The ovarian is not ovulation. Most of the "culprit" are these 7. Women need to be conditioned as soon as possible!

Ovarian is one of the most important organs in women. It can not only secrete the hormone necessary for human body such as estrogen progesterone, but also to generate eggs. Only the quality of the eggs is high enough to successfully combine the sperm, and then thenFormation of fertilized eggs.

However, clinical survey data show that some women have problems without ovulation, which affects normal fertility.Speaking of which, I believe everyone is curious. Why do women do not ovulate?

1. Premature ovarian function

If you have been preparing for a long time but do not conceive your child smoothly, you must first consider whether it is not ovulation caused by premature ovarian failure.

Because with the increase of age, the function of the ovary will decline. In addition, some women often have poor living habits, such as unhealthy diet, taking medicine without authorization, etc., and then the ovaries will enter the aging period in advanceIn this case, follicles cannot grow normally, and naturally there will be no mature eggs.

2. Polycystic ovary syndrome

When it comes to polycystic ovary syndrome, it is no stranger to women, because the prevalence of this disease is getting higher and higher, especially when the body is obese, the internal environment has changed a lot.Although the ovarian volume is large, the follicles cannot develop normally, so they cannot discharge mature eggs.

3. Ovarian dysfunction

From the perspective of physiology, there are many incentives for ovulation, including ovarian dysfunction, and ovarian dysfunction includes multiple factors, such as ovarian organic damage, secondary amenorrhea, tumor, inflammation, etc.Essence

4. Excess weight loss

As the saying goes, "Everyone who loves beauty", especially female friends, always hopes to have a slender body, so it often uses extreme methods to lose weight, such as diet, eating weight loss pills, and so on.It is unknown that these methods can easily cause the consequences of endocrine disorders, which in turn leads to hormone imbalance and ovarian function.

5. Lutellastic function is incomplete

The luteal refers to the transformation of the follicles with mature eggs. Once the luteal function is incomplete, the development of follicles will inevitably occur. When the follicles cannot be fully developed, it will also hinder the normal discharge of the eggs.

6. Excessive exercise

It is indeed good for physical health to adhere to exercise, but if the method of exercise is incorrect, it is easy to be counterproductive, such as long -term exercise.Especially in a special period, if you do abdominal exercise often, it will affect the pituitary gland to produce sex hormones and then interfere with the ovulation function of the ovary.

7. Donation tube blocking

The most likely influencing factor in the egg cannot be discharged smoothly. The fallopian tube is blocked, because the fallopian tube is a part where the mature eggs are transported. Once blocked, the excretion of the eggs will be hindered.

All in all, for women who have been pregnant for a long time, if they still have no successful child, they are likely to be caused by ovulation.

The factors that cause no ovulation include many of them mentioned above. I hope everyone will pay attention to and find targeted conditioning treatment as soon as possible.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that long -term ovulation, sexual hormone disorders, endometrial hyperplasia, and even increase the risk of endometrial cancer.

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