The second -child mother insists on vegetarian during pregnancy. After the child is born, it is also a vegetarian.

I am a doctor. As a niche vegetarian, I have almost reluctant to say that I am vegetarian in front of my friends, because I often cause doubts, and I do n’t like to cause “unnecessary controversy”.My vegetarian fate started more than ten years ago. I found that I had multiple arteritis (a self -immune disease). Since the purpose of protecting the kidneys, it rarely eats animal protein, and the taste has gradually changed.

Fortunately, after surgery and long -term immunosuppressive treatment, I cured.At present, the drug has been discontinued for nearly ten years. During this period, I not only was busy with the medical front line every day, but also successfully gave birth to two children.

In raising children, my two children have different growth experiences.The first child, I want to give her the best, but I was judged by Dr. Chujiao as insufficient breast milk, so that I added milk powder.So in order to increase the amount of milk, I started to drink a lot of soup, and plus frequent milk stimuli, resulting in severe mastitis, the amount of milk decreased sharply, so I finally added a lot of milk powder to the child.During this period, children also suffered from severe eczema.

After maternity leave and after work, I slowly recovered the breast milk through the back milk and stopped the formula.Therefore, when the second child was pregnant, this shadow had been lingering in my heart.At that time, I resumed vegetarian food for a year or two, but I always had a drum in my heart, because the vegetarian itself was a niche, and the vegetarian food was a niche in the niche.

The arrangement of fate made me meet Dr. Liang, who has been advocating vegetarian food. After hearing my recipe, she made me rest assured of vegetarian food.The second child is really lucky. It may be that with the dual guarantee of theoretical and experience. I really no longer feel that there will be any problems with the child’s milk. Everything is in line with nature.When you make trouble, you can coax, but the child does not even have biological jaundice.What is even more amazing is that because of the fetus, her sister will not eat ravioli like her sister. Even if she occasionally tastes her meat, she will spit it out.

But when it comes to the preparation of children’s meals, I am relatively unqualified.Because I am busy at work, my family’s diet is basically my parents.They are also vegan, especially my father. The leaders outside the family have more than a dozen kinds of plant raw materials for each meal.When I have time, I have studied some new vegetarian products, such as the fake "chicken nuggets" made by Hemper head mushrooms, the "cream cake" made of yam, and a vegetarian food of various cartoon characters, in order to attract big daughters who love meat.

■ Text/adaptation from "Diet that makes children not get sick" (Published by Liang Shufang with Hebei Science and Technology Publishing House)

■ Edit/Jia Lifang

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