The lethality of contraceptive pills is too great, so that eating this is good for the body

天 contraceptive pills, hell while heaven.

Last night, a close friend of an old iron asked for help, frankly that he had irregular menstrual disorders because he took emergency contraceptives, and he bleeding was scared enough.This was just two months before she took the emergency contraceptive pill last time, which really sweated for her.( ̄0 ̄)/

Contraceptives have led a new era and become what we are accustomed to in our daily life.

For married women and single ladies, a small emergency contraceptive pill can prevent things outside the plan and make them stable in their hearts.So many people hold this psychology:

The dark wind is high, and the spring night is worth thousands of dollars

Let’s talk about this level in front of you, and then remedy emergency contraceptives …

In fact, many people do not have a deep understanding of contraceptives. They only know that without contraceptive measures, they do not intend to get pregnant. Emergency contraceptives can help them solve problems.Just like the friend mentioned above, I took emergency contraceptives twice in just two months, but I don’t know how it will affect the body.Today, Xiaobian took everyone into the world of "contraceptive pills" to understand its true colors.

As the saying goes, it is necessary to independently control the birth of children. It is necessary for humans.

Women in ancient Egypt use the suppository made of animal feces, honey, and golden leaves to contraception; and the sperm used by the ancient Greeks are a mixed ointment made of olive oil and fragrant oil;The leaves of the thorn are boiled to drink to suppress sexual desire, thereby achieving the role of contraception.Although later research shows that the effect of these methods is only to terminate pregnancy, not to prevent pregnancy, but these intelligent measures of the ancients can be regarded as the predecessor of today’s contraceptives.

On the eve of World War II, the birth rate of the American neonatal was reduced. After World War II, the soldiers returned to their hometown, promoting the peak of fertility.It can be said that the "climax" this time is an unprecedented outbreak. From 1946 to 1964, it has not subsided, leaving the US high fertility rate for 18 years.It is precisely because of such a high fertility rate of social population that contraceptives began to commercialize.

The so -called "contraceptive pills", a small pill, hides a big magic, is it an angel or a devil?Everyone in the world has a rhetoric.To this end, Xiaobian deliberately consults the brothers and sisters of clinical gynecology. Here are some dry goods to popularize the knowledge of "contraceptives" for everyone.

❶ Long -acting contraceptive pill

Long -term contraceptives are divided into three types: estrogen, progesterone and estrogen. The principle is to inhibit ovulation and resist the effect of bed.Common ones include germone pyronehin, female ether tablets, and compliance with progesterone.

[Advantages] Long -term contraceptives do not need to be administered every day. Generally, after one -time administration, the drug is slowly and constantly released in the body. It maintains a long -acting and efficient contraceptive effect.Ucrffage of pregnancy.Long -term contraceptives are convenient for administration, commonly used, subcutaneous burial, subcutaneous injection (contraceptive needle) and other methods.

[Disadvantages] Long -acting drugs need to be placed in the body at a time, and the drug in the body is longer in metabolic.Under normal circumstances, women who have not given birth should not take long -acting contraceptives. Those who prepare for pregnancy should stop the medicine for 3 to 6 months before preparing for pregnancy.

After using long -acting contraceptives, some people will have irregular menstruation, extension of menstruation, amenorrhea, and some people will have breast masses, uterine tumors, etc.

❷ Short -acting contraceptive pill

The main components of short -acting contraceptives are low doses of estrogen and progesterone.Because women themselves secrete estrogen and progesterone, such contraceptives and women’s characteristics development, and a series of physiological processes such as menstrual cycles are closely related. The principle of function is to prevent ovulation and avoid accidental pregnancy.

[Advantages] Conventional short -efficient oral contraceptives, taking one a day, is safe, effective, and convenient. It is suitable for all health -child -age women with contraceptive needs. It is one of the most reliable conventional contraceptive methods.Common ones are You Siming and Mom Fulong.

Long -term and regularly take the risk of effectively reducing pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, fallopianitis, and breast disease.You can get pregnant the next month, which will not affect the growth and development of the fetus.

[Disadvantages] It is necessary to take long -term and uninterrupted medicine.There may be side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and menstrual changes. However, research has proved that these are mild side effects, and symptoms will disappear after 2-3 months.

❸ Emergency contraceptives

It is said that there is no "regret medicine" in the world, but in the eyes of many people, emergency contraceptives are like regrets.Emergency contraceptives are emergency remedial measures after sexual behavior. The ingredients are different from ordinary contraceptives. Generally, it is valid within 72 hours after the incident. If there is sexual life during the medication, time should be re -calculated.

The principle of emergency contraceptives is to supplement a large amount of progesterone in a short period of time, delay the ovulation time or affect the endometrium, so as to avoid pregnancy and can only play a one -time role.For women, the side effects are very large, so it is not recommended to use it repeatedly as a regular contraceptive method. Generally, it is taken at most once a month, and it does not exceed three times a year.Yuting is often sold on the market.

[Advantages] Can remedy the failure of contraceptives or uncompromising emergencies.

[Disadvantages] Emergency contraceptives can only make up for the dead sheep after the failure of conventional contraceptive measures, and there is a probability of a certain failure of contraceptive failure.And the side effects are great, here is the emphasis on the impact of emergency contraceptives on the human body.

