generous shot and never bargain.According to common sense, when dealing with people like Ms. Lan, we should be unable to ask for it, but every time I contact her, I always have an inexplicable uneasy in my heart.

To be a private detective, to be honest, it is not the knife and mouth, but it is also a high -risk profession.

Many things must not only solve their skills and minds, but more importantly, social relations and network resources.

Ms. Lan said that a friend wanted to find us to help investigate something and asked us if we were vacant.

I was unwilling to involve too deeply with Ms. Lan in my heart, but Brother Ming didn’t think about it, so he agreed, and comforted me: "It’s okay, do money to work, as long as we do not violate the law, we can earn this money."

Subsequently, Ms. Lan sent us her friend’s mobile phone number to let us contact us, and the specific details also let us talk about themselves.

In this regard, we are naturally not worried about the characters like Ms. Lan. Her friends must be rich or expensive.The only thing I worry about me is whether the commissioned thing is too dangerous, or it is difficult to investigate. In case of it, it is a trivial matter if it is not done.

Brother Ming showed calmness: "What kind of character is Ms. Lan, her friends are not simple. This kind of big customers can not be required. If things are done, they will open a new way of wealth."

I couldn’t hear the rhetoric of Brother Ming, but now that I have been picking up, I still prepare early and talk to Ms. Lan’s friends first.

That night, Brother Ming and Ms. Lan made a phone call.

A little unexpected, Ms. Lan’s friend and her cold and mysterious are very different. Talking to us is very polite and very humble.

Ms. Lan’s friend is Yuan, 37 years old.It is difficult to say what he wants to commission, simple but not simple to say.He asked us to help him find someone -his girlfriend.

Mr. Yuan’s girlfriend is Lu Feifei, 25 years old, Sichuan, and just returned from studying in the United States this year.The two met at a private party for a friend.According to Mr. Yuan’s words, the two souls attracted each other in an instant.

The legendary rich private reception, I have only seen it in the picture

Lu Feifei is not only high in education, but also the value of the face. The good -looking skin and the interesting soul are combined into one. The attractiveness to men can be imagined.

Two months after the two, they decided to have a love relationship, and then fell in love for two months. Lu Feifei moved to Mr. Yuan’s house, and the two lived together.

It sounds like a male talented love story. What is intriguing is that Mr. Yuan is 37 years old and has a full round than Lu Feifei. Maybe Lu Feifei has fancy Mr. Yuan’s capital and status.

In the current society, a successful man is middle -aged, and it is a personality uncle, and the market competitiveness is still strong.

After Mr. Yuan lived with his girlfriend, the two were really happy. Lu Feifei liked music and painting. She was gentle and understandable, making Mr. Yuan feel his long -lost heart and warmth.

Less than two months of cohabitation, a thing that made Mr. Yuan was particularly happy -his girlfriend was pregnant. You can imagine the joy of a middle -aged man upgrade to be a prospective father.

But Mr. Yuan’s happy state did not last long. Suddenly the sudden change made him panic -Lu Feifei disappeared, without signs, no information left, just like evaporation of the world.

On the phone, we talked about these first and made an appointment the next day to meet.


After passing the phone with Mr. Yuan, I asked Brother Ming: "These two people are more than a dozen years old. Will Lu Feifei look at Mr. Yuan’s money? After cheating a lot of money from him, he sneaked away.Is it? "

Brother Ming said, "It should not, this Mr. Yuan feels like a savvy person, almost forty years old, not a hairy boy. If Lu Feifei is really just for money, Mr. Yuan will not see it? Also,, there areDon’t forget that Lu Feifei’s own conditions are also good, the returnees are high -ranking students, and they also understand music and art, and it is not burned out with money! "

I really can’t figure out what is going on. Aside from the relationship between money and interests, Lu Feifei is pregnant, and there is no contradiction between the two.: Either she took the initiative to hide; either she couldn’t help but encountered incompetent things, such as abduction.

Both of these situations are hard to say. First of all, Lu Feifei had no reason to leave suddenly.

