The man in Hunan found that his son was non -biological, and he had a salary and planned for 8 years.

On February 5, 2007, Xiang Yong and Wang Qin, who lived in Huaihua, Hunan, went through the divorce procedures.

However, the two people who walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau returned home.

It turned out that this divorce, the two were just "fake divorce" to avoid the second child fine.

However, one day in 2015, Xiang Yong suddenly left home and lived with another woman.

Wang Qin didn’t understand why her husband changed his face so fast.In fact, what Wang Qin didn’t know was that for this day, Xiang Yong had planned for a long time …


Wang Qin couldn’t figure out why he and her husband had made an appointment with Yong Yong. After giving birth to her daughter Xinxin, they remarried after ligation.However, in the past 8 years, although Xiang Yong has not left home, he has pushed away from remarriage.

At the beginning, Wang Qin didn’t take it for granted, and felt the "one paper marriage certificate"?Is there any so -called?

However, now Xiang Yong left his home silently, the phone could not be turned on, and people could not find it. They never returned.

At this time, Wang Qin felt secretly in his heart, because before, the two had signed a child support, property division agreement for a quarrel, and a notarization.

The agreement stipulates that his son Xiangtao returned to Wang Qin to raise it, and his daughter Xinxin returned to the brave.

There are two real estate in the two, one is the old house where the two live now, and the one with a 5 -storey building is owned by Yong Yong and his daughter. Wang Qin needs to move away immediately.Another 300,000 commercial house was owned by Wangqin.

In addition, Xiang Yong returned to Wang Qin’s 60,000 yuan in cash, plus a IOU of 50,000 yuan.

In fact, for this agreement, Wang Qin did not want to sign, but because of the quarrel at the time, Xiang Yong’s family had persuaded her: you moved out first, and when he was angry, you moved back. Anyway, you are fake.Divorce, what are you afraid of?

As a result, Wang Qin signed without worry, and fantasized that one day, the two could return to the old.Later, Wang Qin moved to the commercial house purchased by the two in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

However, while Wang Qin moved away, she heard some words from others’ mouths.

Someone in her hometown told her: On the fourth year of the New Year, Xiang Yong took a woman back, and the woman’s belly looked a bit big, almost 4 or 5 months of pregnancy.

Not only that, later, Wang Qin also saw Xiang Yong and the woman sitting in the car with his own eyes.The woman sat in the front row with his brother, and Xiang Yong and the woman’s mother sat in the back row. Several people said and laughed, and were happy.

After hearing the rumors, and seeing it, Wang Qin was not playing.

Later, through inquiry, Wang Qin learned that the woman’s name was Liu Li, and Xiang Yong and Liu Li lived in a community dozens of meters away from his old house.

She believes that the reason why Xiang Yong and herself divorced, and they were separated because they had a primary three outside.

Wang Qin was burned in anger, and ran a few times to make trouble. He wanted to ask for a statement, but he never succeeded.

Later, Wang Qin was erected from the 6th floor of the old house. He jumped into the 5th floor through the window, replaced the door lock of the old house, and re -lived in the old house.

In her opinion, Xiang Yong abandoned herself and children, and the breach of contract was first.Want to let her give up millions of homes, none of the doors.Therefore, she just wants to occupy the old house and leave any property for the fox.

But who knows that Wang Qin’s hysteria, Xiang Yong is unwilling to show weakness.

He actually complained that his ex -wife Wang Qin was reported to court with illegal possession of the property of others.

Nowadays, the "fake divorce" that said good has become "true divorce". The husband turned his face to face, and Wang Qin was extremely sad.

She believes that this is a "trap", and Xiang Yong planned to wait for her to drill.So, does Xiangyong do this really just for a woman?


In order to restore her husband, Wang Qin found the column group of Hunan Satellite TV’s "Searching for Love", hoping that through the power of the media, the husband would change his mind.

On June 14, 2016, under the leadership of Wang Qin, the reporter and Wang Qin came to Xiang Yong and Xinhuan’s residence.Wang Qin smashed the door crazy, but the other party did not respond.

After waiting for a while, Xiang Yong and Liu Li came back from the outside.

