The sister -in -law was pregnant, the uncle entered the city to visit, the sister -in -law opened the door and pointed behind, and the uncle turned around and ran

I am the old age at home. My parents were almost forty when I gave birth to me, and my brother and sister went to junior high school.So I am the baby of the whole family, and everyone is fighting for me.

When I grow up in such an environment, I will inevitably be a little proud.Not only do you not like to learn, but also very extreme personality.For example, what I like must be obtained by way, and everyone can’t stop me.

But even so, parents and brothers and sisters still love me very much, never saying me.Later, my brother went to college and went to the country. My sister married the neighboring village. My parents couldn’t withstand my troubles.

Fortunately, I entered the city when I was admitted to high school, and my parents couldn’t control it.However, my high school is not a good school. Every day and my classmates in the city are together. Although I have no early love, I deeply fascinated the game.

At first, my parents could not give much living expenses, and I couldn’t enjoy the Internet cafes with my classmates.Later, my brother graduated from college, found a job in the city, became home, and occasionally gave me pocket money, and I started playing games quickly.

My brother criticized me a few words after discovering this, and gradually did not want to give me pocket money.But he didn’t give it, and the sister -in -law gave it.The sister -in -law is a city in the city. She has a docile personality. As long as I move out of my parents, she immediately took out the wallet, for fear that I was dark.

I am in high school this year, and I can only rest at home for a week at home, so I plan to play a weekly game day and night.But I didn’t expect to eat or drink after returning home, and my parents didn’t give me a penny.

I was so uncomfortable at home, and I couldn’t find a dime over the box.Last night, my parents said that her sister -in -law was pregnant and wanted to take the time to enter the city to see her.So today, while they were not at home, I sat on the bus who entered the city and planned to ask her to spend money by the way the name of the sister -in -law.After finally getting to my brother’s house, but the sister -in -law opened the door and pointed behind, I turned and ran!

Parents were sitting on the sofa in the living room, and there were two burdens on their feet.Seeing them in my brother’s house, I turned around and ran.But when I went downstairs, my dad caught up with me. I was thinking about how to obscure the city. He said, "Your brother is going to repay the mortgage, and the day is not good. This morning, I made 500 yuan for meals.You take it, what information do you buy, don’t ask for money from your sister -in -law! "

After listening to my father’s words, I froze all at once, and couldn’t say a word choked.After going upstairs with him, Xunzi looked at me severely, and didn’t say a word.I knew myself and lowered my head silently.Later, they had been discussing my study, and Dad looked at my sister -in -law to take care of me.I decided not to play the game anymore in the future, and put my thoughts on learning.But is it too late now? Everyone said, would they forgive me if my parents knew that I had done a mix of accounts in the past two years?

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