The man went out to work for half a year, but his wife was derailed and pregnant. The mother -in -law threatened:

"I want to be loved too, do I go out to find something wrong? How many times do you go back in the end a year? You are not qualified to say me!"

Faced with his wife’s accusations, the man was angry and blamed. When he went out to work for more than half a year, his wife had been pregnant for 4 months.The mother -in -law is even more blunt: "Men, point a lot."

Wang Yichi came from a family of many siblings, but when he was very young, his parents died of illness.

After barely attending the third grade of elementary school, he dropped out of school due to economic reasons, and then set up a cow in the village.

As he grows, he decided to go out to work.However, he can only work hard and tired at the bottom.

He found the work site. The boss saw Wang Youqi strong and strong. He was a cheap labor force. After consideration, he gave him a salary of 60 yuan per month.

Although this salary is not high, it means to maintain basic food and clothing for Wang Yichi.

Over time and year, Wang Yichi reached the age of his family, but because there was no father or mother, and there was no deposit in his own hand, no one looked at him at all.

Gradually, his peers were married and had children. Wang Yichi was alone until he was 30 years old.

His brothers and sisters couldn’t stand it anymore, and they funded some money to Wang Yichi, and Wang Yichi built a house smoothly. Because there was no money to decorate, he lived directly.

When Wang Youqi reached 35 years old, he suddenly ushered in a good luck.His neighbor Zhang Yan told him that a girl was willing to meet him and chat.

This sudden opportunity made him re -ignite his longing for happiness, and Wang Yichi had an inexplicable expectation and excitement in his heart.

Soon Zhang Ye arranged for the two to meet. Wang Yichi looked at the woman in front of him. He was about to flow out. He originally felt that he was a woman, regardless of his age, but he did not expect that the girl was so beautiful.

Liu Yang, standing there is enough to make Wang Youqi feel excited.Her skin is white and delicate, and she is as pure as snowflakes. She has a black hair, which is smooth as silk, and gently strokes her slender neck.

Her eyes seemed like deep lake, crystal clear, flashing wisdom and curiosity.

Liu Yang’s dress is just right. She wore a simple and delicate dress. Her figure was beautiful, and she showed the femininity and elegance of women looming.

What shocked Wang Yiki even more was that Liu Yang was ten years younger than herself, and she didn’t care about Cai Li, and it didn’t matter if she felt it.

For Wang Yichi, Liu Yang is simply a stunner on earth. If he can marry Liu Yang such a beautiful daughter -in -law, he dies without regret!

Therefore, in the next day, Wang Yichi started to please Liu Yang with his own savings.

It didn’t take long for Liu Yang to agree to Wang Yi’s proposal. The two simply had a wedding at Wang Yi’s house.

When Wang Yichi was immersed in the idea of holding the beauty on the night of marriage, who knew, Liu Yang did not let him touch at all, and the two also went to bed in bed.

This made Wang Youqi feel very aggrieved.

Wang Aiqi thinks that the two may not be too familiar. Liu Yang may be embarrassed, so Wang Youqi intends to wait for the two to be familiar with them. It is not too late to do this., Sleeping down.

Early the next morning, Liu Yang quickly organized his luggage and was ready to return to his mother’s house.Before leaving, she told her husband Wang Yichi to go out to work quickly and work hard to make money.She emphasized that a big man could not indulge in laziness and enjoyment, and should actively work hard.

When you are new to work, you have to go to work. In the face of his wife’s request, Wang Youqi is a little reluctant to reluctant to work in work. He does not want to go to work now.

But his wife said, "You see what the poor look like at home, and there is no decent furniture. Do you bear to see me and you suffer?"

I used to get used to my hard days before, and I felt that it didn’t matter, but now I have a daughter -in -law, but I can’t eat a meal like before. I want to give my wife a happy life. Thinking of this, Wang Youqi resolutely resolutely resoluteThe decision to obey his wife’s instructions, carrying the bag and going out to work.

In this way, Wang Yichi has been working outside, sending his salary to Liu Yang on time every month.After working outside for half a year, Wang Youqi missed his wife very much and decided to go home to see his wife.But I didn’t expect to go home and discovered a big secret.

Wang Youqi returned home and found that his wife’s belly was slightly bulging, some like pregnancy.So he asked his wife if he was pregnant, and Liu Yang said without avoiding that he was 4 months pregnant.

However, what Wang Yichi did not expect was that his wife was pregnant unexpectedly in just half a year when he went out to work.When he learned the news, he seemed to be hit by a thunderbolt on a sunny day, and he was full of pain and doubt.

