The polycapus traditional Chinese medicine is regulated and pregnant, and you can’t wait to share it!

I am the side of the polycystic merged tube to block the side. I do n’t want to say the previous hardships. Now I want to share my experience with my sisters. I hope everyone will get pregnant soon!

1. The mood is really important. I failed to promote Luan four times before. This time, I did n’t drink the Chinese medicine that I drank. I was struggling to resign some time ago.I was thinking about resigning. At that time, many sisters gave suggestions, and they said something.I decided to take the mentality of resigning to take leave in January first, that is, I was pregnant this month!It can be seen that relaxation is critical.

2. Exercise, I have time to skip the rope in the morning for 500 times in the morning and one thousand times in the evening.I didn’t stop before luan, and I took a walk sooner or later after lining.I have been skipping rope for ten pounds after get off work before work!

3. Drink black soybean milk and brown sugar ginger water. Before I discharged Luan, I drank a cup of ginger sugar made by my mother -in -law in the morning and washed away with hot water. My mother -in -law was made with a Chinese medicine.Black bean soy milk has been drinking.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine, I failed to lift four times before. Later, the family members felt that the row was too hurtful, so I started to change the traditional Chinese medicine.

5. Look at traditional Chinese medicine.I didn’t conceive for too long, and inquired about it. The sisters who Zhi Li recommended a doctor of Chinese medicine hospital. After the tongue consultation, I asked my situation. After reading my inspection report, I opened me. I thought about trying first.Try it, and then start conditioning!After a period of time, it was found that it has improved a lot!Then it opened for another two months.My Chinese medicine doctor was generally good. It was a doctor at a Chinese medicine hospital. It was still patient. I was looking for her in the last month of the medication. Finally, I regulated that I was soaked in a good soak and naturally ranked.

I think that if the pressure of work affects the mood greatly, I still resign. After all, babies are more important than work.And during this time at home, I have worked hard to persist in doing these things. Since the month of the leave at home, I am really relaxed.Originally I wanted to take a test tube for a while, but she was pregnant.

The Chinese medicine doctor I was looking for also said that there were very few women who were infertile. Most women would be pregnant, so everyone must cheer it out. It is rumored that everyone is pregnant!Now that progesterone is relatively low, it is not easy for the baby to come, I hope everything will go well in the future!

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