The stomach during pregnancy shows that it is a girl?What happened to pregnant women’s stomach?

In the middle and late pregnancy, many expectant mothers will feel that the stomach is slightly swollen, stiff, and the pain is not obvious and short -lived.Is this stiffness feeling normal?It is rumored that it can be judged to have boys and women through the stomach. Is it really reasonable?let’s figure it out together!

There is a saying that the female baby is holding face to face with expectant mothers, so the buttocks are facing the mother’s belly, so that when the fetal movement is moved, the expectant mother’s belly will form a big drum, and it is very hard.Is it really?In fact, it doesn’t matter what the belly is with a boy or a girl. This is actually the reaction caused by the contraction of the uterus. The scientific explanation is false contractions and painless contractions.Because the uterus becomes more and more sensitive to the third trimester, it will cause contractions when it is stimulated. Such contractions are different from the contraction before childbirth.The abdomen is hard and does not cause real delivery, so it is called fake contraction.There are also many people who think that this is a threatened abortion. It is very nervous to protect the fetus. In fact, it is not necessary.Painful and regular contractions can be a threatened abortion, and you must seek medical treatment in time.If the stomach is hard, it doesn’t matter. If this happens, expectant mothers need to pay attention to rest.If you can not relieve it after rest, and the regular pain just mentioned, you need to go to the hospital to see it.

In the middle and late pregnancy, especially after entering the third trimester, the reason why the expectant mothers feel that the stomach is hard from time to time is often the frequent and irregular pain in the factor, which is caused by fake contractions.If the expectant mothers stand or sit in the same posture for a long time, they will feel that the abdomen will harden for a while. This fake contraction is normal.Before giving birth, in the third trimester, due to the stimulation stimulus caused by the decline of the tire head in the lower section of the uterus, the fake contraction will become more and more frequent.As long as you don’t accompany the pain, don’t worry.

Only a few weeks before the due date, this contraction may become more intense and more frequent, and bring some uncomfortable feeling.Those painless and occasional fake contractions in the early days will not cause obvious cervical changes. At this time, contraction may help your cervix becomes "mature" (the cervix gradually becomes soft and thin).It may even make your cervical tubes start slightly.Therefore, this period is also known as the pre -labor period.These are all normal physiological processes for the future production of expectant mothers.

As long as the pregnancy test is normal, it does not appear 4-6 times in an hour, and there is no serious abdominal pain, hard stomach, and falling abdomen with severe abdominal pain.Essence

The stiff stomach brings discomfort to the expectant mothers, which can be relieved by the following methods:

1. Change your activities or posture.Sometimes walking can alleviate your discomfort, and sometimes resting can relieve false contractions.(If it is a contraction during the real delivery, no matter what you do, the contraction will not stop, and it will gradually strengthen.)

2. Take a hot bath and relax.

3. Drink a few glasses of water, because pseudo contractions may sometimes be caused by dehydration.

4. Try to relax practice, or do a slow deep breath.Although this does not stop fake contraction, it may help you cope with the feeling of discomfort.

1. Pay attention to the number of fake contractions;

2. Observe whether it is accompanied by strong abdominal pain and abdominal falling phenomenon. If it is accompanied by abdominal pain and is regular, it may be a threatened abortion.

3. Pay more attention to observing fetal movement in the late pregnancy;

4. Rest more, nutrition must be balanced;

5. When stroking your belly, don’t turn around at will, because your baby may also turn around, which can easily cause contractions.When the expectant mother strokes, she must gently hit her belly when communicating with the baby.

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