The tubal obstruction can not prevent the advent of good pregnancy

Infertility has always been the hearts of many families. Due to various reasons, the best time to delay the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Even now, there are still many people hovering on the edge of pain.EssenceAmong the many reasons that cause female infertility, polycystic and fallopian tube infertility are common infertility.

In September 2020, a couple from foreign countries rushed to the second subject of reproductive health and infertility in our hospital.Last year, HSG tips were checked in other hospitals: bilateral fallopian tubes were not smooth. In July, August, and September, they carried out three cycles of ovulation promotion. There were mature follicle development and ovulation guidance.In the face of this result, they are very frustrated.In the second family of reproductive, the results of the examination showed that her bilateral fallopian tube incomplete obstruction and suffered from the polycystic ovary syndrome. Director Hanhua Hua formulated a detailed treatment plan for her and carried out a micro -environment conditioning treatment.In October, IVF was used in our hospital. It was treated with an antagonist scheme. It obtained 29 eggs, 3 frozen embryos 3 tubes, 2 tubes of the blastocyst, and the frozen embryo migration the following month.Half a month later, she came to our hospital to take a blood test, but she was really pregnant. She said excitedly: "Director Han’s doctor is so exquisite.

Looking at my belly growing day by day, with fetal heart and fetal movement.Whenever I see a large bag on my belly, the little guy is turning over.Life is not slow. In August 2021, a healthy baby boy was born smoothly, and the little guy murmured his little mouth and lovely.I hope that the sisters who are still preparing for pregnancy should not worry, I wish everyone a good pregnancy as soon as possible.

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Tubal obstruction

It is commonly known as fallopian tube.It is one of the common causes of women infertility.Causes of onset: The inflammation of the surrounding organs such as vagina, pelvic cavity is not treated in time, and the uplink infection affects the fallopian tubes, causing the vascular vascular vascular vascular dilatation, congestion, gathered white blood cells, mucous membrane swelling, cellulose exudation, pus, adhesion, and even evenThe fallopian tube is blocked and affects conception.

Clinical symptoms

1. Dysmenorrhea.Long -term chronic inflammation of the fallopian tube can cause pelvic congestion, which causes blood stasis dysmenorrhea. The phenomenon of dysmenorrhea is mostly accompanied by abdominal pain from the beginning of menstruation.

2. Irregular menstruation.The fallopian tube is adjacent to the ovaries.When tubal inflammation stove waves and ovarian, ovarian function will cause to varying degrees of damage, resulting in abnormal menstruation.Among them, frequent menstruation and too much menstrual flow are the most common.

3. Infertility.The fallopian tube is an important role in transporting sperm, ingestion of eggs, and transporting fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity. When the fallopian tube is damaged by disease damage, it will form obstruction, hinder the passage of sperm and fertilized eggs, and cause infertility.

4. Pain in lower abdomen: Pain in the lower abdomen is generally a manifestation of inflammation of fallopian tubes. Patients with inflammatory fallopian tubes often show abdominal pain during acute seizures, and usually do not cause symptoms of abdominal pain.

5. Multiple secretions: Due to women’s fallopian tube blocking or water accumulation, the patient’s fallopian tube dilatation and unprepanoms are also connected. Therefore, patients often have intermittent vaginal discharge.

6, low back pain: some patients will experience symptoms such as pain, falling, and back pain on the side of the lower abdomen or on both sides.

7. Others.In addition to symptoms such as infertility and dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, sexual intercourse pain, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, laborers are affected or unable to resist long -term labor, mental neurological symptoms, and mental depression.

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