The protein content is 12 times milk!It is the most suitable in autumn and winter to eat red beans.

Hello everyone, I am a big white.Protein is an indispensable element of the human body. It involves the cells and tissues of the human body, which can promote metabolism and provide energy for the human body.Lack of protein, people will feel tired and weak, reduce immunity, and easily get sick.

When it comes to supplementing protein, many of them first think of milk, but only 3 grams of protein among 100 grams of milk.Among the 100 grams of red beans, it contains 36.3 grams of protein. Therefore, the protein content of red beans is 12 times that of milk!

Eating red beans in autumn and winter is the most suitable season. Whether it is a child or a middle -aged and elderly, it is suitable for eating. Eat more red beans, which can nourish blood and nourish qi, remove dampness and detoxification.

Today I recommend the practice of sticky bean bags. You can be breakfast or as a snack. The elderly and children are suitable for eating. I often eat blood to nourish blood, nourish the spleen and stomach.

Recipe recommendation: sticky bean bag

Main ingredients: 150 grams of red beans, 150 grams of black rice, 150 grams of glutinous rice, 100 grams of glutinous rice flour, a little red dates

Production Method:

1. Put red beans, black rice, and glutinous rice in large pots.

2. Pour in water, soak for 10 minutes, soak out the color.

3. Then pick up the ingredients, put it in the rice cooker, add a little rock sugar and red dates, add water, and cook for 30 minutes.

4. Take out the cooked ingredients and add a spoon of glutinous rice flour to increase stickiness and stir well.

5. The above is stirred ingredients.

6. Then grab a small ingredient and rub it into a ball of shame, just like above.

7. Round the ball, continue to roll on the glutinous rice flour, stick a layer of glutinous rice flour to the surface to increase stickiness.

8. Put the ball with glutinous rice flour and place it neatly on the steamer. The hot water pot can be steaming for 10 minutes.

9. Xiangxiang’s soft sticky bean bag is released, one by one, one by one, with the sweetness of red beans.

10. The ingredients in the sticky bean bag can nourish qi and blood, can also nourish the kidneys, prevent hair loss, and excrete moisture, which is very suitable for women to eat.

11. Pick up a sticky bean bag and open it to see it. It is soft and sticky, and it tastes very fragrant. The sticky bean bag made in this is healthy and nutritious.

[Conclusion] Red beans can nourish qi and blood, but also beauty, and often eat red beans, which can make the skin rosy and shiny.This sticky bean bag recommended for everyone is relatively simple. Basically, you can learn it once. There is no difficulty.If you like it, collect it!

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