The pregnant dog started production before the due date, but Teddy brought her a big surprise

The beautiful sister is called Maruko, my baby, this is 45 days of pregnancy. How can I feel that my belly is not very large and soft, I am worried that it will not be a fake pregnancy.

Our balls were durted with my boss on March 1st. The due date was almost on May 1st.

Maruko has been very able to eat since she became pregnant. I used to lose weight before, and now I have risen for three pounds. The little guy is particularly picky. I do n’t like dog food.I wo n’t give this, I will never eat dog food anymore since then ~

Since this little guy is pregnant, I have been worried about being worried about empty pregnancy, worried that it can’t eat well, nutrition can’t keep up, and I am worried that it is too good to eat.

The little girl particularly loves to eat pears. I was caught by me a few days ago, and my eyes were teased to me ~

Sleep when you are full ~

Recently, my temper is particularly bad. I want to play with it when I go out. As soon as I approach it, I bite it. I obediently, so I have no friends ~

In addition to eating, I just go to bed. Today I came back to find that it stole the mango, but I spit it out. My God still knew not to eat skin ~

43 days of pregnancy today, God, the belly is round like a ball ~

I took it to the pet shop yesterday to take out the hair and feel so ugly, haha, because I was afraid of making it dirty when I was born, I could only push it ~

The belly of Maruko has been on the ground ~

Yesterday at midnight, Maruko planed nests, scared me, and kept worrying, this guy will not give birth prematurely ~

At that time, I got up when I heard a change. The accidental found that the balls that had not yet reached the due date began to give birth. I was at a loss. I think this is probably the surprise given to me by the ball ~

Fortunately, the production is smooth, 3 sisters, 2 younger brothers, I like it so much, the little guys are unlimited one by one, pity my home ball, so hard ~

The motherhood of the ball is very strong, especially loves its children ~

The little guy is very cute. The daily tasks these days are serving the balls to be confinement. I also hope that the little guy is healthy and healthy, and will always take care of them ~

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