The pregnant mother is still doing housework for 9 months, and the family is also big.

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Xiaoshang is 9 months pregnant and is about to face production immediately, but it is still a big labor at home.Xiaoshang and her husband became pregnant after they got married. During the period, they did not go to work. They were at home., Wait for eating, go to rest one by one, and then Xiaoshang goes to clean up the chopsticks. At first Xiaoshang Yue was young, and she could move.Should I work? Now the month is big, but the family has been accustomed to it. Now Xiaoshang has a 9 -month -old body, but he is still doing housework. The family has no consideration.Xiaoshang’s family and her husband’s house are incorrect. Xiao Shang Gao, who had always felt that the mother -in -law family had always felt that it was a little less low to Xiaoshang. At first, Xiaoshang did not want to resist, because he did not want to make so much just when he got married.Unhappy, I did not expect to be more and more excessive in the end, and now Xiaoshang no longer fears his face.

When the body is the most fragile in the third trimester, a little carelessness may occur in various conditions, and severe will cause premature fetal birth. Therefore, in the third trimester, you really need to treat yourself as a "national treasure panda".

Can’t do it anymore

During the third trimester, you ca n’t do heavy work, and you ca n’t dare the housework. At this time, your body cannot be exhausted. Once you are overworked, it is likely to cause premature fetal birth.

Far door can’t be released again

There is nothing urgent in the third trimester. It is best not to travel long distances. At this time, the body can’t stand the toss on the road.The bus subway can be crowded without crowding. If you are bored, you can turn around at home. Someone is accompanied by the best.

You must not have a husband and wife life

During the third trimester, the husband and wife are absolutely prohibited, and they are afraid of causing premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane and causing premature fetal birth.


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