If it is abducted, there are two cases. The first is premeditated, nothing more than the color of greed.The second one is terrible, just like it was exposed on the Internet, I don’t know which corner was taken away by the gangsters …

The more I think, the more I feel that this is not easy. I discussed with my brother for a long time and there was no result. Finally, Brother Ming said, "Let’s not guess here. After talking with Mr. Yuan tomorrow, let’s talk about it.Be timid before the battle. "

For some reason, Mr. Yuan did not ask us to go to his house, but in a cafe in Wangjing.

At 10:30 the next morning, my brother and I arrived as appointment.

A cafe in Wangjing

Mr. Yuan was sitting on a card seat, drinking a cup of American coffee, and his posture was very elegant. Seeing us in, he nodded to signal us to sit in the past.

I carefully observed Mr. Yuan, who looks like, with little eyes, and smiled into a seam.Height is about 175, wearing very casual, loose black casual outfits.The figure is okay, there is no belly, you can see that you often exercise, the palms are generous, and the strength is not small.

At first glance, Mr. Yuan was the kind of person who was good at communication and exquisite. Although we were hired by him and helped him to do things, he did not know us at all.

Mr. Yuan is definitely a person, I think in my heart.

After sitting down, Mr. Yuan first ordered two cups of lattes, and then said, "We probably communicated last night. Can the two of them say their views?"

I just prepared to ask him some details. I didn’t expect him to ask us in turn. This made me a little depressed, and it felt like I was examining us intentionally.

Brother Ming said seriously our analysis last night. Of course, it did not mention the part of questioning their love.After listening to listening, Mr. Yuan nodded and seemed to be quite satisfied with us.

Immediately afterwards, Mr. Yuan said, "You should doubt that Fifi is for money. You don’t need to doubt this, I can be sure she is not for my money."

Sure enough, he is a smart person. Since he has said that, we certainly have no reason to believe it.

Mr. Yuan and I told: "On the phone yesterday, we only learned about the general situation. Many details will help us investigating. I hope you will talk about it in detail."

Mr. Yuan nodded, "No problem, but I didn’t have much to add. Fifi and I met with a private reception of a friend of me. About 20 or 30 people participated, all of them were introduced by some familiar friends.In fact, the main purpose of this gathering is to provide us with the opportunity to know each other … "

Half an hour later, Mr. Yuan added.

Basically, it is almost the same as what I said last night. The only thing that made me and my brother feel strange is that there is too little information about Lu Feifei himself. Her hometown is unclear. Her communication information has not caused us to not be basic from basic ones.Start.

The only information that is used is that Mr. Yuan knows Lu Feifei’s previous residence.He told us that he also went to Lu Feifei’s residence before asking, but it was suggested that we check it in detail.

The investigation is quite difficult. When I came out of the cafe from the cafe, my brows were locked. This money was not easy to earn.


After returning home, my brother and I sorted out the information of the survey, and I told me with a frowning face: "This clue is too small.It appeared in Mr. Yuan’s life out of thin air, and it disappeared out of thin air. It’s strange. "

I feel the same as Brother Ming: "Yes, it’s strange, what is her motivation? Mr. Yuan said, she didn’t try to make money at all, and she was pregnant with his child. Oh, yesIt will be Lu Feifei derailed.

Brother Ming said firmly: "I don’t think she will be pregnant with other people’s children. If she still wants to continue to be with Mr. Yuan, how can she tell the pregnancy, just secretly be killed by herself. ThisI can’t explain. "

I think my brain hurts: "Forget it, don’t understand, take a step and take a step."

At 8:30 that day, my brother and I drove to Lu Feifei’s residence.

The reason for going at night was because we learned that Lu Feifei had previously leased with a little girl who went to work. There may be no one in the house during the day.

Lu Feifei had just returned from the United States earlier this year. After coming to Beijing, he did not rush to work. Later, he lived with Mr. Yuan. He was always in a state of surgery. He went around every day, practiced the piano, and draw something.Mr. Yuan did not dislike her state. After all, there is no shortage of money in her hand.

Before living with Mr. Yuan, Lu Feifei lived in a community near Chaoyang North Road near Ganlu Garden.

Passing the car at the door of the community, I and my brother and I walked in, and the security guard did not stop us.The community is not large, and the environment is quite good. There is an artificial lake in the community. We passed through the small wooden bridge trail in the lake.

