The first ultrasonic guidance of the opposite assistance to the actual results of the lumbar muscle blocked anesthesia epilepsy, the maternal turns to the danger into safety

Recently, under the guidance of the counterpart assistance team of the Chengdu Women’s Children’s Central Hospital, the Guang’an forward District Maternal and Child Health Hospital successfully implemented a cesarean section delivery and completed the perioperative management for a high -risk maternal maternal maternal maternal who merged epilepsy.Baby safe.

At the same time, this is also the first ultrasonic guidance under the guidance under the guidance under the guidance under the guidance of the Guang’an forward district. It will laid a solid foundation for the hospital to carry out more perioperative analgesia and improve the quality of delivery services.

Consider carefully preparing

Xiaoli (pseudonym), who was 38 weeks pregnant, entered the Guang’an forward district women’s child and child health care hospital, ready to welcome her second child.EssenceBecause she was diagnosed with epilepsy since she was a child, when she gave birth to her first child, she had a major seizure and postpartum bleeding during the cesarean section surgery.

After her pregnancy again after four years, she also made a special trip to epilepsy. She has been taking epilepsy drugs during pregnancy to control the condition during pregnancy.There was no attack on epilepsy during the period.But these mean, can she give birth to a child this time?

Guang’an forward district maternal and child health hospital is also the first time that she has met her high -risk maternal who have been in a complicated situation, but Fortunately, since January 2023, Yuan Qinqin, obstetrician of Chengdu Women and Children’s Center Hospital, Gong Tianqing, anesthesiologist, and HuangXia and other experts came here to help. After fully discussed with the team of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of the forward district, the team of adult women and children believed that they were confident to help Xiaoli give birth safely.

With the approach of Xiaoli’s due date, the adults and children’s assistance teams and the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of the forward district have been discussed for multiple disciplines, conducted an individualized risk assessment, and formulated a detailed response plan in advance.

The obstetric team considers that the maternal scar uterus combined with epilepsy, and the vaginal delivery occurred in the risk of uterine rupture, big bleeding, and epilepsy. The obstetric experts recommended her to give birth to delivery.During childbirth, pain and stimulation, excessive ventilation, insufficient sleep, high pressure, and dehydration are all factors that induce seizures. In order to ensure the safety of Xiaoli before and after childbirth, the medical team has prepared liquid management and sufficient analgesic preparation.At the same time, in order to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, the team plans to use the shrinkinin to quickly suture the uterus after the fetus is delivered. If necessary, the special suture method that is conducive to uterine hemostasis is used with B-Lynch suture and square suture.

The anesthesiologist Gong Tianqing came to Xiaoli Ward in advance to conduct pre -surgery visits to record the patient’s history in detail, especially the frequency, performance, duration, and induction factors of epilepsy.A comprehensive anesthesia and analgesic scheme: the first choice of spinal anesthesia in the operation (also known as "semi -hemp"), prepare for rescue, sedative drugs, general anesthesia drugs and equipment facilities to facilitate the rapid change of anesthesia during seizuresMethod, at the same time, combined with multi -mode analgesic schemes with veins, extraordinaries, and lumbar muscle blocks to fully analgesic.

Ultrasonic guidance under the lumbar muscle block

Huang Xia, a newborn physician, formed a recovery team including three neonatal doctors. Due to the use of antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy, neonatal deformity and bleeding risk increased, they must pay close attention.The team preheated the radiation table before the operation, and prepared the ECG monitor, as well as rescue items and drugs such as masks, ball pockets, trachea ducts, related drugs, etc. to prepare for newborn recovery to rescue at any time.

Guide the support unit to complete the lumbar muscle block under the first ultrasonic guidance

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of Xiaoli Caesarean section on March 9. During the time of hospitalization, she and her family saw the efforts made by the adult women, children, and forward district maternal and child health hospital.Big confidence.

Bulfin combined anesthesia

With sufficient preparations, the operation was smooth. Under the cooperation of the adult women and children’s team and the medical staff of the aid institutions, she successfully implemented the waist -hard combined anesthesia and cesarean section.

When a loud cry sounded in the operating room, the newborn physician Huang Xia then conducted a preliminary assessment of the baby: the response was good, the crying sound was loud, the muscle tension was normal, the weight was 3360g, the length was 49cm, and the three newborn scores reached 10 points.In order to prevent neonatal bleeding risks caused by antiepileptic drugs, 1mg of vitamin K1 was injected in time.

Newborn recovery

The successful birth of the child means that the surgery has been half successful, but the danger of the mother has not ended. The surgery Chinese medicine team will timely push the maternal intravenous vein to enhance the contraction, control the postpartum bleeding to about 300ml.Epilepsy occurred, and finally completed this cesarean section surgery, and the mother and baby were safe.

After surgery, the anesthesiologist Gong Tianqing guided the anesthesiologist of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of the forward district to make bilateral lumbar muscle blockers under the supersonic guidance of Xiaoli, which was used for postoperative analgesia in cesarean section. This is also the first case carried out by the hospital.Ultrasonic guidance under the lumbar muscle block.

Because of the analgesics and care after surgery, until Xiaoli and the baby were discharged from hospital, Xiaoli’s epilepsy has not occurred. The whole family expressed her sincere gratitude to the careful care of the team of women and children and the pioneering district maternal and child health care hospital.

Help the village revitalize the "five districts"

So far, the Chengdu Women’s and Children’s Center Hospital has been "going global" to carry out counterpart support and assistance for nearly 20 years.Since 2018, in order to thoroughly implement the national, provincial, and municipal rural rejuvenation policies, effectively promote the construction of the Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu -Chongqing region, and implement the development strategy of the provincial party committee and provincial government "one -to -five districts", Sichuan medical and health counterpart support supportThe spirit of the "Chuan Gang Belt" project, under the guidance of the Sichuan Province and Chengdu Health Commission, the Chengdu Women’s and Children’s Center Hospital has carried out technical support, management innovation and other forms of counterpart support to support the "biography band" workEssence

As of January 2023, the supporting agency of the adult and children’s counterpart support the "Passing Belt" project has reached 11.Experts in the title of professional titles are guided and technical support to help. Experts introduce the standardization, standardization, and homogeneity of our hospital to introduce them to these units.The management capabilities and technical level of the women’s insurance house have been significantly improved, and they are praised by local medical staff and the masses.Taking the Guang’an forward District Women’s Institute as an example, after receiving the help of adults, the second -level maternal and child health care institutions were successfully reviewed in 2022.

It is really helpful to the grassroots and serves patients seriously.Chengdu Women’s and Children’s Center Hospital will continue to take the health service level of the supporting institutions for the health service level, and create a local woman and children’s health for the local women and children who can be capable and support.(Gong Tianqing Yuan Qin Qin, Huang Xia Wu Xia Wang Huan)

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