The small probability event that pregnant women are worried about

Fetal stop refers to the phenomenon that the embryo develops to a certain stage.It occurred mostly 10 weeks ago (80%or more occurred 8 weeks ago), and the chance of tire stop after 15 weeks was reduced to 0.6%. As far as the overall pregnant woman, fetal stops are still a small probability event, but compared with the parents’s generationThe probability has increased.

There are many reasons for the specific reasons, but in the final analysis, the quality of the embryo is not good (90%, and a small part is luteal dysfunction, abnormal thyroid dysfunction. Hyplaviaca symptoms).Human natural selection mechanism is still very powerful!

A. Pregnant women suffer from diseases that are not conducive to embryonic development: For example, the probability of fetal stopping in polycystic ovary patients is slightly higher than that of ordinary pregnant women.For example, rubella virus, giant cytir virus, toxoplasma infection, and so on.

B. Excessive contact factors before pregnancy: such as drugs, reflections, heavy metals, etc.

C. Bad living habits: smoking, alcoholism.If the prospective mother and the prospective dad have serious smoke addiction, they must quit smoking and alcohol when preparing for pregnancy.

Generally speaking, the signs of fetal stops are the disappearance of early pregnancy reactions, such as: pregnancy and vomiting, breasts no longer pain, appetite, frequent urination, etc.So as long as these so -called "signs" must be embryo to stop?As long as it is not, it must be normal pregnancy?the answer is negative!Because pregnant mothers with normal pregnancy may also occur after the 9th pregnancy weeks, early pregnancy reactions are mitigated, and some pregnant mothers who have stopped fetal stops have no signs, and they have even checked the fetal heart and sudden fetal stop.I think this is a terrifying place for fetal stops. It cannot be prevented and predictable. It is the enemy’s feelings that the enemy is secretly … but I have seen a lot of experience sharing with the experience of Baoma who have experienced tires.After the post, I found that there was a certain indication of the fetal stop, and it was not completely unable to find it.Let me talk about it carefully:

A. There are poor HCG during pregnancy or lower value than normal values. It may show that the embryo quality is poor or delayed, and the possibility of tire stopping is high.

About HCG

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin.In the process of developing into a fetus, the placental nourishing layer cells will produce a large number of human chorionic gonadotropin, so in the early pregnancy, the HCG level will rise rapidly (more than 85%of the health embryo will be within 48-72 hoursDouble), reached its peak at 8 weeks of pregnancy, fell to medium level at 4 months of pregnancy, and maintained to the end of pregnancy.

Poor HCG doubling in the early pregnancy or too low level may indicate that embryo development or stop development may be prompted. HCG doubles too fast may indicate multi -embryonic or hydatidal tires.

B. Pregnant sac, fetal buds, and fetal hearts are too late.Pregnant mothers with a menstrual cycle in general can be seen at about 6 weeks of pregnancy, and fetal hearts can be seen in about 7 weeks.If the fetal buds, fetal hearts, or wait until a lot later than normal, the fetal buds and fetal hearts may be prompted. It may indicate that the embryo quality is poor or delayed, and the possibility of fetal stopping is high.Do you need to obey the doctor’s suggestion and do not blindly keep your fetus!

C. Repeated bleeding during early pregnancy: only brown secretions do not have to worry, most people have it.If it is a continuous and repeated bleeding, it is not a secretion, it may indicate that the embryo quality is not good or the fetal stop, and the mechanism is excluding the stopping embryo.

Because there is no placenta in the early days, the embryo is not stable, the emotional fluctuations are large, and most of the movement will cause minor bleeding. This is a normal phenomenon don’t worry.

To sum up, look at the double situation and peak of HCG in the early days; after seeing the fetal buds and fetal hearts, it is normal to see whether the fetal sprouts and fetal hearts are normally.

Personally, I recommend that a abortion experience does not have to be systematically inspected, because this is only an occasional incident. Large -scale investigation will only increase the psychological pressure and ideological burden of preparing for pregnant mothers.After at least three months, you can naturally prepare for pregnancy.If it is a number of doctors who are advised to consult multiple and no causes, and prepare for a targeted examination according to the doctor’s suggestion.

A. Keep calmness: Tension and anxiety can stimulate uterine contraction, which is not conducive to preservation.

B. There is no need to worry about brown secretions or pink blood.Personal experience: Abortion is first of all brown blood stains, and then blood is constantly developing.

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