The sisters who are preparing for pregnancy are always anxious: How many days can I check it out as soon as I am pregnant?Old driver share it with you

Generally speaking, the fastest pregnancy must be tested 10-12 days after ovulation, or 3-4 days before the next menstruation.

You can first use the early pregnancy test strip at home and test it through urine; or take the blood at the hospital to detect the HCG content in it.The former method is more convenient and easy to do; the latter method is more accurate, and it can also determine the results earlier than urine testing.

Early pregnancy test strips are not 100 % accurate. It is calculated based on the content of HCG in the urine. It will be affected by factors such as urine concentration, measurement method, measurement time, and test strip sensitivity.If you are successful after ovulation, you do not secrete HCG at the beginning, but after about 7-10 days, wait for the fertilized eggs to be successfully bed on the uterine mucosa.It takes about 10-11 days to complete the bed.Therefore, if you are tested too early with early pregnancy test paper, you may not get accurate results.

The detection method is roughly as follows:

1. Collect urine with a clean and dry container. It is best to detect the morning urine with a high concentration.

2. See the instructions on the early pregnancy test strip, soak the correct section of urine, and be careful not to exceed the highest soaking line.

3. Wait for the time to explain it after taking it out, and observe within the validity time.If there is only one control line, it means that there is no pregnancy; if there are two lines and the detection line is obviously clear, it means that you are pregnant.Early pregnancy test strip collects morning urine re -testing; if there is no interview line, it means that the test is invalid or failed.

However, the test strip does not guarantee complete accuracy. The results of early pregnancy tests are only for reference. If you want to confirm that your pregnancy or know whether the pregnancy is good, it is recommended to wait for the menstrual period to be confirmed to be confirmed after 3-5 days.

Finally, I wish all the sisters who are prepared to get the treasure smoothly and be safe during pregnancy!

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