The husband asked his cousin to admit it after pregnancy. The cousin said the truth, and the guest was scolded and shameless.

"Emotional Wave: Husband betrayed, cousin talked the truth, guests were indignant and shameless"

Chapter 1: Interweaving of Love and betrayal

In this world full of complex emotions, love and betrayal often interweave together, making people elusive the truth.In this story, we will focus on a moving family tragedy, which contains the husband’s betrayal and cousin’s frankness.

Chapter II: Break of a Happy Family

The Zhang family is a happy family.Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Yang have gone through the ups and downs of ten years, and the two thought their marriage was indestructible.However, when they encountered economic difficulties, everything began to change.

Chapter III: Cousin’s Come

Mr. Zhang’s cousin Xiaofang is a simple and kind girl. Like Mrs. Yang, she is a dedicated teacher.In order to live, Xiaofang decided to temporarily move to the Zhang family to live, reducing some burdens on the family.

Chapter 4: Gradually Love

In the day after day, Mr. Zhang and Xiaofang had some subtle emotions.They all tried to ignore this emotion, but the time of time, they gradually fell into the vortex of emotion.

Chapter 5: The haze of betrayal

One night, the relationship between Mr. Zhang and Xiaofang finally reached an incompetent level.Their betrayal caused the original happy family to be in crisis. Mrs. Yang noticed abnormalities, but she chose to believe her husband.

Chapter VI: Extreme Traces

A few months later, Xiaofang was pregnant.In the face of the facts, Mr. Zhang chose to escape and refused to admit that the child was his own.Xiaofang was helpless and desperate. She decided to tell the truth and seek justice.

Chapter 7: Revelation of the Truth

On a TV interview program, Xiaofang bravely tells the story between her and Mr. Zhang.The guests of the show expressed their indignation and sympathy, and Mr. Zhang’s shameless behavior was condemned by public opinion.

Chapter 8: Guests are indignant and reprimanded

In the show, a guest is particularly angry. He is an expert in the emotional field and the advocate of family ethics.Faced with the betrayal of her husband, he accused Mr. Zhang’s shameless behavior, and also called on more people to pay attention to the preciousness of family and marriage.

Chapter 9: Remove and Release

Under the pressure of public opinion, Mr. Zhang finally admitted his mistake.However, things can no longer be completely recovered, and family scars still exist.Tai Tai is facing whether to forgive her husband’s choice, and Xiaofang is re -examining his life.

Chapter 10: Reconstruction of Love

With the persuasion and help of the crowd, the family began to repair slowly. Although the trauma in the heart is still difficult to heal, they have learned to face reality and forgiveness.Xiaofang decided to choose to give birth to a child and give the child a complete home.


This story is not just a simple emotional dispute, but a human story full of humanity.It allows us to see people’s complex psychology in the face of love and betrayal, and how to re -find hope in the pain.At the same time, we also warn us to cherish each other in marriage, understand tolerance, and build a happy home with sincerity and trust.Love is not absolute, but only if we respect and support each other can we spend together at a difficult time and become a better person.

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