Artificial lake in the community

Find Building No. 8, take the elevator to the fifth floor, and knock on the door of Room 502.

After a few seconds, a girl’s voice came from the room: "Who?"

I said, "Hello, I am Lu Feifei, her cousin, did she live here before?"

The girl said vigilantly, "Yes, but she moved away long ago, what’s the matter with?"

In the evening, I was knocked down by a stranger at night. It was normal to be alert. I had to explain to her softly: "That’s it. Fifi is missing. Now we can’t contact her, so I can’t contact her here, so I can’t contact her, so I can’t contact her, so I can’t contact her.Is there any connection? "

I deliberately showed a very anxious look, and did not put forward the request to let her open the door. The purpose was to let the girls be vigilant.The effect is naturally good. When she heard that Lu Feifei was missing, she opened the door.

Brother Ming is tall and strong, I am afraid that he scares the little girl, so I have always been communicating with the little girl.

The little girl wore white T and black shorts, tied a ponytail with flat looks and petite figure.And a girl wearing a black skirt and a white fat girl sitting on the sofa behind her, looking at us with a smile.

I didn’t intend to go in, and said at the door and said to her, "Girl, trouble you, did Fifi contact you?"

The girl shook her head and said, "We have never contacted after she moved away. The room she lived before has moved in a new resident." She turned her head and glanced at the fat girl sitting on the sofa, and continued: "I heard that she was looking forI have a boyfriend and moved to live with my boyfriend, do you know? "

I said, "I know, Fifi suddenly disappeared when she was with her boyfriend. Have other friends who came to find her when she was here?"

The girl thought about it and said, "I don’t know this, I haven’t seen her from taking it at home. She usually doesn’t seem to go to work, so she stays at home to paint, or pull the violin.When I was so reluctant to be reluctant. "

Unexpectedly, the girl did not provide us with any useful clues.

When I left, I asked the girl to send WeChat to Lu Feifei, and I did not receive a reply.The girl added me to WeChat and told me that once the news would be notified, we will notify us.

The autumn night in Beijing was a bit cold, and the cold wind was scratched. My brother and I squatted on the side of the road. One cigarette was ordered. The figure of the two men was very lonely.

I said helplessly to my brother, "I feel like we are like a headless fly now, and I have lost my direction."

Brother Ming was also sad, smoking a lot, and said after a long time, "Go to Mr. Yuan to talk about it tomorrow.

We charged 100,000 in this single work. Mr. Yuan has given 50,000 deposits. If you return this money back, it is not just as simple as losing a sum of money, it is equivalent to smashing the signboard directly.Moreover, Mr. Yuan was introduced by Ms. Lan. Within no way, Ming Brother would never do so.

That night, Brother Ming made a phone call to Mr. Yuan. He didn’t say that he didn’t want to continue the investigation, but just said that he wanted to meet and understand some details. Mr. Yuan said that he had no time, so we communicated directly on the phone.


Brother Ming described the situation of the investigation of the residence of Lu Feifei before Mr. Yuan, saying that there are too few clues at hand now, and it is difficult to continue to check it alone by relying on this point.

Mr. Yuan was not angry, expressed his understanding, and told us with Yan Yue: "I understand, there are indeed a little clue, so, if you have any questions, you can continue to ask me. Maybe I missed some useful details before."

Brother Ming was a little hesitant. Without a word, Mr. Yuan was silent for a moment, and said almost word by word: "You are introduced by Ms. Lan, I believe in your strength."

We instantly felt the pressure, and there was a little threat.He retreated, although it gave us a step on the surface, but in fact, it made us ride a tiger.

At this time, Brother Ming couldn’t swell his face to fill the fat man, and continued to pack ourselves. After all, how much do we have the ability to eat.