They all said: "Love rival meets the eyes!"

Seeing that the ex -husband and Liu Li were together, Wang Qin got up even more hysterically.She yelled: "You are the third, dedicated to destroying other people’s families!"

But Liu Li explained that when she was with Xiang Yong, Xiang Yong had divorced. The two were reasonable and legal, and they did not destroy other people’s families.

The anger Wang Qin can only point the spear head to the ex -husband.She was angry and asked: "Everyone knows that we are fake divorce, but now you abandon our mother and daughter for this woman, you wolf heart, dog lung!"

Facing the hysteria of his ex -wife, Xiang Yong did not respond, but there was a touch of dodge in his eyes.

Later, when Xiang Yong saw Wang Qin entangled, he proposed to talk to reporters alone.

After entering the house, Xiang Yong took out a medical record of Liu Li, which wrote that in April 2016, the new girlfriend Liu Li had an induction of labor in a hospital. At that time, the fetus was only 2 months old.

Xiang Yong revealed that after learning that Liu Li was pregnant, Wang Qin preached the derailment of the two and morality.

Her extreme approach made the two of them suffer from the pointers of the neighborhood.In the end, the two people who could not stand the pressure of public opinion had to terminate their pregnancy and destroy their children.

However, when the reporter asked him because Liu Li left Wang Qin, Xiang Yong actually talked about a great secret!

It turned out that in August 2015, I accidentally discovered that the 20 -year -old son Xiangtao was not born.

In fact, as early as many years ago, Xiang Yong began to doubt about his son’s life.

Xiang Yong is a man who looks black and his hair is a bit curled.His wife Wang Qin, although the skin is not as dark as he is, but the yellow is black, it is not white.

However, his son Xiang Tao was straight and fair -skinned.Except for the very different appearance, his son is very different from his father in terms of personality and style of work, and none of them.

For this reason, the sharp -eyed villagers said half -jokingly: "Xiang Yong, your eldest son is not like you at all, I’m afraid you are not your own!"

He does not mean that!Xiang Yong kept his heart and wanted to ask for a testimony.Unexpectedly, this verification, Xiang Yong felt that the sky was collapsed!

That day, he took the DNA test report and walked out of the appraisal center of Changsha City.Because he was too sad, he stepped on the bottom of his feet and rolled down from the stairs on the third floor.

He endured the pain, got up from the ground, and sat at the gate of the appraisal center crying, crying for more than 2 hours.You know, that is his own feelings and raised his son for 20 years.

Later, he remembered his wife Wang Qin, thinking of his glory and difficulty in these years, and his past was as vivid as a movie.


Both Xiang Yong and his wife were from the countryside, and both of them came to the city to work hard.Because it is a foreign population, the life is poverty, and the eyes of others have not been rarely affected by others at first.

But to Yong Kenjin and to be strong. Through his own efforts, he not only became a little boss, drove a car, but also saved a rich person.

Today, in the bustling area in the county, the couple have a 5 -storey and half -building street shop.Based on the market value, this property is worth millions.Later, the two saved money to buy a nearly 300,000 commercial house.

From the perspective of outsiders, Xiang Yong is successful, his family is happy, and no one dares to look down on him.However, how can outsiders see through?

In fact, Xiang Yong’s marriage is not happy.

At that time, Xiang Yong pursued Wang Qin for a long time, and she did not promise to marry Xiang Yong.But who knows, suddenly one day, Wang Qin took the initiative to marry Xiang Yong and told Xiang Yong that she was pregnant. The child was Xiang Yong.

Xiang Yong heard that he was very happy and happily married his family.

After the marriage, Wang Qin was so lazy to do it, and it was not good for Xiang Yong. The two always had no quarrel.But for the sake of children, Xiang Yong still endured it again and again.

In 2007, seeing the life of the two became better and better, Wang Qin wanted to regenerate a child, if it was a daughter, it would be better.

However, the family planning policy required that the family of non -only children was prohibited from having a second child.As a result, due to the pressure of policy, the two intended to evade policies and fines through "fake" divorce.

