The post -90s net red sister sold 2 billion in 2 hours!Sydney is pregnant and has become stronger

[Directly hit Tmall Double 11] Last year, Double 11, Zhang Dayi, ANNA It is amazing, Mrs. Qian’s Sydney Customization of 3 online red shops, single -day sales exceeded 100 million yuan.This year’s Double 11, the explosive power of is equally amazing. Sydney’s parent company Dai Fan exposed the war report: 350 seconds broke 100 million, 2 hours broke 200 million.As of 2:25, the top ten women’s clothing on the entire network had two seats, and Zhang Dayi and Sydney were arranged 7 and 10 respectively.

Text/Sun Shanshan Yu Ziguan

Double 11 is not only the battlefield of Tmall merchants, but also the battlefield of Taobao merchants.Last year, Double 11, Zhang Dayi, ANNA It is Amazing, Mrs. Qian’s Sydney Customs Customization of 3 online red shops exceeded 100 million yuan daily.This year’s Double 11, the explosive power of is equally amazing. Sydney’s parent company Dai Fan exposed the war report: 350 seconds broke 100 million, 2 hours broke 200 million; 30 minutes, Zhang Dayi took the lead in over 100 million.At two o’clock in the morning, Zhang Dayi posted a package of the new warehouse on Weibo, saying that 300 people were temporarily added, and some orders at zero had begun to ship.

This performance, including many shops under Fanfan.According to the "World Business in the World", Mrs. Qian’s family Sydney has also achieved a single store that has been customized at about 2 am on the 11th.

Sydney has been the owner of the Internet celebrity, and is promoted to the owner of the Internet celebrity incubator company.It was previously reported that Sydney’s incubator was valued at nearly 1 billion yuan.Lin Shanshan, who has more than 5 million fans on Weibo, is the number one Internet celebrity signed by her.

This year, Sydney became home and pregnant; this year, Sydney also formed its own brand matrix, including Sydney life, underwear lines, beauty and mother -to -child brands.

First ceremony

A photographer who cooperated with Sydney posted that Sydney also dedicated almost all of the time to work during pregnancy.

Weibo is a vital drainage and measuring channel for Sydney.To this day, "World Online Merchants" observed Sydney’s Weibo found that she can see her interact with fans almost under almost every Weibo, such as talking about life during pregnancy, like the content of fans.

On November 2nd, Sydney said on Weibo that he would open the mad spoiler mode.After that, the pictures and live broadcast bombed together.Of course, it is not only one of the women’s clothing stores. The first gift of beauty, underwear, living galleries and children’s clothing brands has not fallen.

On November 10, she made such a emotion on Weibo again:

In 15 days, 22 boxes and 100 clothes finally completed the work of Double Eleven!The covered belly can now meet you boldly

Women getting married and pregnant children are not the bond or end of their careers, but in the process, it will inspire our greater energy because Superman will take care of more people and hope to give the baby a good example.Want to do your best at any time

Perfectism makes me very tired, but it makes people feel attentive

See you at zero tonight

According to 36 氪, Lifan now has more than 100 suppliers, distributed throughout the country.In order to prepare for the Double 11, when Sydney picked up the model in the office, more than 20 suppliers were summoned to the conference room by the supply chain head of the supply chain, and the preparation conference was more than 4 hours.

36 氪 also said that Sydney is looking forward to the luxury and fashion industry. Even if the founder retreats to the second line, the name left can continue the brand."You can’t always be a celebrity."

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