Brother Ming directly told Mr. Yuan: "There are two points now. First, the process of knowing each other needs to be investigated carefully, which requires you to take it effort. You participated in the private reception at the time, all acquaintances, then your girlfriend, then your girlfriendIt must also come in with friends. Second, we want to go to your house, start from some personal items, and find clues. "

Mr. Yuan seemed a little hesitant. After thinking about it for a long time, he said, "Okay, you are an expert, I can cooperate with you. In this way, I will ask my friends who run the reception today, and then take you to my house tomorrow. At 11 o’clock in the morning,I will send the address to you at that time. "

Hanging up the phone, I told my brother Ming, "It seems that this Mr. Yuan is really not easy. Going to his house is the same as the military base, which makes God’s secrets."

Brother Ming slowed down and ridiculed: "The big man, do not want privacy exposure, and on the surface you are polite to us. It is estimated that you want to use us. These people are too deep."

In the evening, I had a barbecue with my brother. I don’t know why. He had to pull me to drink.I usually drink Yanjing. This time I went directly to Fajiabai. The two of them drank more boxes.But he didn’t say it, I didn’t ask much, I could only drink with him.

How to solve your worries?

With the anesthesia of alcohol, I slept very well at night, and I opened my eyes at more than 10 o’clock the next morning.

Brother Ming and I hurried to Wangjing after washing.

On the way, Mr. Yuan sent WeChat to Brother Ming, let us go directly to the place where he lived, and then sent a positioning, a community of 5 to 600 meters from Wangjing SOHO.

I searched it with my mobile phone. Although it was expected, the house prices in this community were scared to me, basically 20 million, and most people really couldn’t afford it.

The parking on Wangjing is more convenient. We parked the car directly on the side of the road, and then walked to the door of the community. I saw Mr. Yuan standing next to the gatekeeper and waiting for us.

He led us into the community. The environment of the community was very good, the green trees were lined, and even the pool of the fountain was clear.

Mr. Yuan took us into a building and took the elevator to the ten floors.

Opening the door, when we walked into the living room, the first thing that came into view was a large floor -to -ceiling window. The white curtains were opened, and the sun was full of the entire living room.The simple European style is decorated, there are at least forty square meters in the living room, and the ground is covered with gray -white pattern carpet. It should be very good to step on the foot.There is a set of high -end tea sets on the wooden coffee table, and two abstract oil paintings are hung on the wall, and the strong artistic atmosphere comes.

Unfortunately, neither I and my brother and I have no artistic cells, and I can’t appreciate it.I thought that in the future, I really have to improve my artistic appreciation level.

After entering, I and my brother and I took off their shoes quickly, like Liu Ye’s Grand View Garden.

Brother Ming was quite unbelievable. When he saw a row of foreign wine on the aisle wooden frame, his eyes were straight.I do n’t understand wine, and I should look at the reaction of Ming Brother.

However, I observed that Mr. Yuan is too clean and has no popularity, more like a model house of real estate.The nanny of the rich people is really powerful, and I and my brother and I have never sorted out the family clearly.

We sat on the sofa. Mr. Yuan took us two bottles of Paris water and said, "I have worked hard, first drink some water. I contacted the friend who held a private reception yesterday.Expectation. "

Paris water has nothing to do with Paris, just the transliteration name

Brother Ming asked him, "How to say?"

"I asked the friend to ask everyone who attended the reception at the time, and found that no one knew Feifei."

My heart sank, and this matter was absolutely strange, so I then asked, "Isn’t the private wine party all known? Shouldn’t you mix it at will?"

Mr. Yuan nodded and said, "Yes, that’s what he said, but no one paid attention at the time. Most people didn’t know each other. I thought Feifei was brought in by others and didn’t ask her carefully."

At this time, Brother Ming suddenly raised his right index finger and put it on his mouth, and made a booing posture. He laughed and said, "After so long, how could your friend remember everyone in Qingyin and the reception?"

I immediately meant that Brother Brother would be, because the process of knowing Mr. Yuan and Lu Feifei was suspicious, and suddenly appeared in Mr. Yuan’s life, and suddenly disappeared. As a detective, the keen intuition made us feel that it was not easy. This is not easy. This is not simple.The room is likely to be installed in the house.

Mr. Yuan was still a little puzzled. Brother Ming took out his mobile phone and called a few words to show him: Be careful with the ears of the wall!

Mr. Yuan immediately reacted and said, "Haha, right."

Brother Ming then typed on his mobile phone: Now we pretend to go out for dinner.

