The nutrition of glutinous rice is so high. What are the consequences of using it as a staple food per meal?

The status of rice, glutinous rice and rice is also completely different.Rice is cheap and can be eaten every day. After cooking white rice, it can be used as a staple food for a long time, providing nutrition for human beings.Glutinous rice is expensive and mostly appears during the festival. Demon, dumplings, and rice cakes are glutinous rice products.

1. Different appearance: From the perspective of appearance, even if you are a person with a different grain, you can quickly separate it.The appearance of the rice is flat and long, with light transmittance. It can be seen in the sun or light to see the light through the rice.The glutinous rice is opaque milky white, opaque, and is not as white as rice after cooking.

2. The taste is different: whether it is glutinous rice or rice, it contains starch.However, the starch in glutinous rice is almost branched starch, which makes the taste of glutinous rice very soft, fragrant and glutinous.The starch of rice is a straight starch, which makes the taste of rice easier to chew and the particles are clear.

3. Different methods: Friends who have made glutinous rice know that the cooking method of glutinous rice is much more troublesome than rice. It needs to be soaked in glutinous rice in advance.Soft enough.And rice does not need to be soaked, just put it in the rice cooker.

1. It is not easy to digest: glutinous rice and all glutinous rice products have a commonality. Eating a little makes people feel support. Sometimes eating a grain of rice dumplings and eating a bowl of dumplings, do not feel hungry all day.This is because glutinous rice is more difficult to digest, and its soft and glutinous taste also makes people feel full.

The reason why it is difficult to digest is that the glutinous rice itself is difficult to be chewed. Although the branches of starch are decomposed by the digestive enzyme faster, the taste of glutinous rice is soft and waxy.It becomes more difficult and difficult to digest, so eating glutinous rice is more hungry than eating rice.

2. The glutinous rice is easier to get tired: because of high stickiness, and it is because people chewing glutinous rice requires more strength, everyone will feel that glutinous rice is more difficult to be a daily staple food, because it tastes too tired and it is too tired to get tired.Do you try to eat rice dumplings and rice cakes for a week, will you feel uncomfortable?

But eating rice will not have such a reaction. The rice is easy to chew and the taste is sweet. Although it is more common than glutinous rice, it is more suitable for daily consumption.This is why people eat rice every day, but they are still not greasy and can be eaten for a long time.

3. Glutinous rice is not suitable for eating with the same dishes: Chinese people prefer to eat food. The rice grains of rice are loose, and it is easy to integrate with the dishes, so it is suitable to eat food together.And glutinous rice sticks together, it is not easy to stir with vegetables and vegetable soup. It can only mix ingredients with glutinous rice in advance, such as Babao rice and sweet salty rice dumplings. The taste is restricted.

There is also a saying that although it does not belong to the main reason why glutinous rice cannot be used as a staple food, I think it makes sense, that is, it is too difficult to clean the bowls, plates, and chopsticks that have been loaded with glutinous rice.The cooked glutinous rice is still easy to remove, and the cool glutinous rice becomes hard, and it is difficult to wash off the bowl. It is a nightmare for people who washing.

In summary, although glutinous rice is delicious and has high nutritional value, it is indeed not as good as the meter of rice compared to rice.It should be reminded that friends and elderly people who are not too healthy in the stomach should reduce the number of glutinous rice, avoiding the difficulty of digestion of glutinous rice, and leading to physical discomfort.

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