Originally, for the sake of daughter, the fake divorce of the two was just a play.Although I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the formalities, the relationship with his wife was not harmonious, but for the sake of children, Xiang Yong chose to live with his family.

But now, learning that his son is not his own, and the bitterness of Xiang Yong’s forbearing for many years has finally erupted.

Xiang Yong only feels that he has forged ahead and his career in his career these years, and now he has become worthless."Son is not his own." This incident seriously damaged his dignity and bottom line as a man.He firmly determined to leave his wife.

So Xiang Yong secretly left his home and lived in a community tens of meters away from home.There, he met his current girlfriend Liu Li.

In the process of associated with Liu Li, the other party’s gentleness and tolerance deeply moved Xiang Yong, and the long -lost warmth hit his heart. He was determined to break with his wife.

Subsequently, he signed a property division agreement with Wang Qin, and brought the ex -wife who forcibly came to the house to the court.Since then, a couple who has been divorced for 8 years has become "true" divorce.


However, when the indisputable facts were in front of them, when the truth of the son’s life was exposed, the mother was grievantly and repeatedly arguing.

"My son is yours. If you don’t believe it, you can ask the mother -in -law." As soon as he came out, Xiang Yong only felt ridiculous.How can she know whether the child is born with her mother, and she knows who is the child’s father.

Later, with the continuous fermentation of the incident, Wang Qin finally admitted that when she married Xiang Yong, she did have a boyfriend, but she did not know that the child was from his ex -boyfriend.

In fact, the son is biological, and the mother’s heart is the most clear.So, what is the purpose of Wang Qin’s entanglement?

"We are fake divorce. Everyone knows that even if it is a real divorce, the 1 million family property should be divided into half!" Later, Wang Qin finally presented his true purpose.

She said that as long as Xiang Yong gave her another 500,000, she immediately moved away from the old house, otherwise everything was free.

However, Xiang Yong, the greedy face of his wife, did not compromise.

He fell out of the door and said that he had done his best and would not make any concessions.If Wang Qin insists on this, he can only wait for the court’s forced execution.

With the sound of "Dang Dang", Wang Qin tears under the rain.Since then, a 20 -year marriage has ended in the farce of "fake divorce". I am afraid that only Wang Qin can experience it.

Some people say, "It’s all fake divorce. If it is not fake divorce, how can it be true divorce?" Indeed, there has alwaysEssence

Some husbands and wives are "fake divorce" in order to buy more houses; some couples are "fake divorce" in order to demolish funds; others are like Xiangyong couples to avoid the family planning policy at the time "fake divorce".

Although the causes of "fake divorce" are different, the purpose is surprisingly consistent. It is to avoid various policies and obtain the so -called interests. The behavior itself has violated the law and cannot be allowed to the law.

In fact, at the legal level, "fake divorce" does not exist. As long as the procedures for going to the Civil Affairs Bureau, then they are reasonable, legal, and true divorce.

In other words, "fake divorce" is also protected by law. If one party finds new love and relocate different thoughts after the fake divorce, then the other party will become the biggest victims and victims.

Therefore, "fake divorce" needs to be cautious, and if you accidentally lose your marriage, family, and even life, you will lose your life.


In fact, even if there is no "fake divorce", the marriage between Xiang Yong and Wang Qin is already dead!

Afterwards, the innocent eldest son "Wang Tao" chose to work in a foreign country and left the sad place.He believes that his parents have been quarreling for 20 years. Even if it is not because of him, the relationship between the two has long been on the way, hoping that they can get together.

However, until this time, Wang Qin thought that Xiang Yong was counting her, Xiang Yong didn’t know when he started planning everything, and then faked the second child to coax herself to divorce, so that she stepped into the trap step by step, and finally fell into the end.One defeat.

Before Xiang Yong loved her, he chose to endure repeatedly in the desolate marriage relationship. Now Wang Qin wants to intensify and squeeze everything.Who is the calculation?

In the TV series "My Youth Meets You", Li Youcai has said such a sentence to the daughter who is about to marry:

"If you want others to be good to you, you have to give your heart to others first. The same is true for two people to live. Do not count it with your heart!"

Author: Sarah Hbaiocao Yoyo

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