Of course, I know what Ming Ge will do next, but Mr. Yuan is still in the drum, but he also knows that Brother Ming is doing this for reason. He said very well: "Let’s go first today. There is a restaurant nearby nearby., The vegetables are pretty good, I’ll make Dong and try it together. "

I said yes, I’m really hungry.

Subsequently, Brother Ming walked to the door, opened the door first, and then closed it with force.


Brother Ming turned back and turned out of the mobile phone -sized wireless signal detector from the bag.This stuff is used to monitor wireless signals. Devices such as eavesdroppers and cameras are transmitted through wireless signals.We rarely use this thing. Generally, we are watching the watcher and rarely detect the eavesdropper.

Brother Ming held the detector and walked around in the living room. Neither Yuan and I dared to speak out, watching him quietly.The circle was circled in the living room, and Brother Ming made a "OK" gesture, indicating that the living room was safe.

Wireless signal detector

Later, Brother Ming pointed at the bedroom door. Mr. Yuan nodded and helped slowly push the door.

There are not many things in the bedroom. It is very neat. The most conspicuous is a large LCD TV, and there is a two ivory white double bed. The white real silk quilt spread neatly on the bed.

As soon as I walked into the bedroom, the green light on the detector began to flash, indicating that there was an unknown signal source in the room.

Brother Ming turned around in the bedroom, then lay under the bed, and took a picture of the mobile phone flashlight. Soon he stood up and walked around the corner.Pull the drawer lightly, observed for a long time, got up and shook our heads, expressing puzzles.

Ming Ge took out his mobile phone to typing to Mr. Yuan: The eavesdropper requires the power supply. In addition to the power supply and TV of the table lamp, are there any other places to power on?

Mr. Yuan was not very sure, shook his head.

Brother Ming sat on the ground for a long time, and finally fixed his eyes on the lamp.

This is a yellow warm light platform lamp, with a bowl of mouth size. The silver lamp rod is about forty centimeters. The lampshade is a white conical.

Brother Ming signaled me to get the toolbox in the bag. The toolbox is some gadgets we need to use in daily life, such as eavesdroppers, lockers, miniature cameras, and screwdrivers.

I took the toolbox, and I took a small cross screw knife from the toolbox. He first cut the light supply of the table lamp, then put the lamp on the bed, and slowly twisted the five screws on the black base.

After removing the base, he handed me the base. I couldn’t understand what he meant, and took it over.Take a closer look at the bottom, I saw six screw holes on the base, but just Naruto only twisting five, the other was missing.I observed it again, and suddenly found that one of the screw holes was much larger than others, and there were obvious traces of human expansion.

This must be eavesdropping!

If you do not open the holes, the sealed is too tight, and the sound is difficult to collect.

The interior structure of the table lamp is very simple, with a circuit board, and there are several wires.Brother Ming pointed at us and let us see it.Mr. Yuan and I at the same time, I found that there was a car keychain -sized thing in it, all black, and two red wires connected to the lines inside the table lamp.

Indeed, it is clever, and this eavesdropper comes with a battery. In this way, there is no need to worry about the power consumption of the power, and it is very hidden in the table lamp. Ordinary people must never think of it.

Mr. Yuan’s face was instantly ironic, and he must be an acquaintance who could install an eavesdropper at his house, and he had to connect the line well. He also had to understand some physical knowledge. Ordinary people couldn’t do this work.

It is difficult to make people doubt Lu Feifei’s body, but we can’t say these words, let Mr. Yuan think.

Brother Ming did not immediately remove the eavesdropper and signaled Mr. Yuan to come to the living room first.


The effective distance of the eavesdropper will not be too far, and the door is closed, as long as it whispered, it is okay.So Brother Ming whispered to Mr. Yuan: "You also saw it. Just now it is an eavesdropper. Presumably, you must do such a thing in your house. It should be an acquaintance?"

Mr. Yuan knew that Brother Ming meant nodded, and said, "Feifei is indeed suspicious, but I don’t know what she did, and she was pregnant with my child."

This person, once the love period enters the period, the IQ will fall straight. What can’t be fake this year?I asked Mr. Yuan: "Are you sure she must be pregnant? Have you ever went to the hospital for examination?"

