The nine major taboos of the comic popular science after pregnancy. Women must pay attention to it, don’t wait until you are pregnant before you know

I believe that every woman will think of such a scene before marriage: holding the child, her heart is full of love for children, this scene is imagined by every woman.

But after getting pregnant, most people will find that pregnancy is not as beautiful as imagined, and having children to bring a baby is not as easy as imagined.

Because when the pregnant mother starts to be pregnant, there will be various problems. At this time, most pregnant mothers always have a lot of endless hearts. For example, the pregnant mother is still pregnant.I think of these problems during the period.

Because I always care about many articles about production during pregnancy, pregnant mothers always worry about whether they will encounter difficulties during production, and I can’t support my body. At this timeThe pregnant mother is the most vulnerable time in her heart, because for pregnant mothers, each problem has become a problem they worry about.

When it comes to things that pregnant mothers are worried, the following nine things are what pregnant mothers should pay most attention:

First, X -ray examination. Many pregnant mothers do not pay attention to this during pregnancy. Sometimes they go to the hospital for examination when they feel that their bodies are not in time. Light can cause great damage to the body’s body fluids, cells and chromosomes, and it is clearly stipulated in the Ministry of Health of my country that pregnant women do not allow X -ray to check the body during pregnancy;

The second point is to eat drugs by mistake. The American Food Bureau divides the drugs during pregnancy into ABCDX. Among them, AB is a safe drug, CD is a drug with caution, and X is a non -edible drug during pregnancy.Take medicine, because no matter what kind of medicine, it will cause harm to the baby;

The third point is that smoking and drinking during pregnancy are well known that there are a large amount of harmful substances in cigarettes. The most poisonous of which is Nicotine. If the pregnant mother is still smoking during pregnancy, the nicotine in the cigarette will not only damage the child’s brain, but alsoIt will damage the child’s development and cause children’s myocardial discomfort, and alcohol can damage the brain nerves. Experiments have proved that after the birth of pregnant mothers who drink during pregnancy, there will be a certain degree of delay in intelligence;

The fourth point is to carry heavy objects. Experiments have proved that if pregnant mothers carry more than 30 kilograms of heavy objects, the pregnant mother will use the abdomen at this time.Pregnant mothers must remember to avoid heavy objects of moving;

The fifth point is that long -term negative emotions, in fact, whether it is pregnancy or before pregnancy, negative emotions are harmful to the body, because negative emotions, many people’s body’s immunity may gradually decrease, soPregnant mothers can maintain a good mood during pregnancy. Don’t be too frightened. It is not very good for the baby in the stomach, so it should be avoided in negative emotions during pregnancy;

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