The title is called "Women". Women must watch it, and men must also secretly brush

Everyone has always said that men and women are equal, but no one has thought about it. In fact, this sentence has not been able to do it completely.Due to the different physiological aspects, due to the natural gender reasons, women, as the gender of the world in this world, have always endured greater pressure and inequality, such as violence, sexual harassment, occupational discrimination …

I have seen a lot of film and television works that speak for women, but I have not seen so deeply from the women’s all aspects. It seems that it does not seem to speak for women, but to interpret the gender of women in depth. From every aspect, "Anatomy" and "spread out", let people see what a real female world looks like.

Starting from their bodies, then because of this body, or the discrimination that the gender brings, and the discrimination suffered, followed by love, sex, fertility, appearance, and the occupation under this gender. Finally, the gender summarizes gender.Inequices.

The film does not blindly talk about it. Through ancient times, the role of women played in the forward of history, and some sacrifices that they need to make them in male society, and then come to today’s society, they dare not open up.Restore a real "Woman" in all aspects.

The documentary "Women" is a work created by "Human Revelation" director Yang Altis Betland and female director Antasha Mikova. Douban is currently as high as 9.4 points.It is said that the women who have watched tears are full of tears, because this record says their hearts, and each frame is truly presenting a woman.

In order to shoot this documentary, like "Human Revelation", the director group visited 50 countries and regions in the same way. By recording 2,000 women’s evaluation of themselves, and telling about their problems because of this gender, they constitutedA huge and shocking female group "self -portrait".This kind of description is also very bold. They put aside everything and told the most authentic thoughts in their hearts.

These ideas cover all the faces, so the "self -portrait" of this female group is very three -dimensional. From their bodies as women, some people are proud of others. Some people have received high attention because of that body.harm.Then their education, work, economic independence, marriage, husband and wife, bisexual relations, pregnancy, fertility, etc.

With the rise of more and more gender equity campaigns in recent years, and under the trend of diversification, women have increasingly understood and appreciated their ability, and they also bravely explain their needs, their dreams, My heart.

However, this brave voice is obviously not enough. Only when the male people understand and can think in another way, that is the real solution.Therefore, the director hopes that people are familiar with the bit of the documentary, or they cannot open the teeth. Through the parties’ mouths, they tell it, and then find or propose a solution.

Therefore, this documentary not only spoke the voice of women, but also not to "tell" women’s pain to people, but also like telling you a real thing, and then it is not just the "humble" as a woman.Among them, many positive things have been added, so that women find a sense of identity in it, and make the heart of "I feel proud of being a woman for the first time."

The film was released in 2020. It is said that when the premiere at the time, the female audience at the scene cried, including the venting of aggrieved by the "mouth", as well as the joy of being proud of a woman.

In the film, there are other women’s stories, but why not it is their own story, this is resonance!Of course still moved!

Therefore, this documentary is worth watching every female audience, because this is a woman’s life, a woman’s life.

As a male audience, you should watch quietly, and then be a good man who no longer hurts women!

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