The novice parents of this archive guide, please accept it

Moms, do you know what is the first thing to do when you upgrade your mother?

That’s right, the most important thing is to go to the hospital to build files. Many novice Baoma may not understand. Today, Jun Mom made a special "production inspection file" strategy.

01 · PUT On Record

What is the establishment of the inspection inspection?

After pregnancy, we need to go to the hospital for the establishment of a pregnancy file around twelve weeks of pregnancy.

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Pregnant women’s files are a pamphlet that belongs to the pregnant mother, that is, the pregnancy file, which records the basic information of the pregnant woman and all the information of the pregnancy process.

The booklet will also introduce some precautions and common sense of pregnancy for pregnant women during pregnancy.

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The establishment of the file is of great significance to the healthy development of the fetus and the smooth delivery of pregnant women.After the establishment of a pregnant woman, the inspection content and results of each inspection are stored in this mother and child manual.

Doctors can more accurately understand the situation of pregnant women and fetuses throughout pregnancy, and directly judge some risks or harms that pregnant women may have, and ensure that the mother and child are safe.

02 · Material Science

What materials do I need to prepare?

The documents required to be prepared for files include the original, photocopy of the quasi -birth permit, the original and photocopy of the maternity insurance permit, the original, photocopy of the couple’s ID card, medical insurance card, and inspection reports made in the hospital after pregnancy.

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What inspections do I need to do when they are built?

Before the file is built, B -ultrasound and blood routine examination is required.

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Check item

(1) Compulsory project: blood routine, urine routine, B -ultrasound

(2) Auxiliary examination: ECG, liver function, renal function, hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, ABO blood type

(3) Increase the following self -funded items as appropriate according to the situation of pregnancy during pregnancy: blood sugar, RH blood type, thyroid function, urinary iodine, iron protein, vitamin A, and gynecological examination, leucorrhea and other items.

04 · time

Pregnant women’s file time

The archives are generally carried out within 5-7 weeks of pregnancy, but because the big cities are tight for medical treatment, the prospective mothers are preparing to be good for themselves.Good accuracy.

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Expectant mothers need to learn about the relevant situation in advance, and prepare for the birth permit and establish a file in accordance with her time.Each pregnant woman should be built at least 12 weeks.

05 · Choice

Choose public or private?

Public hospitals, strong medical resources, many experts, and charges changes with the level. However, there are also many people in public hospitals, especially when they encounter the so -called "good years", everyone will have children to have children, and it is even more difficult to build files.

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Private hospitals, good environment is good, some private hospitals will also ask well -known experts to take a clinic. The cost is also high or low. It is also good and good.

Jun Mom suggested that expectant parents can choose their own actual situation ~

Jun Ma warm reminder

Because the file needs to be filled in the relevant materials, it takes a long time, it is best to reserve half an hour to get the test results as soon as possible.If you do n’t know if you do n’t know, you can consult Jun Jun’s parenting team ~ ❤!

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