"No, but she showed me the pregnancy test stick, it was indeed pregnant."

Brother Ming took the words: "It’s not difficult to get counterfeiting the pregnancy stick."

Two horizontal bars on the pregnancy test, indicating pregnancy

Brother Ming said that, Mr. Yuan’s face was more complicated, and his mouth muscles beating slightly, obviously he was unwilling to accept this statement.

Brother Ming and I looked at Mr. Yuan at the same time, waiting for his arrangement.

Mr. Yuan asked: "Can you check it down along the eavesdropper? No matter who it is, I hope to give people out." When speaking, Mr. Yuan flashed a fierce light in his eyes, making me shudder.a feeling of.

Brother Ming shook his head and said, "This is not easy to handle, although we found the monitoring equipment, but the information about Lu Feifei was blank, and it was impossible to start."

"Since they listen to me, can we count the plan and lead them directly?"

I understand Mr. Yuan’s meaning and wave his hand: "Since Lu Feifei has disappeared, it means that the people behind the scenes do not intend to continue to use this line. Obviously, all the evidence disappears.In unexpected, I am afraid I can’t lie to them. "

Mr. Yuan’s face was distressed, and his brows frowned into the word "Sichuan".After a while, his face returned to normal. He said to us: "Two, you are professional in this regard. I know that this matter is more difficult.

Well, I threw the pot to us again.However, when it comes to this, we can’t continue to quit. After all, collecting people’s money, it is not good to end.

So Brother Ming nodded and agreed: "We do our best, and now we can only start with the monitor to see if we can find clues through some technical means."

Although my brother and I were detective, I played the equipment of the eavesdropper all day. In fact, this is not a high -tech. In the present, I still have to find a friend of Ming Brother Lao Zhou to help.

Speaking of Lao Zhou, I always think this person is very mysterious.I once imagined what he looked like -a super hacker hiding in the dark room and peeping at the entire world.

I mentioned with my brother several times to know and know Lao Zhou, and Brother Ming did not agree, saying that Lao Zhou was more lonely and moody.So my wish is gone.

Unexpectedly, this time, Brother Ming took the initiative to take me to see Lao Zhou.


Lao Zhou also lived in Wangjing. My brother and I came out of Mr. Yuan’s house and went straight to the Lao Zhou family.

Drive from Mr. Yuan’s house to Lao Zhou’s community in less than 20 minutes.The community is relatively old. It is a six -storey old building with rows. The green trees are shaded. Many residents on their own house are carried behind their houses, planting flowers and plants, as well as vegetables.Many elderly people sit under the tree with a pony, and this is kind to people like me who grew up in small cities.

Brother Ming and I went to the second unit of Building 3, and Brother Ming said, "That’s it, on the sixth floor."

When I came, Ming Brother had contacted Lao Zhou. We went upstairs directly. There were only two households on the sixth floor. One of the doors of the household opened a seam, and my brother pushed it directly. I followed closely.

Listening to the cry of "Lao Zhou and Lao Zhou" all day long, I thought that Lao Zhou and Ming Brother were almost older, even bigger than him. After I went in, I was about to shout Brother Zhou. I did not expect that Lao Zhou was a handsome and tender handsome guy.IntersectionIt looks similar to me.

The old body is about 175cm tall, wearing a pure white T -shirt, the face of melon seeds, big eyes, and a sharp plate. You must know that the plate inch is the only criterion for testing the face value.This is completely a big sun, and it is estimated that many girls like this.

I swallowed the words "Brother Zhou" into my stomach and said hello.

Lao Zhou said with a smile, "Hello", shook hands with me again, and then asked us to sit first and go to the refrigerator to give us drinks.

I looked around and found that the decoration of the house was really good. It was completely different from the dark wind in my imagination. The two rooms and one living room, the minimalist decoration style, and the pure white wall made the whole space very bright.

There is only one wooden dining table, a bookshelf, a TV, and a gray sofa in the living room, with black and white carpets.I read the books on his bookshelf, Nietzsche’s "Chaturtla said", Hegel’s "Aesthetic".It seems that Lao Zhou usually does not think about life.

