The water surface "steamed sauna" soaked in the soaked feet

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In July, the city ushered in high temperature weather.The hot sun is roasted with large land. During high temperature, many people stay indoors to blow air conditioners to avoid going out.However, urban construction cannot be stopped, and the normal order of life must be maintained. Even practitioners in some industries still have to work outdoors even if they are under the scorching sun.This newspaper has launched a special report of the "High -Inspection Value and Strong Protection" to tell you the story of high temperatures in all walks of life in all walks of life.

Lake cleaning the scorching sun, a full armed action, a movement repeated thousands of times

■ Lake cleaning at high temperature.

At two or three in the afternoon, the temperature of the water surface of the Lake reached about 40 ° C.The lake cleaners Wang Zhonglian and He Jianzhong boarded the ship, ready to open a boat on a steamer -like lake.

Wang Zhonglian was sitting on the stern and driving a cleaning boat.At the place where there was garbage, Wang Zhonglian immediately stopped the boat, and the two began to salvage one after the other.Fishing seems to be easy, but it is not as easy as imagined.The weight of the garbage plus the water flow resistance needs to use a certain force to get the garbage into the boat.In addition, the hull will shake, and they must maintain their body balance in a small space.The movement of garbage, they repeat hundreds of thousands of times a day.After all the trash cans on the boat were filled, the cleaning boat returned to the pier, poured the garbage into the garbage room on the dock, and took the barrel over the barrel to the lake.Even the garbage is not easy. The main garbage on the sunny lake is leaves, branches, etc. A rubber barrel is covered with wet leaves and branches at least 40 or fifty pounds.If it encounters rainy days, the lake is covered with oil residue, and a barrel of oil residue weighs 100 pounds.

Wang Zhonglian has been engaged in the cleaning of the lake for 11 years, and He Jianzhong has been new this year.They work more than 8 hours a day, 6 am to 10 am, and from 3 pm to 7 pm.The sparkling waves on the lake are a great picture of taking pictures in the eyes of tourists, but it is a dazzling heat wave for them.Standing on the water surface of 40 ° C, like steaming sauna, the two wrapped themselves tightly.He Jianzhong wore long -sleeved tops and trousers, heads of buckets, Wang Zhonglian wearing a hat, short -sleeved shirts and trousers, and sunscreen sleeves.They said that if we do not take sunscreen measures and expose it for a few hours in the sun, it is easy to peel and peel, and it will be hot as soon as it touchs the water.There are rescue equipment such as life -saving circles on board, as well as heat -proof drugs such as large kettle and Huoxiangzhengqi water filled with boiling water.Each of them drink at least four or five liters of water every day, and the feet wearing rubber shoes are also soaked by sweat.(Text/Photo reporter Gong Xiaoguan)

Fabrics on the island

The uniform is wet and dry

You can wear a set in half a year

■ Express brother pulls the express with a car on Gulangyu.

"This is the last one sent in the morning." At about 12 noon on the 6th, in front of a merchant on Lujiao Road, Gulangyu, SF Express Gao Zhengguo carried a iron frame and gave it to the owner.He said that at 7:30 in the morning, he and his colleagues began to unload fast, sorting, loading, and distribution. In the morning, he sent a total of more than 70 pieces.At high temperature, the open -air operation, sweat soaking in clothes is too normal, the sun is sunny and the wind blows again."Wet, dry, dry, leave white stamps, I will have a hole in a uniform in half a year."

Due to the full ban on motor vehicles and non -motorized vehicles on Gulangyu, in addition to climbing the hills with two legs when working, the courier brothers have to be used in small trailers, hand -pulling cars, and tablet cars.The island express also needs to pull the car to the dock to receive.

