The shoveling officer did this for the pregnant dog!How much do you know if you take a bath?

Dogs bathing are made by every shovel officer.The hot summer is here, how long does the dog take a bath?For some dogs to take a bath, see if you do it right?I must see the last ~ There is a shoveling officer doing such a thing to the pregnant dog!

Dogs like to play water in summer

Compared to cats, dogs like to play with water very much, and they are old -fashioned like cats.Especially when the summer is hot, conditional shovel officers will take the dog out to swim. This can effectively help the dog reduce the body temperature. Although it is very comfortable, you must dry the dog after swimming.

Do dogs in summer need to bathe frequently?

We often say that it is like a dog. This is enough to indicate that dogs are generally afraid of heat. So do we need to take a frequent bath in summer?The number of baths in our human beings will increase in summer, because human skin sweat glands are developed, and the body is covered with sweat stains.But the dog’s sweat glands are not developed. As long as the dog’s hair is neat and clean, don’t take a bath for the dog frequently.

How long does it take to take a shower in summer?

Every time the dog takes a bath, it will cause the skin oil protective layer to be washed off. Although the shower solution helps the dog to clean the germs on the hair and the skin, it also washed away the dog’s own protective oil.Natural protective layers take about 15 days.So summer dogs can take a shower once or twice a month.

How to care for dog skin protection layers

Since the dog baths off the oil protective layer, how to care for the dog’s skin?In fact, you can make a Chinese medicine bath for the dog. In addition to sterilizing and itching, the pets can also repair the dog’s skin and nourish the skin and hair follicles.Dou and so on are particularly easy to get pet skin diseases.

The shoveling officer actually gave the prospective mother at home with a Chinese medicine bath SPA. It was really too good!

Mom Dog’s medicinal bath ~ Let’s say so comfortably ~~~

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