The widow gave birth to a son, and her mother -in -law was readily accepted?

Hello everyone, today I want to tell a story of "pregnancy in dreams".This story is recorded in Dunhuang’s "Civilization Judgment" residual volume. The "Civilization Judgment" is a concentration of cases written by jurists in the early Tang Dynasty. The 19 cases described in the book were all disciplinary cases at that time.This precious ancient book was unearthed in Dunhuang. Unfortunately, it was brought away by Western adventurers. From then on, foreign countries have been hidden in the Paris National Library.

The cases to be mentioned today are from this judgment. The original text is as follows:

This story is that there is a woman named A Liu who dies, but she is unwilling to remarry, so she lives with her mother -in -law.But a few years after her husband died, A Liu Juran gave birth to a son.

In this regard, A Liu explained to the outside world: "I dream of the dead ghost, and the dead ghost is not honest. We are like this, and then I am pregnant."

Regardless of whether others believe in it, her mother -in -law is believed anyway. She decided to treat the child as her own grandson.

A Liu is happy, and her mother -in -law is also happy, but A Liu’s brother is not happy.He felt that this was too shameful and had a humiliation.He received Zhang Heng’s appointment without obtaining A Liu’s consent and marry A Liu.Unexpectedly, A Liu Jian would not marry, and he would not marry. A Liu’s brother had no way to pay Zhang Heng, so he had to marry his daughter to Zhang Heng.Brother -in -law has become a son -in -law.

Obviously, pregnancy is just an excuse, and we cannot explore who the child’s father is.

But the question is, why does A Liu need a "husband’s son"?

The persecution from the elder brother is likely to be one of the reasons.Although the original text said that the elder brother felt that she was ashamed to get pregnant in the dream, and then she had to marry her to Zhang Heng.But is there any possibility that after the brother -in -law died, his brother always wanted to make his sister remarry.The reason is that I hope my sister will not be alone for a lifetime, and by the way to receive a lot of gifts.

But A Liu was unwilling, and her mother -in -law was unwilling.After all, her mother -in -law is old, and her son is dead again. He still needs a daughter -in -law to take care of herself and give himself an old -age care.

Therefore, in order not to marry this incident, in order to not marry, the mother -in -law kept his property from being snatched by the relatives for his elderly, and the two planned to plan such a ridiculous drama of "pregnancy in dreams."

From this incident, we can see that the atmosphere of the Tang Dynasty was still very open, and it was more tolerant of women.

First of all, widows can be remarried and will not be forced to stay in the festival. They will use a woman’s life to change a chastity archway.

Secondly, even if the scandal of "pregnancy in dreams" was released, A Liu was not pulled to "immerse the pig cage".

Finally, this story appears in the "Civilization Judgment", which shows that someone is illegal.

This person is A Liu’s brother. Because he received Zhang Heng’s gift, A Liu set up, but finally married A Liu’s niece.The groom Zhang Heng is dissatisfied, we don’t know.But A Liu’s brother was obviously suspected of deceiving marriage and was illegal at the time.

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