The pregnant woman’s stomach hurts a bit, and the father -in -law gave more than 100,000 babies to meet the ceremony.

What is the taste of love without youth and youth without love.

Love is the best thing for two people in the youth. If two people can get married together, then this is the matter of the two families. For everyone, the marriage is of great significance. People are very solemn about marriage.For everyone’s character and family, everyone has to understand and observe.

There is such a family in Shandong. A woman has three babies. When eating, she said that her stomach was a bit painful. After the father -in -law knew, she gave the woman a gift.The woman watched the flower, and now many families have good conditions. They are married and have children, and they are passed on to the family.

This is a big thing. For families with good family conditions, they also want more children. The story is a family in Shandong. The woman is pregnant. The in -laws include their husbands.As long as your body is a little uncomfortable, you will do a check, and almost all will go to the hospital for examination.

When I ate at home at home, my stomach hurt a little, so I told my husband that his stomach was a little painful. The husband also poured a little hot water for his wife. The father -in -law returned to the bedroom, took out a bag.A lot of money, there are about hundreds of thousands.

My father -in -law and mother -in -law said that this was for unborn babies, and she said that there would be, and the woman couldn’t get up with her mouth.

I said that I was just a little uncomfortable, I didn’t want money, and then said that seeing so much money, I felt that my stomach suddenly didn’t hurt, and it made everyone laugh.

The woman who is spoiled in this way is really happy. Who will not be envious of such a family? There is such a father -in -law and husband. This should be the happiest thing of this woman. Everyone treats her as a child.Taking care is really envious.

Netizens said that such a rich father -in -law gave me one, which is too happy. This father -in -law really understands human affection and knows that his money is a son.The position, this is not only to soothe the daughter -in -law, but also the father -in -law who gives the daughter -in -law very much.

Some netizens think that such things are showing off and making others very uncomfortable. After all, they do not have such a father -in -law. If they really hurt their daughter -in -law to have three babies, they still envy such a father -in -law.Essence

In fact, for a daughter -in -law who crossed the door, the biggest happiness is to marry the person you like, and then his father -in -law and mother -in -law are very reasonable people. Although his father -in -law is not very good, the actions of the father -in -law show everythingThe economic situation of many families is not very good, but it can also help and support from action.

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