The room was extremely clean, and there was no garbage in the trash can.

Comprehensive analysis, Lao Zhou had obsessive -compulsive disorder, and the house was so clean that people felt uncomfortable.

Lao Zhou took us two bottles of mineral water. At this time, I didn’t know where the two cats suddenly came out of. One white -belly cat, fat body and strong hair, and it looked at least ten pounds.The other is a small number, grayish and yellow, with a timid look, shouting for "Meow Meow" at Ming Ge and I.I just wanted to grab one over, but they were dexterous.

Two oily and smooth fat cats

Brother Ming was familiar with Lao Zhou, so he opened the door to see the mountain and briefly talked about the matter. Asked if Lao Zhou could help check it?

Lao Zhou did not refuse, and said, "It’s hard to say now, you have to get an eavesdropper to study."

Later, Brother Ming called Mr. Yuan and proposed to go to his house to check it. Mr. Yuan said that there is no time today, let us pass at 8 o’clock tomorrow night.

Originally, Brother Ming proposed to have lunch together, and Lao Zhou did not say a reason, he refused directly.However, Brother Ming didn’t seem embarrassed at all, and he expected the reaction of Lao Zhou long ago.

This old Zhou is really a strange man.

Although there is a big helper now, I and my brother and I still have much hope for solving this matter. I vaguely feel that it is deep behind this. It is not what our level can participate.


In the evening, I and my brother and I were insomnia, and I didn’t even be interested in playing games. It was not until three o’clock in the morning that I fell asleep.

After a day at home, I was at 7 o’clock in the evening. When it was dark, my brother and I drove to Lao Zhou and went to Mr. Yuan’s house.

Mr. Yuan saw us brought a stranger over, as if a little dissatisfied, his face was not good.Brother Ming quickly explained: "This is my friend, who is engaged in network technology security and counts the name in the industry."

Mr. Yuan "um" and asked us to go in.

Last time, Brother Ming slowly turned on the table lamp with an eavesdropper. Lao Zhou glanced twice and told Brother Ming that he couldn’t see it. He had to take it back and let him test it.

With the consent of Mr. Yuan, we removed the eavesdropper.

When leaving, Lao Zhou secretly told Brother Ming: "The person you want to investigate is there any social account such as her mobile phone number and WeChat? Maybe you can find something from these things."

Brother Ming turned around and asked Mr. Yuan: "Mr. Yuan, there are still contact information of Lu Feifei, can you provide it, phone and WeChat."

Mr. Yuan said, "Of course, but her phone call is no longer available, and WeChat will not reply."

I noticed that Mr. Yuan had two mobile phones. Out of the habit, he asked him: "Is your two mobile phones separated from work and privately?"

Mr. Yuan said: "Yes, use it separately, contact you with you, I use a private phone number."

I understand.

From Mr. Yuan’s house, my brother and I both hope for Lao Zhou Man.

Now that Mr. Yuan is a little dissatisfied with us, and his attitude is not as enthusiastic as before. I asked Brother Ming a little worried: "Brother Ming, do you say that if we did not work this alone, would it have any impact?"

Brother Ming suddenly cried and lost his face: "It’s hard to say, Mr. Yuan is really elusive, I hope everything goes well."

Brother Jingming said so that my mood became heavier.

After two days of hard work in uneasiness, Lao Zhou finally called Ming Brother.He spoke five words -it couldn’t do it.

These five words made my mood and my mood fell into the bottom of the valley instantly.

Brother Ming asked eagerly: "Lao Zhou, what the situation, why can’t I do it?"

Lao Zhou said: "Try to do it, this eavesdropper is useless, the other party cuts off the wireless signal receiving. And the phone and WeChat, the identity information is forged. It seems that the other party has expected someone to pass this survey.I can’t find the trace of Lu Feifei’s activities on the Internet, and I was almost anti -black. This can only show that one problem is higher than me. "

Give me a computer, I can leverage the entire earth

After listening, I gave birth to such a strong frustration for the first time.The same is true for Brother Ming. The two of us sat on the sofa for a long time, relatively speechless.

