The mother -in -law did not turn on the air conditioner, which caused the daughter -in -law to enter the ICU

A few days ago, a news on the Internet hit many people’s hearts: "The mother -in -law did not turn on the air conditioner, and the daughter -in -law entered the ICU for 20 weeks, and almost killed the baby in the stomach."When most people on the Internet talk about her mother -in -law should not save, they should not be lost due to small losses, but I want to say, "Girl, you should find a job and make money yourself."

6.10, Guangdong’s temperature is as high as 38 ° C. The daughter -in -law who has been pregnant for 20 weeks will turn on the air conditioner, but the mother -in -law relentlessly rejected because the reason is: fee electricity.

On the same day, the daughter -in -law was sweaty, her urination was incontinence, lost consciousness, and was rushed to the ICU. The doctor said that fortunately, they would not be able to keep the children.

ICU all night, how many days of electricity bills, this mother -in -law is really as expected: the air conditioner can not be opened, and the electricity bill is saved.

Some netizens questioned: Daughter -in -law, can’t you pay the electricity fee yourself?Yes, why can’t you pay it yourself?

The reason is nothing more than: there is no financial source, no right to speak.Therefore, after the girl, after the child is born, find a job, make money by himself, there is no need to see anyone’s face.

In the past, there were similar things: expectant mothers had to produce, and she had to be painless. My mother -in -law and husbands stopped for various reasons.Going to extremes.

Therefore, girls must not give up herself at any time, they must have economic independence and consciousness.

In "The King of Comedy", Zhou Xingchi said to Cecilia Cheung affectionately, "I support you." Cecilia Cheung said back: "You take care of yourself first, fool."

May each girl have this courage.

Some people may say that I have been away from society for a long time and faced the society in a frura.Who did not start from the first step?Imagine that this is the first step you took out, but it used to be from school to society, and now from the door to society.

There is nothing to worry about. Compared to putting life in the palms of others, compared to each time you need to spend, you have to look up with people, looking at other people’s face, and bravely walking out of the first step. It is not difficult.

In the first step, every step in the future is climbing up.

Read more, learn more, and learn more about your awareness as you keep pace with the society.

Girls, from now on, accumulation can make you have the ability to ensure economic security.

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