The new "contraceptive ring" has been launched, which is better than contact lenses. I don’t want children to try

Although getting married and having children is a major event in a lifetime, it may be like this a decade ago. At a certain age, people are married step by step.But with the development of society, people’s ideas have changed a lot.Take the marriage and child, for example, the young people now advocate late marriage and childbirth, hoping that they can enjoy their own happy time after marriage.

But sometimes "accident" is so coincidental. When the child accidentally comes to the world, and the parents are not ready, the child is facing a abortion situation. In order to avoid this embarrassment, people will choose contraception, but the traditional contraceptive method exists in existenceMany disadvantages.

Xiao Liu was the boss at home. During the college, he talked about an object. The two persons were very good, and the background of both sides was very suitable.So after graduation, it is almost the next year.The two got married in their hometown.

Like most young people, young people are bloody, and they do not want to be bound by family children after marriage, and they are career -oriented, and they do not intend to ask for children within five years.

But the young couples must have a relationship together. In order to avoid accidental conception, the two specially prepared condoms.I thought that as long as there were condoms, I could avoid accidental pregnancy.But one day the abnormal reaction of the little six body made her a little panic.

This morning, as usual, the breakfast that the husband was about to eat came to the table, but you could watch the buns he liked very much in the past, but at this time, he couldn’t mention any desire.Thinking that she would have no spirit if she did not eat in the afternoon, she forced herself to eat.But after taking a bite, a disgusting in his stomach, rushing directly to the toilet and vomiting.

"It’s probably cold." Thinking about her finding the medicine and eating, but she had no appetite for a few days, and the uncle’s aunt, who had been in the past for several days, was postponed for several days.These abnormalities made her feel a little scared, "It will not be so unlucky, we should not get pregnant, we have taken protection measures!".

Thinking about it, but for health, she decided to go to the hospital for examination."Congratulations, you are pregnant." After the examination, the doctor said a little bit. "Doctor, will it be wrong? How can we get pregnant when we wear a condom?"The explanation "condom also has quality problems, as long as it is a bit bad, there is a possibility of pregnancy."

After returning home, she told her husband about her pregnancy, and the two agreed that the child could not ask, so the next afternoon they took a leave to go to the hospital for abortion surgery.

It is not easy to raise children. In addition to taking a lot of energy, it is also a great test for parents’ wallets.And due to the change of concepts, many young couples do not plan to have children for a short time after they get married. At this time, in order to avoid pregnancy, they will choose contraception.However, the traditional contraceptive method, such as the quality of the condom, is good or bad, if the quality is too good, it will not achieve the effect of contraceptives; and after the feminine women wear it, it is very harmful to women’s bodies.Some men will not choose ligments for male dignity.

Therefore, successful contraception has become a problem among young couples.While pursuing strong contraceptive effects, it is difficult to achieve a better experience.Fortunately, the traditional contraceptive method can be abandoned.At present, a new type of contraceptive ring has been studied on the market, which can effectively solve the troubles between young couples.

Two years ago, the US Food and Administration of Food and Administration approved the long -acting contraceptives used by the world’s first women in the world.This new type of contraceptive ring is characterized by long -term, can be reused, and the harm to the human body is also the smallest.

When women do not want children, they will have a kind of upper ring surgery, which is an ordinary contraceptive ring. This surgery is placed on their own body to put a contraceptive ring, causing the uterus to permanent inflammation and achieve the effect of not conceive.

Although the effect is obvious, it hurts women with too much damage and is cruel.If you are accidentally pregnant after the ring, the probability of most of the pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy will be risk of hemorrhage.Moreover, after the ordinary contraceptive ring, the probability of women’s gynecological diseases also increased significantly. Therefore, the general contraceptive ring is very harmful and it is not applicable.

And this long -acting contraceptive ring uses a drug release type to achieve the contraceptive effect. The drugs are the acetate and the acetylene estradiol. By release the progesterone and estrogen, the normal ovulation is used to control the endometriumGrowth.

It is very convenient. It is dominated by women and can be stopped at any time, and it is very easy to use. It is used like contact lenses. It is a very suitable way for women. In the future, you can look forward to this new type of contraceptive method.

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