The revenge of the confinement, do not wear the sky together

It’s just very simple and straightforward describing my life, there is no writing!

I have been pregnant for eight and a half months, but on this day, I have to quarrel with my husband, because my parents bought the house I bought for me before marriage.The matter fell on me and my husband. Both of us went to work and the decoration time was very limited. At the beginning of the pregnancy month, I was decorated with my husband.Everything has a quantities and quantities. Later, the month was large, and it was not convenient to run back and forth, and the decoration in the house was too large. I was afraid of affecting the baby. The task of decoration was run back and forth by my husband.The house will make a video for me. The decoration will often avoid some small flaws, but I am a more real person (also has a progesterone in the preparation, and there will be some unstable emotions during pregnancy.) Sometimes I will complain sometimes complainingHe, and he blurted out, made me feel that I didn’t know him anymore, "I help your home decoration, and run back and forth hard every day. There is no hard work." I look at his impatient expression,This sentence is like gently piercing with a needle with a needle, slightly tingling. It turned out that he thought that the house was working to help my house. He had forgotten why my parents bought this house.My husband and I have a seven -year long -distance run. Both think they should get married. Since my husband is a single -parent family and there is no money at home, my mother -in -law uses the minimum down payment loan to buy one when we get married for two years.The small house is a small house, and when I buy a house, I secretly carry me buying me, for fear that I will follow the harmony. I am afraid that I will pick the expensive house. In fact, I am doing the real estate industry.But in order to prevent me, my mother -in -law secretly ordered the house by myself. As a result, I spent tens of thousands of unjust money. After I knew, I smiled bitterly.Poor, I think that I am really stupid now. People are so guarded. I am still silly to marry others. The living room is particularly small. I can only accommodate the sofa of two people, and a small little.The round coffee table is still a dark hall. I stayed in the living room for a long time. I felt particularly depressed. Such a small house had a child in the future and did not even play in the house. My parents decided to buy another house.In order to take care of children in the future, there are more people after all, and it is not convenient to squeeze in a house!My parents are mostly for the sake of our two and children, but he thinks that he is working in my family. It turned out that in his heart, it was so clear that at this moment, it was really worthless for my parents and feeding the dogs hard!If this happened when I was not pregnant, I may not feel more grievances, but the fact is that I have been pregnant for eight and a half months. All the grievances during the whole pregnancy are all over in my head. It can be said that the decoration is this.It is just a fuse, full of grievances. At this moment, I have to vent. Yeah, I am a person who is more than eight months pregnant. Why should I endure?He didn’t take care of my emotions for bleeding and taking medicine. He kept provoking me anger and quarreling with me. Is it necessary for me to bear it now?At that time, I really wanted to throw a scoop and smashed the bowl, and I was scattered in one shot.Go, all the grievances and helplessness have become the most vicious language, and they all blurt out. They do not consider that he is my husband, he is my child’s father, and he still does not take care of my mood during pregnancy.The vent, he used a taller voice than me, and noisy to me. Maybe he was tired and didn’t speak, and he was too lazy to look at each other and started cold violence.If you think about it, there is no emotion to hurt, and it has been exhausted. Looking back, my marriage is really embarrassed!Besides, the day of my property, I soon depended on the regular contraction. Basically, I contracted every minute and a half, 40 seconds at a time, but my palace mouth was delayed.At that time, I was lying on the bed, and the sheets in my hand were drawn by the campaign I caught. The doctor had been used to the maternal waiting for delivery, but I did two internal examinations indifferently.Come down, there is no excessive expression and speech. The ghost knows how helplessly I was at the time. I needed to encourage, but my husband, my child’s dear dad, brushed the phone in another bed, I lay on the bed, gritted my teeth straight, straightened my teeth.Hum, I said that I was so painful. He didn’t even lift his eyelids. With a casual sentence, daughter -in -law, you can bear it again, just after giving birth, you can’t comfort me. Instead, it makes me feelIt’s even more difficult, I can only look forward to my palace opening faster, so that I can get painless early, and at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night. At that time, I had been in pain for 10 hours.If you want to jump down from the window, there is really no courage to give birth. After that, the doctor was not easy to wait until the doctor came. The internal examination was really a nightmare. The palace mouth had two fingers, and I couldn’t reach the painless requirements. I couldn’t bear it anymore.Give me painlessness. The doctor said that he couldn’t fight. After the palace mouth was opened, it was slower. It would be painful to give me a stability. It would be painful before the injection. I didn’t care.In contrast, I just didn’t feel it. Before the medicine was pushed, my eyes could not be opened, and I was so sleepy that I was so sleepy that I heard the