The husband and wife are preparing for pregnancy, relax and welcome "good pregnancy", avoid nervousness and anxiety

Some husbands and wives begging for their children and couldn’t worry about their children for a long time. They went to the hospital to check that they had no problem with the couple, but they could not help but have a burden in their hearts, resulting in increased mental pressure.However, the more relaxed success rates are usually more relaxed in terms of pregnancy, because anxiety and anxiety often directly affect the endocrine level, making it difficult for couples to conceive children.

Therefore, preparing for pregnant couples must relax and maintain normal life, work and leisure, which is not only conducive to maintaining a healthy state of life, but also for maintaining a relaxed mood of good pregnancy.

(1) Don’t suppress your negative emotions, and vent your depressed emotions in a timely manner: Life is full of surprises, but it is also indispensable.Contemporary people, especially women, often have several positions. They are both wives and employees, and they are under great pressure.So when you are in a bad mood, you must try to vent and maintain a positive and optimistic mentality.

(2) Corresponding to your own living environment: A clean and orderly room will bring you clear and sober thoughts.So do n’t always sit in the room to play with mobile phones and watch videos. You can make some finishing of your own room so that you have a clean room, which can help reduce psychological pressure, and your mood will be happy.

(3) Do what you really like: when you feel boring, you can do something you like to resolve your worries, such as: singing, dancing, shopping, walking, running, playing, and so on.It is also a good way to relieve trouble to do what you like.

(4) Find the right communication object: When a woman is low in mood, they may wish to find a suitable person to talk to, talk to friends or confidants with similar age, and vent the distress in their hearts. The next day is another sunny day.Intersection

(5) Find a suitable person to disclose and reveal your own troubles: when emotional is low, you may wish to find a suitable person, such as friends or confidantes, venting out the distress in your heart, and speaking your own distress, it will be much better.And one more person helps to find a way, it is much better than not with yourself.

(6) Give yourself a period of time: arranging for yourself a period of disturbance of no one else or thing, this will help clarify your own thoughts and make your mind more sober.

After speaking, let’s relax the mood, let’s talk about the psychology of the pregnancy.

(1) Seeking son

Many female friends are afraid of not being able to conceive normally when preparing for pregnancy, increasing psychological pressure and leading to excessive anxiety.The anxiety psychology will affect the level of hormone in the body, leading to abnormal changes in the body’s function, but it is not conducive to normal conception.It is recommended that such women should participate in some more soothing yoga courses and regulate the mood through exercise: or find time to travel to make the mood really calm down.

(2) The psychology of taboo diseases and doctors

Female friends have been preparing for a long time but have not had good news. Although they are full of doubts, they dare not see a doctor, because they are really ashamed to fertility.However, it is easy to form infertility psychological disorder.The editor suggested that we must take a positive mentality for pregnancy. When the couple must be correct when they are infertile for a long time, they must actively seek medical treatment. If they are only psychological obstacles, they can soon conceive their babies through emotional regulation.

(3) Tension caused by long -term infertility

Because they have not been able to conceive their babies for a long time, some women start to doubt whether they have infertility and make their mood in a state of extremely nervousness.As everyone knows, excessive mental mental disorders will induce psychological disorders, leading to endocrine dysfunction of the human body, causing ovulation disorders, and the more difficult to get pregnant, the more difficult it is to get pregnant.Women with this kind of psychology can psychologically hint on themselves, and constantly tell themselves: "Infertility is just a temporary phenomenon." Even if infertility for a long time, you can’t always doubt yourself, but you should go to the hospital to do a comprehensive system of comprehensive and systematic systems.Examination, the diagnosis is physiological.Infertility caused by psychological disorders, doctors are requested to treat them with symptomatic treatment.

The above is the knowledge of science preparation for science in science today: During the pregnancy, the mentality must be positive.It is hoped that the couple who can’t conceive their children can look at the pregnancy with a relaxed attitude and abandon their anxiety mentality.

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