The stomach of the pregnant mother is always jumping, is it fetal movement or contraction?The answer is unexpected

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Yesterday, the cousin of the bud mother came to the house to be a guest. After chatting, the cousin asked the bud mother: "Why do I always feel my stomach?"

It turns out that the cousin will talk to the baby in the stomach every night.This was not just last night. The cousin just put her hands on her belly and prepared to chat with her baby. Suddenly, she felt the baby in the belly jumping.The cousin hurriedly called her husband, and the two were very curious for a long time.

In fact, most of the expectant mothers after pregnancy will be surprised by the changes on her body. Let’s listen to the experience of expectant mothers ~

@小: Isn’t it fetal movement?Two days ago, I discussed this issue with her husband. My husband said that the little guy in the stomach was jumped!I laughed at me ~

@: I also felt like this when I was pregnant with Dabao. At that time, I also felt very puzzled. I also deliberately consulted the doctor during the checkup. The doctor said that the baby was hiccuping ~

@Summer: At about 8 o’clock every night, I will have an hour of fetal movement.Sometimes my husband would count with me, and when he counted the fetal movement the day before yesterday, he suddenly felt that his belly was jumping.My husband and I looked at each other there. I don’t know what happened?Later, her husband suddenly asked, is this fetal movement?How many times?Then the two were hilarious ~

@: The baby in the belly is not born, but it is still very naughty, just like the small fish, sometimes the vomiting bubbles murmured ~

In fact, this feeling that the expectant mother feels is not the baby’s fetal movement.So what is the situation, let’s follow the bud mother to learn about it!

The fetal movement usually appears 7-8 weeks during pregnancy, but at this time the fetal movement is relatively weak, and the expectant mothers cannot feel it.

In the second trimester, as the reaction of early pregnancy almost disappeared, the fetal movement began to feel slowly.Under normal circumstances, expectant mothers began to feel fetal movement around 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. Some like small fish swimming, some like bowels, and some punch and kicks are more violent.But no matter what kind of fetal movement, expectant mothers will feel particularly happy.

With the increase of pregnancy, the baby in the stomach will become more and more obvious and more frequent.The baby’s tricks in the mother’s belly will become more and more. Some of them punch and kick in the stomach, and some swimming to follow their heads. At this time, the stomach of the expectant mother will appear to varying degrees of bags ~

Not only that, sometimes the expectant mother still feels particularly regular when she jumps. Is this also fetal movement?In fact, this is not a real fetal movement, but the fetus is snoring!Is it different from what you think?

When the baby snores, it is shown in a jump, similar to a heartbeat.The expectant mothers put their hands in the jumping place, and they will obviously feel that they can be jumped every 2 to 3 seconds, which can last about 2 to 5 minutes.Moreover, this beating is particularly regular and peaceful. The baby’s fetal movement is different. If the expectant mothers feel attentive, they will find the difference between the two.

The baby is like the heart of our adults when snoring. When the expectant mother touches the baby’s beating place with her hands, it may occur, and it is very regular.

If the expectant mothers can observe very carefully, they can find some of them.Some babies like to snoring in the middle of the night and some babies like to snore in the early morning.

And even more amazing, when the baby is snoring, as long as the expectant mother puts her hand on her belly and strokes gently, the baby will not snoring. What a magical thing!

In fact, the baby is not like the adults when they are snoring.Because the baby does not need to eat in the mother’s belly, those important sources of nutrition are provided by the mother.

Hearing this, many expectant mothers must ask the bud mother.Isn’t the baby not need to eat?So why do you snoring?

In fact, snoring is the situation where the baby stimulates the diaphragm in the process of swallowing amniotic fluid in order to exercise his breathing function.At this time, the prospective mother’s belly will become a jump. I did not expect that the baby was so naughty.

So what is the difference between fetal movement, contraction, and baby snoring?Let’s take a look at the bud mother!

If the baby’s snoring is more regular and the strength is also very balanced. Generally speaking, there will be obvious differences with the fetal movement of the third trimester.

The expectant mothers do not have a belly when they have false contractions during pregnancy.Instead, there will be a tight -haired belly and accompanied by some abdominal pain.And there is no regularity. At this time, what expectant mothers need to do is to rest in bed and rest.

Because the frequency of the baby’s snoring is regular, expectant mothers can use such a characteristic to make self -monitoring changes in fetal position.If this fetal movement has a very obvious upward trend in the abdomen of the expectant mother, then there may be some abnormal fetal positions, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination in time.

After listening to the story of the bud mother, I believe that the expectant mothers must understand what happened!The behavior of the baby’s snoring is a normal physiological phenomenon. Not only does it not cause any harm to himself, it also shows that the baby is developing well.

Here the bud mother teaches you a little trick. If you find which location is more obvious, touch it with your hands and stroke here, and the baby will stop snoring because he feels the mother’s love ~


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