doctor who said that the light was turned off and went out of the ward.I woke up, woke up, and stable can only make me sleep. I can’t stop the pain. I still wake up. I can’t sleep. The doctor can’t help it. Then push me down and pain.Ask me, do I need my family members to come in to accompany me? 300 yuan, I glanced at my husband, saying no, I didn’t think it was 300 expensive, but he might feel more aggrieved. I just wanted to sleep well, and thenWaiting for anesthesia, one minute and one minute, I can feel that my temple jumps together with my heart. The anesthesiologist comes, let me hold my knees sideways, and my belly is too big. I try to bow as much as possible.Here, the doctor told me that I couldn’t move. The contraction was painful. I gritted my teeth and secretly cheered myself.The long and scary, I haven’t seen such a long needle, I want to pierce my waist, the anesthetist’s hand is cold, and when I encounter my back, I can feel that my skin has a goose bumps.I pierced it in my waist, but it hurts, but compared with the contraction, I love the Department of Anesthesiology. The anesthetic follows the medicine tube into my body.Ten minutes, I relaxed myself, there was no pain at all. It was really a second to heaven. I closed my eyes in a stagnant. The nurses came up in the middle of the night.Because of the role of anesthetic, I kept drinking water, still thirsty, the fetal heart was unstable, and the oxygen absorbing, about 3 o’clock, came in a pregnant woman, and her husband also came in. Her husband also came in. Her husbandAccompany her deep breath and relieve pain. It was enough to open 4 fingers before getting painless. I closed my eyes and listened to the voice over there. It was more than 7 o’clock.It opened to the 7th finger, not okay. At that time, the pain could not be suppressed. The anesthesiologist gave up the anesthetic again., I was very irritable in my heart. I have been urging the doctor. My attending doctor opened, and I tested again, saying that the fetal head had not come down, it should not be able to go.Just planed, so that I insisted on another hour, and the fetal head was still not come down. Then, I was pushed into the operating room. In ten minutes, the child took it out of my belly.The feeling on my stomach, my hand was piercing in my stomach, and then my son appeared in front of me, letting me confirm the gender, let me kiss the child, the tears flowed down, I finally finished the birth, and I finally finished it.Then, don’t know anything!Wake up again is in the observation room. A doctor pierced my belly and discharged the dew. It was not as painful as the legendary. It may be that the hemp medicine was not too good, and it was still very thirsty.When I arrived at the ward, I drank the water desperately. At that time, my son had finished drinking a milk powder and fell asleep in the stroller. I didn’t see what the child looked like. I could only lie on the bed. I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t get up.Naked, only a layer of quilt was covered. Alas, there is no privacy to have children. My mother -in -law is here. Now, next to the stroller, the old grandson is long, the old grandson is short, and I am upset. My husband is next to me.Touching my head, saying that the daughter -in -law was working hard, I didn’t want to talk to him, and closed my eyes directly!I do n’t know if it was because of the surgery. Every time I fell asleep, I felt like I stepped on the air, and I woke up. The sweat was basically not sleeping!I was discharged from the hospital three days later, and when I got home to confinement, my mother -in -law was serving. The whole confinement was okay. I thank her very much. Although I was a bit unhappy, I could ignore it.It was her who made me confinement meals. After a month, my mother -in -law was stunned a lot. Whether she was for his son or his grandson, I was taken care of well anyway!But this peaceful day has only been maintained for such a month. As soon as I got out of the confinement, I quarreled with my husband. Because I couldn’t hold the child in the confinement, I hurt my body. Except for confinement, I couldn’t wait to hug it.My son, my son smelled the milk fragrance of my body, just humming in my arms. When my husband saw it, he shouted at me, or you put the child there, or you would give the child to the motherDon’t let me hug my children, and my mother -in -law is sitting on the sofa and watching me. I do n’t say a word, as if watching a joke, and I did n’t plan to help me say a word. She was also a mother.Maybe let my son, the child I gave birth, can I not hold it?Then who is qualified to hug, I entered the bedroom with my child, locked the door, and don’t let me hug the child, then no one hug!I cried all afternoon in the room, crying back to milk, no one cares about me. In the evening, my mother -in -law cried in another bedroom. When my husband saw it, he sent me a WeChat and let me open the door.Crying, I thought, a person who was just out of confinement, crying in the afternoon, no one cares about no one. As soon as your mother cries, you can’t sit still, as if I only have become a child’s mother, heIt’s so big that his mother, let’s cry, I won’t care. Your mother and child are in the heart. It is best to cry with headache. I still don’t open the door!It may be that I have just given birth to a child, which is relatively fragile, and I do n’t let me hug my child. It really hurts me. Now that the child is almost 4 months old, every time I think of this, I still ca n’t calm down, and I will cry, although my husbandLater, I confessed to me because of this incident, but I still can’t forgive me. I might remember this for a lifetime.I deeply realized that this is the revenge of confinement, don’t wear the sky together!

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