The son went out to work in the migrant daughter -in -law, and the father was happy to inform his son.

The daughter -in -law’s pregnancy caused an uproar, but the daughter -in -law’s heart was wronged and exclaimed.The two sides accused each other how to end this marriage.

Daddy Wang has two sons. He said that his family conditions are not very good, so this year, he was very easy to marry his eldest son. This is also a big thing. Then he waited for him to hold his grandson.Don’t say that good news came from time to time, saying that his daughter -in -law was pregnant, but Dad Wang knew it through others.This is puzzled. Such a big event should be that his son and daughter -in -law told him, why was it from others?What has actually happened?

Dad Wang said that he was the director of the Women’s Federation to him and said that the daughter -in -law was pregnant. He was very happy after hearing it, and immediately called the good news about his son, but the son was surprised when he heard it.Then he said something unexpected, saying that he was going to divorce. The child was not his. He didn’t even have a daughter -in -law. How could he be pregnant?This father’s father was at a loss when he heard that he heard that five thunder bombed.

After thinking about it, he felt that he could still accept this grandson

After calming down, Dad Wang began to recall the front and back of the marriage, and the son and daughter -in -law were introduced by people. They soon set a dear. Two months later, the wedding was held according to the local customs.After the year, the son was going to work in the field. As soon as the front foot left, the daughter -in -law of the back feet returned to his mother’s house. Later, he saw that his son was not at home and wanted to pick up his daughter -in -law for his son.Xinzhou played, Daddy Wang took into account that the young couple had only been married shortly, and the separation of the two places was not good for a long time. So under his persuasion, the daughter -in -law lived in the place where his son worked with his son for a while, but soon the daughter -in -law would beI came back, and then I heard that the daughter -in -law was pregnant.

After thinking about it, Dad Wang felt that he was such a silly son, but if his son divorced, he would marry a daughter -in -law, and it would be the same as bringing a child. Think about it, Wang Dad can still accept the child in his heart.So under the persuasion of his father, his son also agreed to accept the child and said that he would treat the child like his child.After seeing the whole family agreed, Wang Dad asked his daughter -in -law to resign from his work and nourish his fetus. What makes people unexpected is that the daughter -in -law not only did not appreciate it, but still ran to the mother’s house.

Daddy Wang: The daughter -in -law said that there is a problem with his son

As a result, Dad Wang took his son to his daughter -in -law’s house and wanted to take his son back, but this time the two men turned their faces.Dad Wang said that as soon as his son touched his daughter -in -law, his daughter -in -law called his son to go far. We felt that she had changed. Later, the son had to say that since he did n’t go home, he broke up.This marriage is ridiculous, and what happens is also unusual.

Dad Wang said that his son has been working rarely in work in the field, so these things are basically dealing with the two of them, and then they are like this.This father’s mood is conceivable. He said that now he has no other ideas, he wants to ask his daughter -in -law, do you want to live, think about what you want, and don’t want to say that you don’t want to live.So what is this daughter -in -law?

Daughter -in -law Xiao He said that Dad Wang had come to their house and cheated her.What exactly is this matter about?Dad Wang said that the daughter -in -law said that there was a problem with his son. He immediately took his son to the Xiehe Hospital to see a doctor. The doctor said that it was because his son was working hard, and the labor was more consumed.I didn’t tell my daughter -in -law.

Xiao Wang: I never thought about being separated

His daughter -in -law Xiao He said, his son agreed to ask for this child, but now why did he say that he would be disgusted again for a while?What do you think of her?At this point, what is the attitude of Wang Dad’s son Xiao Wang?Xiao Wang said that he never thought about being separated, and wanted to continue with Xiao He. After doing things in the field, Xiao He was pregnant. Although the child was not his, he said that he would raise the child.But Xiao He felt that Xiao Wang was repeated three or four times, and he couldn’t accept this child.

In the end, Daddy Wang decided to understand the matter for his son, and proposed that his daughter -in -law would retreat to the gift and Sanjin.Xiao He, the daughter -in -law, also agreed to the proposal of Wang Dad.Soon the two parties reached an agreement.Marriage was a good thing, but the result became a matter of mind, no matter what the two had problems.

Xiao He shouldn’t have a marriage contract and still conceive someone else’s children, and Xiao Wang has a problem with Xiao He and his parents. This problem of concealment is getting bigger and bigger.Besides, the two young people also flickered before they knew each other. In the final analysis, they still lacked their understanding and trust in each other.Now that, the problem is solved. I just hope that Xiao Wang and Xiaohe can learn lessons and can find their own happiness.

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