The two passengers are in danger: the man is fainted by the bee, and the woman is pregnant and fainted

High temperature and heat, passengers who go out of the car should pay attention to safety.No, recently, a passenger was injured by a horse bee when he went out and caused fainting. Fortunately, the railway police and staff were rescued in time before turning to safety.

At about 10 pm on July 23, a passenger suddenly fainted while getting off at Gongcheng Station. The consciousness was unclear. The railway police and station staff were in full swing and staged a life and death rescue.

It is understood that the passenger Yu Mou took the D2984 train from Guangzhou to get off at Gongcheng Station. When passing through Hezhou, he was reported to the train captain.I didn’t pay attention, but I felt uncomfortable after getting on the car.

Since the train has been driven from Hezhou Station and could not get off the car for treatment, the captain immediately asked the police and station staff of the Gongcheng Station Police Station of Gongcheng Station to ask for help.

Gongcheng Station immediately launched the station rescue emergency mechanism, dial the 120 emergency center phone, and arranged for personnel to wait for the emergency on the platform.

When the train arrived at Gongcheng Station, Yu Mou was unable to get off the car by the train chief.After talking about the contact information of relatives, Yu immediately lost consciousness.The police immediately assisted the medical staff to send Yu to the hospital for treatment.

At the North Station of Guilin, a passenger also caused physical discomfort due to high temperature weather. Fortunately, he called the police to ask for help in time without accidents.

At noon on July 24, the surface temperature of Guilin North Station reached 38.5 ° C.At around 2:40 pm, a female passenger who entered the station rushed towards the duty room of the police station in the north station, shouting "Help me, help me" while walking, just walked to the duty roomIn front of the door, fainted.

Seeing this, the police officer on duty in the northern Gui rushed immediately

Come out, help the female passengers to the duty room for assistance, and notify the station and call 120 to ask for the rescue.

It is understood that the female passenger was pregnant, because the weather was too hot when she came to the car, causing physical discomfort, and hurriedly came to the police for help.

After treatment, after the condition of the female passenger was stable, the police helped the doctor to carry her on the ambulance and sent it to the hospital for further examination.

Railway police remind: high temperature and hot summer, which can easily cause physical discomfort, especially pregnant women, children, elderly people, and passengers with diseases, pay special attention to their health.Passengers who need to take a car long, it is best to have some heat -proof drugs.If you enter the station, you should contact the police or staff to seek help in time.

(Wei Shenghui)

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