The pregnancy test stick shows two bars. Why do the doctor say that he is not pregnant?Women should know the reason

Wen | Tao Ma

After marrying her husband, Xiao Ke entered the pregnancy stage. They were prepared seriously, just to have their own baby earlier.The next morning after the same room, Xiao Ke will use the pregnancy test stick to test.After the small test last week, the pregnancy inspection stick showed two red bars. She was ecstatic and hurried out to tell her husband’s good news.After the two were excited, they called their parents to report good news.But just a few days ago, when Xiao Ke went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told her that "you are not pregnant."Xiao Ke did not believe what the doctor said at all. She repeatedly asked the doctor, "If there is no pregnancy, why does the pregnancy test will show two red bars?" After the doctor explained it in detail, Xiao Ke accepted the fact.Some women in life do encounter such a situation. So why did the pregnancy inspection stick show two red bars, but they were not pregnant?Women should know the reason.

The principle of pregnancy testing test pregnancy test

The experimental pregnancy stick detects the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine. As long as the HCG level in the urine rises, the pregnancy test will show two red lines.If women are pregnant normally, HCG in urine will definitely rise.However, there are also some non -normal pregnancy, which will lead to an increase in HCG levels in urine. In this case, the pregnancy test will also show the "center captain".

Which abnormalities can cause two red bars to show the pregnancy test stick?

1. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is also called "ectopic pregnancy", which refers to the fascination of fertilized eggs.Under normal circumstances, sperm and eggs are combined to form fertilized eggs, then fertilized eggs are swimming to the uterus, and then bed.The fertilized eggs can only develop into embryos and fetuses only in the palace cavity.

But sometimes, the fertilized eggs are bed outside the uterus, which is called ectopic pregnancy.Common ectopic pregnancy is to bed in the fallopian tube.After the fertilized eggs are bed in other places, HCG will also be secreted. If women use the pregnancy test stick test, two red bars will also be displayed.Ectopic pregnancy is a relatively serious situation. With the continuous development of the embryo, the fallopian tube may rupture and bleed.In severe cases, women may still have big bleeding, even life -threatening.

2. Biochemical pregnancy

Biochemical pregnancy is the "fake pregnancy" we often say, and fertilized eggs are not successful in the uterus.In other words, women have no pregnancy at all.Many people will ask, "Since there is no pregnancy, why is the pregnancy test stick showing positive?" This is because the HCG level will be increased during the process of fertilized eggs in the process of implantation, so the pregnancy test stick detection and display display shows the display display and display shows the display display shows and shows the display display shows the display display and displayed display.It is two lines, and blood testing is also positive, but when you do B -ultrasound, you can’t see the gestational sac.

3. Port

The hydatidal refers to the bed in the uterus, but the fluff nourishing cells are abnormally hyperplained, and then the blisters of different sizes are formed.And these blisters are linked together, it looks like grapes, so it is called "hydroma".However, the pregnancy test stick test will also show pregnancy, and it will only find abnormal pregnancy when doing B -ultrasound.

What should I pay attention to using pregnancy test sticks?

1. There is also a shelf life of the pregnancy test stick. If the pregnancy test stick is moisture or the shelf life is over, the results of the test will be inaccurate.

2. If you test the pregnancy test stick, it is best to measure the morning urine, so that the result will be more accurate.

3. The accuracy of the pregnancy test stick is not 100 %. Even if the pregnancy test stick tests is pregnant, women are best to go to the hospital for confirmation.By the way, you can check whether it is ectopic pregnancy, a single child or multiple babies, and whether there are fetal heart buds.

Tao Ma said: Most women choose to use a pregnancy test stick to test pregnancy, but even if two bars are displayed, they cannot think that they must be pregnant, and they may be "strange".The best way is to go to the hospital to check after the pregnancy test stick is tested to eliminate abnormal pregnancy.

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