The original match and Primary Three became pregnant at the same time, and the "domineering" choice of a man made him regret his life

When a man got married, he thought he could always love the woman around him, otherwise, he would not be willing to marry her through the door.

It ’s so good to fall in love, and it’ s better to break up. After all, it is much simpler than divorce.

Men will find Primary Three, that is what happened after marriage, and it may be unexpected for men.

Does a man really love to Primary Three?Perhaps men and Primary Three will think so, but they are the most clear in their hearts. There is nothing true love, but it is only necessary to take what they need.

The reason why not break up has its own small abacus.

Men often make their own clever, thinking that they are lying master, and think that their confidentiality work is particularly good.

In fact, there are no windy walls in the world, and all the lies he carefully arranged will have an east windows one day sooner or later.

On that day, how can men choose between two women?

Some people say that 80 % of men have never thought about divorce when they are derailed, but there is still a possibility of 20 %. Marriage is simply indifferent to men.

When the paper bag can’t hold the fire, the divorce is good. The man does not have a nostalgia, and he will not drag water when choosing.

Zhu Deyong said, "Men are willing to desperate for love, but they find that marriage wants his life."

When men think that everything is in control, things that may happen to happen to be unexpected, so that men are caught off guard, and also make new choices for men.

When Li Jing and his wife got married, he actually never wanted to find a primary three.

If he knew that he would meet more people, why bother to get married is so troublesome. Before marriage to break up with his wife, it would not be easier to marry a young three.

However, there are never in this world if, every minute and every second are live broadcast.

When Li Jing knew Xiao San, he and his wife had just got married for about half a year.

They are going to be a child, and they can help with the parents while their parents are young.

Primary three and wives are two very different women. Xiao San is like fire, and his wife is like water; Primary Three is like heaven, and his wife is like the earth.They feel that Li Jing feels too different. If they can be combined into one, it is perfect.

For Primary Three, Li Jing has some wanting to stop.

He didn’t want to leave Primary Three, nor did he want to destroy his current marriage life.

If you can do three people, if the fish and bear’s paw can be available, everything will be too beautiful.

Li Jing had such a dream, but he couldn’t think that his wife and Primary Three even became pregnant at the same time.

His wife had just sent WX to tell him, "I’m pregnant", but in a while, Xiao San sent the same information.

At this time, the fate of the two women was among Li Jing. For a while, he didn’t know how to choose.

He loves both women, and both children are his flesh.

However, after all, he will explain to Primary Three, and give him a name for him and the child of Xiao San.

After thinking about a week, Li Jing decided to be with Primary Three.

His idea is that if he loves his wife enough, he will not fall in love with Primary Three.

Since I fell in love with Xiaosan, I proved that she was true love for her, and she was just a mistake with his wife.

Li Jing filed a divorce to his wife. He didn’t tell her what the real reason was, but just said he no longer loved her.At first, his wife thought he was joking, and after learning that everything was true, she couldn’t accept the result.

Because the emotional ups and downs are relatively large, the child is small in less than three months.

When Li Jing learned that this disappeared, there was some fortunate that he and her only did not even exist.

From now on, he can live a quiet and peaceful life with Xiaosan.

Li Jing knew that he was sorry for his ex -wife, and he could only say sorry in his heart over and over again. In addition, he had no way to make up for it.

After breaking with his ex -wife, Li Jing began to take care of Xiao San and children.

In October, Xiaosan gave birth to a son for Li Jing, but when the nurse told him the news, his facial expression was very dignified.

When Li Jing hugged his son, he saw the child growing a pair of blue eyes.

This child is not his at all.

Li Jingquan asked Xiaosan what was going on, Xiaosan said, "What do you use to say? This child is not yours, you can leave."

Li Jing really wanted to rush forward to fight Xiaosan and one slap, but he controlled himself with the greatest willpower, "I am a man, I can’t hit a woman."

Thinking of his "domineering" choice is enough to make him regret his life.

Nietzsche said, "People can control their behavior, but they cannot restrain their feelings, because emotion is impermanent."

When she got married, Li Jing thought he only loved his wife; after marriage, he found that he fell in love with Primary Three again.

Between his wife and Primary Three, he chose Primary Three, but did not expect that it was the result, and finally fell like a field.

The second half of Li Jing will regret his choice.

If it wasn’t for the appearance of Primary Three, he would have been happy to be his father, instead of suffering from the bitter fruit of nothing and betrayal.

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