After a while, Brother Ming picked up his mobile phone and pulled out Mr. Yuan’s number.

"Hello, Mr. Yuan, I’m sorry, we have tried our best to investigate these days, but still have not found any clues. However, according to my friend, there should be a hacker with a low level. You have no encrypted personal information.It may have been exposed in front of her long ago. "

Mr. Yuan’s tone has not been undulating: "Well, I know, this matter, people don’t have to find it."

Brother Ming also wanted to continue to say that Mr. Yuan had hung up the phone.


Mr. Yuan’s attitude suddenly became cold, which made both me and my brother feel tremendous pressure.This time is very tricky, even beyond our scope of control.

I know that Brother Ming is uncomfortable and joked with a hard scalp: "Brother Ming, is our detective career ended? But don’t worry, I can support myself by writing stories. Just, you know so many girls, beside meThe richest woman’s life is also a fall. "

Brother Ming said, "You roll it, how can a big man go to eat soft rice? Where can I make money? But if you give me 30 to 50 million, it is not unacceptable."

The two of us teased each other for a while, drank the wine together at night, a little bit of my head, and I couldn’t remember anything about something.

The next morning I was still drunk, and my brother was dragged directly from the bed.

"Damn, what are you doing in the morning?"

Brother Ming’s face was serious: "Don’t sleep, tell you something, Ms. Lan just called me just now."

When I heard Ms. Lan, I woke up more than half of the wine, thinking that Ms. Lan came to the teacher and asked, "What do Ms. Lan say? Do we want to clean up things and end the northern drift life and go back to build my hometownIs it? "

"On the contrary, we have to stay in Beijing."

I was anxious: "Can you finish speaking at a time, what’s the matter?"

Brother Ming’s face was heavy: "Ms. Lan told me that he had solved Mr. Yuan’s affairs. When we found the eavesdropper, he probably guessed who was behind him. As for Lu Feifei, it was a commercial spy.It ’s very advanced. Because this incident exceeds our ability, it will not blame us. However, Mr. Yuan is very unhappy. Ms. Lan said that she helped us suppress us."

I asked Brother Ming: "Why did Ms. Lan tell us these things that she didn’t need to explain so much to us at all, and helped us to say good things in Mr. Yuan."

Brother Ming shook his head and said, "I don’t know, anyway, it’s okay anyway. We will pay more attention in the future, and we will not pick up the surpassing capacity range."

It stands to reason that our friendship with Ms. Lan has not yet reached the level. She cannot tell us about Mr. Yuan’s affairs, and Mr. Yuan is polite to us and in actual preparation. FinallyObviously, it is obviously extremely distrustful of us.

But Ms. Lan also trusted us too much.

Ms. Lan’s behavior made me unable to see it. On the contrary, my brother and I were like transparent white in front of Ms. Lan, which made me unable to have a sense of weakness and sadness of a small person.

In addition to these emotions, there are actually some questions in my heart.Mr. Yuan and Lu Feifei have been together for so long. Why is it unclear about her hometown?

At the beginning, Mr. Yuan said that he had been to Lu Feifei’s residence before. He should know what we could not find out and why did we have to investigate again?

Also, although Mr. Yuan’s house is luxurious, it does not look like people often live.And if two people live together, there will be many traces of life.Mr. Yuan said that Lu Feifei suddenly disappeared, and it should not have been able to clean up things yet, but I didn’t find a trace of a woman’s life in his house.

In other words, from the beginning to the end, Lu Feifei’s profile and our impression of her were all obtained through Mr. Yuan, but we did not find a little clue about her, which could not help people feel suspicious.

Brother Ming was in a bad mood, and this incident has passed. I did not tell him these ideas, for fear of adding to him.

Some things are not something we can blend. From the beginning, I am not very willing to involve with Ms. Lan. After all, the identity is very different.To put it plainly, we are ordinary people, and help ordinary people solve some things that can be done.

I have different ideas with my brother. I never want to be rich and wealthy, just eat enough and drink.Brother Ming was strong in his career, thinking about making a lot of money and bigger the detective career.

But I know that our abilities and resources are limited. We must be as thin as ice, and muddy water must not travel around.

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Author Jin Yu

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