Because he did not pass the room with his wife, he went out to work as soon as he got married.This sudden news made him feel extremely angry and painful.He began to doubt whether his wife was derailed, thinking that she put on a "green hat" for herself, and had improper contact with other men.

Therefore, Wang Aiqi asked his wife who was the father’s father, but his wife admitted that she was not clear. She only knew that the child’s father was a netizen she had known online.However, they lost contact.

However, after recalling that he had to marry his daughter -in -law, Wang Youqi decided to bear it. Wang Yichi couldn’t help but put forward a request: he asked his wife to kill the child, and he could re -accept his wife.

But the wife did not agree, and said: If the husband admits the child, he will divorce.

When Wang Yichi heard his wife’s words, the anger’s emotions could not contain their hearts.He was angry with his wife’s behavior. He couldn’t understand how his wife could make him responsible so easily, and he had to make such a request without shame.

Wang Yichi felt that the situation became complicated and unable to solve it by himself, so he decided to help the media and mediation staff, hoping to find a fair and objective way to reveal the truth of the matter.The mediation officer was also surprised by the incident, and decided to go to Mr. Cai’s home in person to understand the situation and mediate.

When the mediator asked Liu Yang’s plan to have a child, Liu Yang said firmly: "Children must have it."

When the mediation officer further asked who to raise the child, Liu Yang gave a frank answer.

Liu Yang said, "Hey, if he really loves me, he will tolerate what I do and has children. If he is unwilling to take this responsibility, then it will be great.And those who are responsible for their father’s responsibility to get married. "

After Wang Youqi heard his wife’s words, his mood was extremely excited. He pointed at his wife angrily and said, "You are a woman who is not inspected!"

However, I did not expect that what Liu Yang’s mother said next was even more shocked. The mother -in -law believed that women were not pregnant, and Wang Yichi had to be a husband as a husband.Although this happens, if the son -in -law can coax his daughter with sweet words, generous behavior and careful care, the problem may be solved.

After hearing the mother -in -law’s words, Wang Aiqi became more and more angry.He originally thought that his wife’s family would understand and understand more, but now he feels disappointed and angry.He felt that his mother must have his daughter, and he was disappointed with his wife’s family background and values.

Wang Yichi expressed his point of view. He believed that when he married his wife, he spent all savings, and his wife’s attitude now made him unacceptable.If they decided to divorce, he asked to return the gift paid when he got married a year ago, and asked to return the gold and silver jewelry he purchased at the time.

However, the wife heard her husband’s words and felt ridiculous!

And said, "You listen, this is what someone who liked me said before."

Wang Aiqi expressed his guess to the mediator, and he proposed two possible reasons to explain his wife’s motivation to let him take over.First, he speculated that the other party might no longer want his wife, causing his wife to seek his acceptance.Second, he suspected that his wife might enter marriage in a way of cheating.

After hearing Wang Yichi’s speculation, the mother -in -law was dissatisfied with the request he made, and began to blame him as a stingy person and lacked tolerance.She made it clear that there was no gift, a terrible one.

Liu Yang said: "I just want to make trouble, but I have no money, and there is something that I can’t say."

Despite the persuasion and dissatisfaction of everyone, Zhang Xiaoling’s mother and daughter still insisted on her position and showed a straightforward attitude.They did not compromise with Xiao Cai’s requirements and demands, and even ignored the views and opinions of the people around them.

This attitude further stirred up the dissatisfaction of everyone, and they may feel the stubbornness and ignorance of Zhang Xiaoling’s mother and daughter.In the face of this situation, Xiao Cai was disappointed and helpless, and decided to protect his rights and interests through legal channels.

Xiao Cai’s decision shows that he no longer believes that through negotiations and mediation, he can solve the problem and choose to seek legal protection and solution.

In the end, the two sides were unhappy.

Marriage is a journey that requires both parties to deal with the storm in life.If the couple cannot maintain consistent goals and values, it is difficult for them to go on for a long time.Marriage is a promise of love and loyalty, and none of them can tolerate their wives to share with other men.

When one side derails, this betrayal will have a huge impact on the marriage relationship.Derailment usually represents the trust of rupture and the lack of respect for partners.Once derailed, it is difficult to return to the past state.Because derailment is not only a disposable incident, it often occurs repeatedly.In this case, it is necessary to quickly take decisive actions to avoid further damage.

Although marriage is complex and diverse, loyalty and frankness are its cornerstones.When severe betrayal in marriage, continuing forgiveness may lead to further damage and distrust.Therefore, for couples who are facing derailment, decisive action may be the key to finding happiness.

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