The longest pregnancy is 375 days?Many people who are pregnant, many people may not know

The baby is the crystallization of parents’ love. The continuation of life. In order to welcome the arrival of this new life, many prospective father and expectant mothers have come up with the hard work of the college entrance examination to learn about pregnancy?In fact, many expectant mothers will find that after they are pregnant, there is really a very strange phenomenon in her body, which is very unpopular.I usually look at some serious parenting knowledge and see more, occasionally relax, and see some more unpopular and interesting knowledge.

Cold knowledge one, may not be more than nine months during pregnancy

As the saying goes, in October, that is, the fetus stays in the mother’s belly for 10 months. In fact, the human pregnancy cycle is about 280 days, which is more than 9 months, but the ancients were based on 28 days as the 28 days.One month’s method is just 10 months.If it comes to the due date and the baby is not born, it is called an expired pregnancy, and there will be great risks in the expired pregnancy. The world’s longest record is 375 days in the world.Many, then many people at this time are strange. Is there no problem with the baby and mother?In fact, after the baby is born, the others are very healthy. Of course, this phenomenon has not yet concluded in medicine. Is it very strange?

Cold knowledge two, fetal also has eggs

Nature is really amazing. In fact, when the baby is still a fetus, there is already a complete egg production in his body, but compared to the male baby, his sperm generation time will be relatively later.

Cold Knowledge III, fake pregnancy

Some female friends in life will have symptoms similar to pregnancy. For example, menstruation is not delayed, and often feel nausea and vomiting, and even some people feel that their belly has gradually become larger, and then go to the hospital to do it to do it in the hospital.During the examination, the doctor could not check any evidence of pregnancy. In fact, the symptoms of these false pregnancy were caused by psychological factors, because women were very eager for pregnancy, or they suffered from irresistible infertility.Therefore, the strong pressure in the heart has led to a fake pregnancy in female friends.

Cold knowledge four, the fetus grew up drinking urine drinking

Starting in the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus starts to urinate, then drink his urine, and then discharge the body, and keep circulating repeatedly.

Cold knowledge five, the uterus will become the original 500 times

Many people may not know that in fact, women are not as big as eggs before pregnancy, but they are enlarged infinitely after pregnancy. In the end, women’s uterus is 500 times larger than the original. Does it sound exaggerated?In fact, this is true, so after giving birth to the baby, the pain of the palace after birth will be so obvious, and the contraction is also an important step for the uterus to recover!

Cold Knowledge 6, the fetus will save the mother

Although it is said that pregnancy will consume the mother’s energy and physical strength, the baby will also protect the mother in the mother’s belly. For example, if the mother has a heart disease, the fetus will automatically transport stem cells to the mother to help the mother recover health to health to health.Maybe this is what we call the mother and son’s heart, right?

Does it sound incredible?

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