The role of folic acid tablets is broad, at least 5 kinds of diseases can be eaten, but excessive supplement also has side effects

"People are old, and high blood pressure is here."

Aunt Li is 48 years old. Since the second half of last year, she has often been weak, dizzy in the morning, and walks lightly.At the beginning, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the clinic, but she had not completely improved after taking antihypertensive drugs. She often dizzy and needed her daughter to take care of.

"It’s too troublesome, let my daughter run to me all day, let’s go to the big hospital to see it."

After further diagnosis from the large hospital, the doctor said that Aunt Li’s hypertension was not simple. She also opened folic acid tablets for her to take it, saying that the treatment effect was better.

Folic acid, Auntie Li is no stranger. This is what her daughter eats when she is pregnant. The effect is not bad, but why do you have to eat hypertension?

The doctor saw Aunt Li’s doubts and decided to explain it with her.

You know, hypertension is a comprehensive disease, which causes many causes of blood pressure.There is a substance in the human body called the same type of cysteine (HCY). Studies have shown that this is an independent risk factor that causes high blood pressure. The hypertension caused by high HCY levels is named H -type hypertension.

Huo Yong, a professor at the First Hospital of Peking University, said that while taking antihypertensive drugs, properly supplement folic acid can significantly reduce the HCY level in patients with HC blood pressure in H -type HCY, help patients effectively control blood pressure, thereby reducing the stroke of cardiovascular.Risk.

Therefore, for patients with H -type hypertension, folic acid tablets can be taken routinely, which is why doctors suggest that Aunt Li eat folic acid tablets.As well as

However, it should be noted that folic acid is not suitable for all patients with hypertension, and it is not recommended as a regular prevention of hypertension.Other types of hypertension patients blindly supplement folic acid not only cannot achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure, but also may cause complications.

When do patients with Hylatic disease need to take folic acid?

Clinically, when the patient’s HCY level is higher than 15 μmol/L, it is recommended to supplement folic acid in time; if the HCY level is at 10 μmol/L ~ 15 μmol/L, and other cardiovascular risk factors are high, it is best to take folic acid tablets; ifThe level of HCY is less than 10 μmol/L, indicating that the risk factors are low. At this time, you don’t need to take special folic acid tablets to supplement folic acid through food.

The conventional dose of Hype hypertension is 0.8 mg per day, and it should not be taken in excess.

In 2020, the first domestic "China Clinical Reasonable Supplemental Consensus of Multi -Disciplinary Experts" was released. It was written by authoritative institutions such as the China Medical Education Association’s clinical and reasonable drug professional committees, which pointed out the various functions of folic acid.

1. Preparation of pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the physiological changes in women’s bodies, as well as fetal growth and development, neurosteopsis, etc., all increased the need for folic acid. Therefore, preparation and early pregnancy women can eat more foods rich in folic acid, and supplementary agents if necessary.

2. Cardiovascular disease

For patients with H -type hypertension, supplementing folic acid can reduce the level of HCY and prevent cardiovascular disease.Another analysis of the results incorporated into 14 studies shows that supplementing folic acid can reduce the relative risk of coronary heart disease by 12%.

3. Cognitive disorder

Some research evidence shows that folic acid deficiency is related to the reduction of cognitive functions, and low -level folic acid is related to the occurrence of dementia.Therefore, the elderly can properly supplement folic acid to prevent dementia.

4. Chronic kidney disease

A study shows that patients with advanced renal failure or severe renal diseases are usually accompanied by severe cardiovascular diseases. By supplementing folic acid, the level of HCY in the blood vessels is reduced and the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced.

5. Rheumatology and immune disease

Patients with rheumatism and immune diseases often need to take methotrexate drugs, but such drugs have greater stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract, and often cause adverse reactions such as nausea and vomiting.Folic acid can neutralize these side effects, so patients with methotrexate can appropriately supplement folic acid.

Although folic acid is good, it is easy to stop everything. Excessive supplementation of folic acid will bring bad consequences. It is best to use it under the advice of a doctor.

For healthy people, taking excessive folic acid will interfere with the metabolism and absorption of human zinc, which will lead to zinc deficiency in the human body.For expectant mothers in pregnancy, zinc deficiency will be more serious, not only affecting their own health, but also the pregnancy response will increase.

In addition, some studies have shown that pregnant women who have supplemented folic acid are generally poor in mental state. For fetuses, the risk of slow development of mental movement will also increase, and even interfere with the intellectual development of the fetus.

In daily life, if you need an additional folic acid, you can buy special folic acid tablets to take it, but it is not recommended that health groups supplement it through tablets.In fact, folic acid also exists in our daily diet, and healthy people can be consumed through diet.

Vegetables with high folic acid content include rapeseed, douban, spinning, asparagus, spinach, cabbage, cabbage, etc.In addition, some animal liver such as chicken liver, pork liver, beef liver, etc., the content of folic acid is also very high.

In particular, the preservation of green leafy vegetables is more particular.As far as general leafy vegetables are used, after the picking is saved for four days under room temperature, the level of folic acid will be reduced by 50%.Therefore, it is best to buy green leafy vegetables and fruits. Don’t hoard for too long.

Folic acid tablets are divided into health products and medicines. There are differences between the two.The listing of medicines is very strict, and animal experiments and clinical trials must be available.On the other hand, some of the health products only need to do animal experiments, and some only need to do a trial test.Ingredient and content

Generally speaking, the expensive folic acid in the pharmacy is a health product, and the hospital issued by the hospital is approved. Looking at the ingredients and content in the instructions of the two folic acid, it will find that it is almost the same.

Publicity and packaging

Both of the same effects, why is the price gap so large?The key is the additional ingredients of health products, as well as gorgeous publicity and packaging.

The ingredients posted by the hospital are only folic acid, and the packaging is very simple. It is often a simple plastic bottle.However, in order to make the taste and taste better, health products will add some substances such as sweeteners and starch. It will also spend a lot of money on brand promotion and packaging, and the price will rise.

Folic acid is one of the essential trace elements of the human body. It can be obtained naturally from daily diet or supplemented by folic acid tablets.Folic acid has a variety of benefits to the human body. In addition to treating hypertension, it can also prevent cognitive impairment and cardiovascular disease.But folic acid should not be replenished too much, otherwise it will bring a lot of harm.

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