The pregnancy test stick measured the weak positive, but the doctor said that it was pregnancy and biochemical. In fact, many pregnant women have encountered it

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Yesterday, my girlfriend told me that she was pregnant and biochented, which scared me.After all, she told me that she was pregnant two days ago, and now she suddenly said a term that she didn’t know much, and thought she had something wrong with her body.Later, my girlfriend explained to me clearly that she was not pregnant, and the previous test paper was measured.

I opened the UC browser to see more wonderful pictures. Before I found that I hadn’t come to my aunt, I tested it with a test strip. I didn’t expect two virtual bars.Yesterday, she had time to go to the hospital for examination. However, the doctor said that she was not pregnant. She said that the results of the previous pregnancy test was weak and positive, and it was not necessarily pregnant. This made her very disappointed.

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In fact, many women care about every detail when preparing for pregnancy.When you find that your physiological period does not come on time, go back to test.However, sometimes some accidents occur in pregnancy test sticks. It does not mean that two bars appear to mean that women must be pregnant, or pseudo -pregnancy, that is, pregnancy biochemical.

This is because the process of pregnancy is relatively complicated, and the pregnancy test can detect the fertilized eggs.However, if the fertilized eggs are not successful in bed, and they are not transformed into an embryo, women will not get pregnant.The eliminated fertilized eggs will be discharged in the physiological period of women.The chance of this phenomenon is nearly a quarter, but many people have not noticed before.

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Some people feel a terrible disease as soon as they see the names that they do not know. In fact, pregnancy biochemical is not terrible, and it does not even have any harm to women’s body.It is just a failed product that forms embryos, which shows that women’s body automatically identify inferior fertilized eggs and ensure the quality of the fetus.

When women use test strips, if the results are found to be weak, do not be happy for pregnancy prematurely, go to the hospital for a more detailed examination in time to confirm whether pregnancy is pregnant.If you find that you are pregnancy and pregnancy, don’t be afraid. Failure fertilized eggs will automatically discharge from the body without more medical means.

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With the importance of pregnancy and the popularization of various knowledge, more and more people have noticed their experience of pregnancy and biochemical, and do not have to worry too much.

1. This is not a miscarriage: Many people worry that this is the loss of a small life, but this is not the case.After pregnancy and biochemistry, after the formation of embryo, it has not developed into a life.This is the best of the body, not abortion.Therefore, women don’t have to be too sad, and there is no need to maintain their bodies because of this.

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2. Don’t worry about conception: Some women are very anxious in the process of preparing for pregnancy. After all, due to employment, family and other aspects, women do not necessarily have time to bred at any time.After pregnancy and biochemical, don’t worry too much about pregnancy. If possible, it is best to rest for half a year and prepare for pregnancy after raising your body.

3. Honesty inform when you seek medical treatment: Women should understand their biochemistry of pregnancy, to inform this point honestly during preparation or pregnancy examination, and increase doctors’ understanding of women’s bodies.Conditioning.

Breeding itself is not a relaxed thing. Family people should relax and don’t worry. This is not to be shifted with the will of people.Do not be too sad after pregnancy and biochemical, work hard, and continue to work hard.

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