At 15 o’clock on the 6th, Huang Zhiguang, a hander of Xiamen Post Gulangyu Business Department, was waiting for the wrap at the dock."Three batches of goods on the shore in the morning, middle and evening, and a batch of six seven -board cars, which can load more than a dozen cars at most." As he introduced, he put the express code code on a small cart and a flat car with his colleagues.The uniform has been soaked by sweat.The 1.5 -liter large -capacity kettle carried with him is his "magic weapon" of his heatstroke prevention and cooling.

The hard work of the courier, citizens are in their eyes.At 11:00 noon on the 6th, Gao Zhengguo sent parts to a tea shop on Fujian Road.He has been able to encounter almost every day.Huang Zhiguang, who joined Xiamen Postal Gulangyu Sales Department at the end of 1993, has been used to walking 15 kilometers average.He said that some grandma on the island was familiar with them and often delivered water in high temperatures, and even prepared food for them.

According to the relevant person in charge of Debon Express, when entering the summer, each business department is equipped with Huoxiang Zhengqi water, cold drinks and other items. It also organizes courier to participate in the training of heatstroke and cooling safety knowledge. High temperature subsidies are also applying.Mr. Lan, the relevant person in charge of Xiamen SF Express Co., Ltd., said that in June, the company’s trade unions distributed heatstroke and sunscreen gift packages, mung bean soup, dried chrysanthemums, etc., and organized high -temperature condolences to bring watermelons, popsicles, beverages, etc. to the courier.Essence(Text/Photo reporter Wu Jia)

Moving bricks

I work at 5 o’clock in the morning

Dry on the face

■ Workers have to drink nearly 3000ml of water in half a day.

Hand -spelling aluminum alloy templates, tied steel bars, pouring concrete … On the 6th, the highest temperature in our city reached about 36 ° C.At around 11 am, at the site of the An’an mall project of the muddy village in Kaiyuan Innovation area, the highest temperature on the ground reached 50 ° C. 634 construction workers on the top of their heads, orderly operations, and busy scenes.

At the site of the north of the project, workers were fighting the template.52 -year -old Yang Jianquan and 51 -year -old Yang Jianjun were a pair of brothers from Chongqing.The brothers were in a team. Yang Jianquan used hooks and hammer nails. Yang Jianjun held his feet with his feet and fixed the wooden board. The two cooperated with each other.They said that the speed of the template is relatively slow, and they must avoid high temperature operations and cannot affect the construction period. Therefore, they start construction at 5 am in the morning, rest around 11 am, and continue at about 3 pm."It was so hot that it started at 9 am, but the allocation of allocation should be completed on time." Yang Jianquan said.Although there were templates and the shadows of the elevated construction at the construction site, under the high temperature, the summer was still cool. The faces of the brothers of Yang Jianquan, Yang Jianjun and other workers were full of sweat beads, and the clothes were already soaked.

In the team of the brothers, there is also a slightly young partner, called Yu Jun, a relative of Yang Jianquan.Yu Jun is 39 years old and has worked in the construction industry for nearly 20 years.Because he has been working outside for a long time, he is the same as Yang Jianquan, and the skin tone on his arms and face has obvious layers.Yu Jun is also from Chongqing, with a 11 -year -old daughter.Speaking of his daughter, the corner of his mouth rose.He said that he never talked to his daughter’s hardship at the construction site, but his daughter was very sensible, and every time he video with him, he told him to pay attention to safety."The teacher said that her grades were in the top of the school." Yu Jun’s tone was proud.

Xu Bosi, the person in charge of the site and engineer, introduced that the project department not only equipped everyone with heat -proof drugs and drinks, but also hired doctors to enter the project department to help workers in need.At the same time, construction avoids most of high temperature periods to ensure safety.

The Sidamura Shi Village Safei project of Siming District is one of the key projects of "Improve the Island".Wu Zhizheng, the person in charge of the site and engineer, said that as of July 5, the project pile foundation construction was completed, and the support of the foundation pit was completed. The earthwork project was completed by 98%, and the main structure construction stage has been entered.

(Text/Reporter Lin Shantu/Reporter Liu Donghua)

Source: Xiamen Evening News

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