❶ The impact on the uterus

[Menstruation disorders, unsatisfactory] After taking emergency contraceptives, the vagina will experience persistent bleeding or retreat. It is like the friend who started to say because of the two emergency contraceptives in the short term, resulting in major bleeding.

Another colleague said that after taking an emergency contraceptive, she suddenly became less menstrual flow. This is because emergency contraceptives affect the development of the endometrium, which leads to insufficient glandular secretion, and many people even have amenorrhea.

[Uterine disease] Emergency contraceptives can cause uterine tumors and other uterine diseases.

❷ The impact of the ovaries

After taking emergency contraceptives, the function of interfering with the ovary, delaying ovulation time, which will affect normal ovulation. Generally, it will return to normal for 3-4 months.Taking multiple times can also lead to premature ovarian failure.

❸ The impact of fertility

If taking emergency contraceptive contraceptives fails, it will increase the probability of newborn teratogenic; if you do not intend to have a child, you need to abod with artificial abortion, it will exacerbate the body and affect future fertility.

❹ Other influence on the body

Emergency contraceptives can also cause endocrine disorders. After taking many female friends, they find that there are many acne on their faces; it can also cause obesity and edema for women.

In traditional concepts, the medicine is three -point poison.Many people are very cautious and even excluded about medicines that need to be taken for a long time.Although short -acting contraceptives have been born for more than 50 years, it has also been a choice of many women in Europe and the United States, but in China, there are still many misunderstandings and doubts about this contraceptive pill.IntersectionEven many people would rather choose long -term contraceptives and emergency contraceptives in great side effects, because they are disposable products, and give up the safest conventional short -acting oral control pills.

After more than 60 years of research, modern pharmaceutical research has reduced the estrogen contained in conventional short -acting oral contraceptives from high doses to minimum effective dosage.From a medical perspective, it is very safe and reliable for women.It can be divided into three types: single -photos, double photos, and three photos, all of which are taken in a cycle for 28 days.Now the most common on the market is single -phase oral contraceptives. The specifications are 21 tablets per box. Take 1 tablet per day. After taking it for 21 days in a row for 7 days, take another box next month.

Studies have proved that the metabolism of estrogen hormones in short -acting contraceptives in the body is very fast, and the fertility ability can be restored immediately after the drug is discontinued.In 2007, Europe carried out an active monitoring and research on the 60,000 short -acting contraceptives to observe the recovery of more than 2,000 women who used short -acting contraceptives to stop the drug. The results showed that they and women of normal childbearing age womenThe chance of pregnancy is similar.In addition, a large number of studies have confirmed that in addition to the significant contraceptive effect of short -acting contraceptives, health benefits are far greater than their possible risks.

膜 Control the thickness of the endometrium

Many women have too much menstrual flow every time, often leading to anemia.Short -acting contraceptives can control the thickness of the endometrium, prevent the endometrium from growing, and reduce the amount of bleeding.

期 Correct the disorders of the menstrual cycle

Relevant literature reports that cyclical taking short -acting contraceptives can regularly menstrual cycle, which has different degrees of therapeutic effects on abnormal uterine bleeding caused by various pathological changes.

❸ Improve dysmenorrhea

Oral short-acting contraceptives can effectively reduce prostaglandin secretion and relieve the occurrence of dysmenorrhea. The pain control rate can reach 50%-60%.

疾 Reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases

Long -term and regularly take the risk of effectively reducing pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, fallopianitis, and breast disease.

Generally speaking, if women are suitable for taking short -acting contraceptives, they can be taken with confidence for a long time.

The estrogen in contraceptives can transfer the liquid in the vascular to the tissue gap and make people edema.During the medication, while the female body edema, the blood volume circulation in the body decreased, the blood flow rate became slower, and the blood consistency increased.In addition, the progesterone in drugs can cause blood lipids to increase human blood lipids.So which women are not suitable for oral contraceptives and contraceptives?

压 People with obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia

The use of contraceptives in such people will aggravate blood burden in the body, leading to the occurrence of acute cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.

家 History of diabetes and family history

Estrogen hormones in contraceptives can increase blood sugar, and even cause hidden diabetes into explicitity.

疾The people with thrombotic diseases, heart -liver and kidney diseases

Estrogen can cause the body’s water, sodium and other substances to stay, thereby aggravating the burden on the heart and kidneys; the liver metabolic drugs, taking contraceptives will increase the burden on the liver and increase the disease.

年 Smoking, especially older (age> 35 years old)

The incidence of coronary heart disease of smokers is 2-3 times higher than normal people. After oral contraceptives, smoking will increase the adverse reactions of smoking to cardiovascular vascular, especially older smokers, which is more obvious.

Women who have irregular menstruation and postpartum breastfeeding

Women who have problems with irregular menstruation themselves do not take contraceptive pills to increase; contraceptives will reduce milk secretion, reduce milk quality, and may also enter milk, affect the fetus, which may cause the baby girl’s vaginal epithelium thickening.Affular milk development and so on.

Wang Niu

Nowadays, social contraceptive methods are endless. We must choose the most suitable way of contraception according to our own situation, scientific and healthy contraception.In addition, it is emphasized that no matter which contraceptive pill is selected, the premise is to seek the guidance of a professional doctor first. Do not blindly take the medicine yourself.

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