The happiness of pregnancy was defeated by the strong pregnancy!

I just read the posts in parent -child education and found that basically they were walking in pregnancy. The hardships on the road to pregnancy and the joy after pregnancy, but I want to say that only I feel that I am pregnant?My child is not in the plan, but it is not an accident, because I am not young and my husband, and I am older to the child, but we have not got married and the house has not been decorated. I originally plannedI installed the house and got married at the beginning of next year.So rich, come with a child, instantly feel that the pressure is great. This is the external reason. The reason for myself. From 6 weeks, I started to vomit. The first week is not very serious.It has been 8 weeks now, and it is getting more and more serious. It is basically 3.4 times a day. The one who has just swallowed has not had time to digest it. It is the least sinful.In the afternoon, things that are digested in the stomach are mixed with the strongest gastric acid vomiting, and the stomach acid ruses straight into the entire esophagus, and can even vomit into the nose.After this time, I can basically eat anything. It is difficult to swallow it with water, and the pain can not be relieved no matter what posture.Bloating in the stomach is as swollen, and then the last time I spit out is all black, not very sour, it should be gastric digestive. I have to spit it for so long, and I have experience.After vomiting, I sweaty and exhausted my strength. It is mainly because the things in the stomach can not spit it cleanly. Sometimes I feel that I still want to vomit, but I have no strength. The whole person is paralyzed.The state is particularly poor and the appetite is particularly poor. Although I sleep for 10 hours a day, but the complexion is still poor. The whole picture is like a patient. Now I dare not watch the food.Looking at it, as soon as I got a meal, I was instinctively began to be disgusting. Even my husband asked me what to eat. It would not work. I could n’t even mention the word of eating. The meal made by my mother -in -law.So are you so happy that you are pregnant?Why do I feel so bad, I feel desperate every time I vomit, and I have the heart to die. Why do you have a child? Where do you have the courage?I’m going to go down like this

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