The gastrointestinal and intestines are not good, eat bamboo shoots "greedy"

Source: 【Global Times Health Client】

Experts interviewed: Fan Zhihong, a professor at the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University

Our reporter Guo Shiying

Everything in spring is germinated, and one of them springs out of the ground, becoming the "darling" on the table of people.It has been called "cherryer in the vegetables" since ancient times, but there is also a saying that it commented on it: "Don’t eat your mouth, eat the cold of the stomach." Recently, Mr. Wang in Jiangsu has sprunged blood, vomiting, syncope, and syncope.Case.Through gastroscopy, Mr. Wang’s duodenal ulcers appeared. Fortunately, the rescue was timely without serious consequences.This incident has also caused a lot of netizens to worry, "Does the delicious spring bamboo shoot hurt the stomach?"

In response, the reporter of Life Times interviewed Fan Zhihong, a professor at the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University.She said that eating too much bamboo shoots may indeed cause stomach discomfort, but everyone does not have to panic. As long as the appropriate amount of intake and reasonable cooking, there is still a lot of health benefits.Spring bamboo shoots are vegetables with high nutritional value. They not only contain a small amount of protein, but also a variety of amino acids and soluble sugar. They are low in fat and are suitable for people with weight loss.The spring bamboo shoots contain potassium, calcium, iron and other minerals and various B vitamins, which have a lot of benefits to the human body.In addition, the spring bamboo shoots are rich in a large amount of insoluble dietary fiber, which can not only alleviate constipation, but also extend the stay time of food in the stomach and enhance satiety.

However, people with poor gastrointestinal function may have discomfort such as bloating, stomach pain, and indigestion after greedy.Fan Zhihong explained that this is because the spring bamboo shoots contain some ingredients that are not conducive to gastrointestinal function, such as a large amount of oxalic acid, crude fiber, tannin (tannic acid), etc., which are not conducive to digestion;Specific ingredients will aggravate indigestion; spring bamboo shoots or crude fiber foods may cause physical damage to the gastrointestinal and intestines.

If you want to avoid the above adverse effects, it is recommended to achieve the following points.First, soak and simmering must not be less.After soaking and cooking, you can remove most oxalic acid and acidic acid, reduce tannin content, and at the same time activate most of the protease inhibitors.It is recommended that after buying fresh bamboo shoots home, put it in boiling water and cook it. The time is usually 1 ~ 5 minutes. The large pieces of spring bamboo shoots may take 10 minutes or longer.After that, you can pack the fresh bamboo shoots with water and keep fresh to keep it in the follow -up cooking.Second, add meat stew.For a long time stew, it can fully extinguish protease inhibitors, and use ingredients such as saturated fat, pork ribs and other ingredients to soften cellulose. While enriching nutrition, it reduces the adverse effect on the gastrointestinal and intestines.You can also cut the spring bamboo shoots and stir -fry the meat. The fried time is a little longer, which will help reduce the stimulation of the stomach.Third, add acid to cook.In food processing, it is usually boiled in spring bamboo shoots. At the same time, citric acid and a small amount of salt must be added to promote bitter oxalic acid, glycoprotein and phenol.Another advantage of adding acid to cook is to prevent discoloration during processing.After boiling the bags sold by the supermarket, it will feel a little sour after opening the bag, because the citric acid is used during processing, which is harmless to health.If you eat fresh spring bamboo shoots, you can cut it with a small amount of white vinegar and salt for 10 minutes. It can remove most oxalic acid, acid and nitrite, and destroy most of the aspinase inhibitors.Fourth, make fermented vegetables.Studies have found that lactic acid fermentation can significantly reduce the content of anti -nutritional factors in spring bamboo shoots.You can make the fresh bamboo shoots, sour bamboo shoots, sour bamboo shoots, etc. as daily small dishes.

Fan Zhihong reminded that people with high nutritional value and good gastrointestinal function. People with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and constipation are suitable for eating more.If the gastrointestinal function is not good, and you want to eat bamboo shoots, you should eat it for a long time, and you should not be greedy.

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